good morning good morning you guys I can't even believe it the kitchen renovation is finally done and today's the day where I'm gonna take you on a full kitchen tour and show you all the little mitts and bits and show you revenues from and have it organized my new kitchen she's a thing of beauty guys it was a labor of love because my type-a personality did not do well in being in upheaval for about five weeks or so but it's all done and it's so worth it and so I'm so excited to show you all the key features of our brand-new kitchen if you want to see details of absolutely everything including direct links to where everything is from I'm gonna have a blog post linked in the description box below and that will take you direct links to absolutely everything in the kitchen so it's gonna be really easy for you to shop prices and have seen what's available our whole kitchen was renovated with the Home Depot Canada we got our new appliances with the Home Depot Canada our faucet our kitchen sink everything was through the Home Depot Canada so thank you so much to the Home Depot Canada for sponsoring today's video let's go ahead and see the thing beauty shall we if you're not currently subscribed to my channel make sure that you hit that subscribe button we do lots of clean with me videos organizing videos lifestyle logs parenting content so if you're not subscribed make sure that you subscribe and that you have the notification mail turned on also in the description box below make sure you sign up for my free newsletter it's got behind the scenes information coupon codes that you can only get if you're subscribed to my newsletter and that way you make sure that you won't miss any videos make sure to let me know in the comments what your favorite part of the new kitchen is or something that you want to see me film in the new before we get into the tour one thing I want to highlight to you guys that the Home Depot Canada offers it's not what we ended up going with but I do think it's an amazing service I wanted to make sure that I mentioned it if you guys are wanting to save some money in a kitchen renovation and the bones of your cupboards and drawers are still in good condition you just don't like the color or the look of them you can pay to have them re– face it's a service that the Home Depot Canada offers they will come to your house they will bring all the samples to you and they will reface your kitchen cabinets for you for a fraction of the price of knocking them down and getting all your cabinets replaced we ended up taking our cabinets down and donating them to Habitat for Humanity and replacing them but if you're looking to save some money that is an option for you okay so the first thing I want to talk about is these countertops we ended up going with a calacatta super white quartz countertop so it's kind of reminiscent of the Carrara marble that you see in a lot of kitchens but it's the reverse instead of being mostly white with some gray veins through it it's gray with darker gray veins and some white veins through it I think it's really really classic it's not going to go out of style and it helps to brighten the kitchen which because we don't have a window in the kitchen it can be quite dark in here so I really like that another thing that we ended up doing was giving a straight edge to our countertops now they did miter the the edge here just so it's not super sharp no one's gonna like cut their eyebrow on that Toddlers I mean not adults it gives a modern streamlined look which I do really like but it also means it's going to be very easy to keep clean one thing I didn't like about our old countertops was it had this kind of scalloped fiddly bit edge and it made it a big pain in the butt to clean so I like that this is going to help keep it clean we did keep our outlet in the island which is something that we use all the time so something I would suggest if you're planning on renovating and putting an island in your kitchen think about having an outlet there it just gives you extra power options for when you're cooking we kept our sage Wellness diffuser I get asked about this all the time again I will link this in my blog post but this one is a diffuser that last 24 hours and it's amazing and then we keep our I do my own blend of essential oils and so I just keep it in a bigger bottle let's come around to the sink let's talk about the sink for a minute so we ended up going with a 36 wide stainless steel apron front sink this is from the Home Depot Canada really high quality is 18 gauge stainless steel I like that it's an apron front because it'll help keep things nice and clean and it just looks really nice and steep streamlined it's ten inches deep which means that we can really get down and scrub deep soup stock pots or pans things that are a little bit harder to clean so the deep 10-inch offers that and I'm really glad we went with the two-sided option dan and I were really torn on whether we wanted to do one big sink or have the divider but because we like to dry our dishes on a drying rack in the sink we opted to do the two-sided and I'm very happy we did otherwise you'd be using the counter space to dry the dishes and it just looks cluttered so this way as the dishes are drying it's out of sight out of mind another thing that I like about this sink is it's got a really deep gusset if any food is you know getting in the sink you can then lift this and dump it into the compost and it can collect quite a bit we get asked about this double dish soap hand soap dispenser that also has space for a sponge in the back again I'll link that in the blog post this thing of beauty it's like a storm gray faucet I like the really minimal streamlined modern looking handle on it so coldest this way hot is this way and then there's on and off and it's a pull down so you can pull down to you know rinse things if you want and then there's a button here which will give you the straight stream or the like waterfall stream we opted for this beautiful storm color it comes in a dark gray as well as an off-white and the off-white looks kind of concrete II like it's got texture you can see that this storm gray has some texture as well and you can imagine that that just comes out more in the off-white color and then the thing of beauty that started this entire kitchen Reno was our beautiful Samsung family hub three fridge if you missed it I do have a vlog of the fridge arriving and us setting it up I also have a fridge organizing video where I show you you know how I organize the fridge it's a really great use of space and it helps to keep things really organized let me show you this some of my favorite features from this fridge first of all I like that you have the water cubed ice and crushed ice add a push button and it's a singular push sometimes there's a dual one that I like that it's singular and you can just switch between the different options that you want and of course I love this tablet to be honest when I saw that there was the Samsung family hub three fridge and that it came with a tablet I thought oh that's really cool but how often will I actually use it versus it being just like a funky modern thing to have in the fridge we genuinely use it all the time it's got a quick reference time date whether you can change the screen saver however you want this is a picture that Ford was drawing of his friend Hermione we stream the radio we call ubers for ourselves the boys use the whiteboard to practice their letters actually they use the memo or memo board more to practice their letters I love that it's got the calendar here so very quickly we can see what's going on Coen has this energy burner class dan has tomorrow off then of course we have our to-do lists for each member of the family we use the smart recipes all the time one of the reasons that why I've fallen in love with the tablet on the Samsung family hub three fridge is it's everything in one place I love that we can access the calendar I can see what time it is what the weather's like outside what I have to do for the day I can see what we're gonna have for dinner I can look at my shopping list it's all in one convenient place the only thing that I'm now wanting to do we're gonna have to save up for it I want to get a Samsung TV because you can actually mirror your TV onto your fridge so that while you're cooking you can watch it on your fridge I think that's a really cool option and so we're gonna need a Samsung TV up in the new year there's a whole bunch of apps that you can use conjunction with your fridge so if you shop at Sears or Supercenter or Loblaws it can all sync with your fridge in my last video I showed you the meal planner and how it syncs with the shopping list if you missed that go check out the video I'll have it linked down below because it's going to blow your mind in terms of the apps that I think we use the most we use meal planner all the time in conjunction with the shopping list all the time we use the calendar everyday the boys definitely used the memos all the time and we use the to-do list every day so when you think of all the options and apps that are available on the fridge we genuinely do use it all the time and my favorite thing is that you can I'm saying that everything's my favorite thing but it really is you can completely customize it to fit your family's needs so if you're not one that listens to the radio you can you know take that off if there's certain apps that you're like oh no I burrow everywhere all the time you can bring that onto your home board you can switch up the background I like it to be the tulips background you can even upload your own photos this is a fridge that genuinely alters itself to meet whatever needs you have as a family and that's the thing with smart home technology a lot of it is cool not all of it is useful and my favorite thing with smart home technology is when it has that wow factor and it's fun to use but it's also genuinely useful and the Samsung family hub three fridge definitely meets that okay I'm gonna take you drawer the drawer and show you exactly how everything is organized but I just want to give an overview to start and I have all the before and after pictures on my blog as well so make sure that you check that out to see the difference in before and after and there's still a few little things that we need to do which I'll talk about as we walk through okay so let's start with up top first of all these cupboards we opted for the soft closed cupboards so cool so up top here we've got our serving dishes to Voss's and then some serving plates these aren't things that we access all the time but we do use them and so we keep them on top of the fridge to the right here is our smoothie and tea drawer so things that we put in our smoothies dan has creatine after his workouts when my dad is over we make a pot of tea and then day to day this is my everyday tea drawer we have it there because right underneath it is where we have our kettle we've got our SodaStream my milk frother my blender toaster cutting board and vitamins and I trying to keep the countertop pretty streamlined I mean normally there wouldn't be anything there we just have some fall decorations but I try not to have a ton of stuff on the counter but all of this stuff is stuff that we use everyday so rather than taking it in and out I like just leaving it on the counter but I was mindful of okay what do we actually need on the counter whoo I'm out of breath already this is what happens when you're only nine weeks pregnant so out of breath okay up at the top is our giant salad bowl which we got as a wedding present then we've got our bowls level so boys bowls we've got like the flatter wider pasta bowls cereal bowls smaller serving bowls and then mixing bowls at the back I got these from Amazon they came as a pack of three it's got a spout and silicone handle in silicone bottle bottle bottom silicone bottom I'm gonna have those linked in the blog post as well because they're cheap and they're amazing then down here we have the plate so the boys plates fire plate and then side plates slow closed never gets old okay over here we've got the boys cups then all of our mugs then we've got our glasses our travel mugs and then up top is wine glasses I like not having matching mugs I like finding kind of avant-garde singular mugs and just kind of having a fun collection this is part of our merch so if you want a good morning good morning mug you can see that on our website over here is our spice cupboard so we have pepper salt and then Himalayan pink salt that we grate as needed and then we've got our everyday spices that we use all the time spices that we don't use as often and then refill spices as well as garlic cloves and we keep that right by the stove then we have an induction cooktop dan I'm not a guy who insists on much you guys know that he's a pretty agreeable person but one of the few things that he was like non-negotiable we're getting is an induction cooktop we've had this as soon as we moved into the house so this was something that stayed from the previous kitchen and it boils water in like 45 seconds I'm glad we got it but yes it was I was nervous to get it but I'm glad we got it then on top of the hood vent we have our vinegars our oils maple syrup honey and then there's things for like eggs sugar bowl we don't really have sugar but every once in a while we have a guest over who wants sugar in their tea and then some almond extract so that's above the oven certain oven cooktop to the right on the counter top we just have our fruits and veg bowl stuff that doesn't need to be refrigerated clearly we need to go grocery shopping and we went back to our nice block and I'm kind of glad you did it just looks a little less cluttered and it's a little safer with the boys the cupboard right above we've got our essential oils I've got like a pull out as well as like an open top it doesn't quite close because I have an extra bottle in there right now booger wipes because we couldn't live without it with Cowan he's a snotty Viking child and then we've got our on guard throat drops which I can't live without in the winter and some disinfectant spray vitamin C in case we get colds above there I've got my protein powder we've got our cooking spray and then some butter ghee and coconut oil and then right above on top is all of our cookbooks this drawer we're still working on it basically is just gonna hold our soup stock pots and our food processor but the door is catching a little bit so Dan still working on it same oven as before nothing new there okay let's go below first of all you'll notice we don't have any openings here and that's because Dan and I are torn we kept the same copper flat openers that we used previously in the fridge because I love how those look we're torn on whether we want to do two knobs like we did before or have a long copper bar for like pull out so let me know in the comments do you guys think we should do two knobs like we did before or a long copper bar we're not totally sold on that yet but the configuration is the same as before so in the top one we've got our pots and pot lids and then on the bottom we have our pans and then these pull out so in the first one we've got at the back things like our lighter our bottle cleaner chopsticks that kind of thing as punch to go here we've got the kids utensils things like our wine stopper I don't know why we keep our fingernail clippers there for the kids but we do chip stoppers some tape pens so there is that kind of thing then our like steak knives chicken knives go here then we've got big spoons teaspoons knives and forks in the next drawer we have all of our everyday utensils so spoon slotted spoon wooden spoon our I don't know what you call this shape but we use this all the time for slicing veggies and stuff a big flipper little flipper a metal whisk and a silicone whisk ladle and a spatula this is silicone contact paper with adjustable knob so you can configure it however you want I'll have that linked in the blog post as well the next drawer is the rest of our cooking utensils so we have like our carving knife our rolling pin our measuring spoons dan insisted on keeping two sets I do fine with one but he insisted on too so measuring cups and spoons and then the rest of our cooking stuff so like our lemon press our can opener that kind of thing all goes here and then in our last drawer we've got our lesser used utensils like the corn holder things we only use that maybe once or twice a year turkey baster that kind of thing these are all of our graders and then our oven mitts if anyone knows where I can get silicone oven mitt that aren't lime-green hook a sister up over here is our Tupperware container so we've got stuff for for lunch and different kind of shapes and sizes and we use all of those ones right above it is the microwave I love that we decided to keep the microwave where it is it saves so much countertop space I'm really happy that we decided to do that and we could have closed it in but I'm happy that we didn't because it allows us to keep some storage so I get migraines and so there's some like warm microwavable packs and then this is so that things don't splatter in the microwave so we just keep that there and then in this corner spot we've got our toaster oven our waffle maker hand mixer pitcher popcorn maker salad spinner some casserole dishes pie dishes and then our measuring cups and there's still so much vertical space like we could add a shelf at any time to create more vertical space right now we don't need it but if ever we did there's still tons of room moving over here okay this first one it's a pullout so we have our wax paper our aluminum foil or aluminium foil as my dad says in our ziplock bags we are moving over to reusable ziplock bags but we are using up what we have first don't ask me why Ford's cup is their real life under here is our baking pans now I was worried that it wasn't gonna have enough space for everything but not only does it have enough space it also allows me to get better access and allow me to really see what's in there so I'm happy we went with the slide-out option the next drawer is gonna be the same pullout garbage that we had before so we stack recycling in the front and garbage in the back on plastic bins that we then just take to the back when it's garbage and recycling day we just have to get more bins and then there's a hidden second drawer in here where we keep our cutting boards then we have our same Samsung dishwasher that we had before and under here is our newly organized under the cupboard now I'm going to do a separate video all about how I organized under here as well as talk about these bins and stuff so I'm just going to give you a quick overview because there's going to be a video to come that is it for today's video guys I am so excited for my new kitchen I'm excited to cook in the new kitchen I'm excited to clean the new kitchen I'm excited to live in the new kitchen so thank you so much to the home depot Canada for sponsoring today's video and making this renovation possible thank you guys so much for watching and we'll see in the next one bye

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