KPAX features EverLog™ Systems – Maintenance free logs for log homes and log cabins.

if you're building a log home in Montana you have to consider fire danger beetle infestation and upkeep but as Allison Weller reports one company found a new way to make log homes that solves all those problems we can replicate anything you can find in a wood version whether it's the siding product or a structural product whatever profile or corner section you can find in a wood version we can do in our concrete versions Stuart Hanson is the co-founder and president of ever log systems for six years the company has been making logs out of concrete instead of wood I think it's a great option any maintenance involves you're gonna save a lot of money downstream that's what people should consider the company has supplied concrete to over 55 houses across the country they started in Missoula and that's where they currently make all of their products not just for Montana based homes we're doing stuff in Louisiana or in Missouri where you have a different set of conditions where you have bugs and termite issues down in Louisiana our product will solve all those problems as well local construction companies have used the new technology and say it's a great way to protect Montana homes against forest fires out in this setting where there's fires it's the perfect solution that house area could burn these stack wood against it and burn it and they won't go out and plant homeowners say they liked the idea because it doesn't use wood and because it's more green they also feel it's a step towards the future for the people that are considering a lot of home I think it's the best way to go it is forever and as for the look of the concrete ever log has most everyone fooled most people can't believe it they gotta go up and knock on it because it really doesn't look like log reporting in Missoula I'm Allison Weller for Montana's news station if you'd like more information go to our website and click on the concrete log homes news link you

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