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my name is Alex Rodriguez reminding you you don't need a contract you need a team of pros hey guys Alex with Bay city's construction here good afternoon it's Tuesday and it's another episode of bay city's construction the construction show so stay tuned we're gonna be talking about Kitchener mulling some tips and tricks don't go away we've got some amazing offers too at the end of the show we'll be right back hey folks Alex at bass city's construction here thanks for joining us it's Tuesday and we've got a really cool show for you I also got some giveaways for the first five people that share the stream hey guys we're trying to get to a thousand likes on Facebook and we need your help so please share the stream if you know anybody that is interested in construction or learning more or is interested in getting some work done please share the stream with them I got the some coffee I've got some home depot I've also got some dinner for those those nerds that can give the right answer to our construction quiz question all right hey so we're talking about kitchen remodeling we've gotten quite a bit of jobs booked for the summer and I know a lot of you are considering doing a kitchen remodel or know somebody wants to do kitchen remodel so we're gonna talk about some of tips and tricks of kitchen remodeling and some of the pitfalls we're going to talk about like the most common pitfalls in kitchen remodeling hey so if you are interested in a Adu on auxiliary dwelling unit please go ahead and go on to the library over on youtube we've got the last week's episode was on Adu auxiliary dwelling units if you're thinking about doing a granny flat or something like that we've got you can catch the replay on that it's episode 19 it's really easy to find on our playlist on YouTube it's a Bay City builds a youtube slash forward slash Bay City builds or you can follow them on Facebook – alright hey so tonight we're gonna talk about makeover vs. remodel how the design impacts your price unforeseen costs whoo that's what everybody gets always pissed off of me about stuff that's in the walls that I should have seen with my x-ray vision that I don't have and you know boom you open up a long it's a disaster zone and everybody gets pissed off so we're gonna talk about some of the HOS things we're also gonna talk about some tips and tricks and we're to talk about the process a little bit about the process of getting your it's pulled okay there's a couple little tricks about that all right so let's talk about makeover versus remodel what the heck does that mean okay makeover means you're not really you're just dressing it up you're cleaning it up you're making it look nicer look updated but you're not really changing cabinets and knocking down walls and doing a ton of work we're gonna we just finished a job in Torrance where we we basically did a kitchen makeover we kept all of the cabinets we painted the cabinets real nice we put a new countertops new backsplash we'll be sharing that with you over the next few weeks we're gonna kind of do a duplicate of this show but we're gonna have like an actual case study window case study of what a kitchen makeover looks like so you get new plumbing fixtures new sinks and it's it's an aesthetic upgrade right like you're not doing major changes and then in a remodel you know you it could be like a stripped-down remodel where you strip everything down to the studs and start over it could be where you leave the walls but you put in new cabinets and backsplash and stuff like that and then you sink obviously and even change the footprint the the remodel is definitely a lot more money than a makeover so let's let's give you we got a good example here of a typical makeover you can save a lot of money if you save the cabinets okay the painting that we do though however it's done in this picture this picture is basically a hand roll painter this is something like you'd find in and maybe like an apartment building and stuff where they're just cleaning it up we have we have the cabinets professionally painted especially if they're oak cabinets they're in good shape by the way if you got some oak cabinets that you hate but would like to know if they can be made over send me the pictures you can email it to Alex at bass city's construction com or you can also send it to brian at bay city's construction comm and will we you know who knows we may use your your pictures in a case study all right so basically you're priming the cabinets ripping out the backsplash ripping out the cabin the countertops and you're applying a new coat of paint on the cabinets all right that's your meek over then you've got this little scenario here which is this is a total remodel it's a job we did over the beginning of the year we finished the beginning of year in gardena brand-new cabinets custom cabinets custom countertops the whole thing was gutted we removed the wall this would look like before this this wall here were we call it china cabinet it's a china cabinet there's no China and then there's no Chinaman in there it's a china cabinet so you you you you know I mean know what the hell they did with that I think got rid of it it wasn't even the room afterwards so we got rid of this wall for sure and we made this an open floor plan so when you're doing a remodel man that's that's a totally different world I think this this remodel was about 110 K once everything else was all said and done they needed architectural engineering because the wall came down there was structural you know we had to upgrade some of the electrical you can see there's lighting everywhere there's flooring the rear II did all of the floors oh by the way if you can guess if those floors are wood laminate or tile I will buy you a cup of coffee at the Pete's Pete's Pete's coffee just for you okay so get that going to post it down in the comment section and you get the right answer we're gonna send you out some some free coffee all right okay this is what it looked like before so notice the kitchen sink is where the stove is now that's it the so that's total you know reworking you're fixing all of the things that you hate one of the first questions that I'll ask you when we meet at our pre design meeting is what do you hate the most about this kitchen what would you like to see in this space kitchen or bathroom same question because I want to fix the things that you dislike about the kitchen so if you have a bad flow if you if the stove is too small like in this case they put in a you know a 1957 Chevy in there as a stove it's it's got two ovens five six burners a griddle it's a beast okay so they they cook a lot the family over on Sundays and this is not by the way this is non MA in Manhattan Beach or Apollo's Verdes Peninsula this is Gardena okay is our Idina house and yeah they spend a ton of money on this on this kitchen but it was more than just a kitchen model it's it was pretty much the remodel the whole front of the house and there's a lot of infrastructure stuff changes and stuff new windows and all that good stuff so you know it's important that at least you know I think most people will know the things they dislike about the kitchen the most and the things that they would like to see and then you tell us that and we'll figure out you know we'll configure things to to solve and address solve your problems and address those issues okay that's what she looked like before me it's big differently look at the drop down ceiling look at that look at that yellow skanky skank eNOS up there and then the that that wallpaper man yeah I was wallpaper that's disgusting okay look at her now look at her now beautifulness alright so a this is a big difference if let's talk about this for a second if you wanted let's say you didn't want to spend a hundred twenty geez this is a rental you wanted to clean it up make it look nice you would paint these cabinets put a new hardware get rid of the drop down ceiling deal put a new countertops and you sink new plumbing fixtures and deal with the floor some one way or another new floor whether it be tile or some kind of lament something like that that kind of a setup this could be done you could you could clean the skank enos out of this kitchen if you wanted to but there are some fundamental things that needed to change in order for the kitchen to be more usable for this family but you should know that I I wouldn't I wouldn't be like not I don't want to deal with this makeover if you came to me with this kitchen you said hey I need to do something I want to you know my budget is you know 20 grand or 15 grand or you know whatever whatever it would be not a hundred then you know we could we could do something and could do something for you all right what are the unforeseen costs holy smokes all right I got to tell you that as your contractor the is the number-one point of contention because as your contractor I am expected to have x-ray vision of course you understand and be able to see the mold and the rat droppings and all of the other disgusting skanky stuff that's been inside of your walls for the last 35 years right when we opened this up some people you know they think that I put that in there or something some people do other people pretty reasonable but you know the ones that are are unreasonable the ones that stick with you so okay listen guys sometimes you open up this wall you're gonna have some dry rot you're gonna have termite damage you're gonna have just a hot mess in the walls you got a deal with it okay you got a deal with it you got to come up with a game plan to remediate it but 90% of times when we do when we have some damage that's hidden in bathroom remodels in particular it's something that like this in the showers it leaks and you get the skanky little mold and I mean some of us sometimes like this is me this is actually fungus right there you see that that right there folks it is decomposing before your eyes all right that's very typical in the shower areas the kitchen there's other stuff I'm going to show you something this is a picture that I took from a building over in South Redondo and this is deferred maintenance they allowed the waterproofing membrane to deteriorate and when you if you were to open this up I didn't do this job we didn't we ended up not being involved in this job HOA kind of complicated you know they don't deal with it but when you open up this stucco I guarantee you it's gonna be a disaster you see you see all this like dark stuff kind of coming through the stucco that's the mold growing from the inside out that's the mold trying to find daylight it's it's gonna be a disaster zone once you open that up okay it's it's kind of guaranteed so dry rot termites fungus common common unforeseen costs hard to quantify how much it's gonna cause until you demo out all the stucco and expose all of the affected area this right here folks is very typical what you see when you have a leak in the dishwasher hose the dishwasher hose gets plugged into your garbage disposal and sometimes it'll leak and when people turn the garbage disposal on it'll you know like spray and since it's underneath the sink it's just constantly being exposed if you have a house in Redondo Beach Manhattan or when I'm in hand Redondo Beach Hermosa Beach and Torrance a lot of the houses that were that have cabinets from the 1980s have no backing so what you're looking at here is really the painted drywall and it gets sprayed on and man that that little humidity over by the beach it turns into this black moldy stuff that's disgusting you got a beat all that stuff off cut it off and throw it away and hopefully there isn't much damage on the wood behind there okay in major remodels this is a very common deal this is the asbestos cement pipes for venting so if you've got your furnace in the in the tall and skinnies this is very common you have the furnace down in the garage and you got this kind of crazy little venting deal that things got asbestos for sure you got to get it remediated it's not a little hole lot of money it's under a thousand bucks but it's something you got to deal with and the oh my god if you guys are in Torrance Torrance I can't demo anything actually probably about three cities down here in the South Bay I cannot demo any major demo without getting an environmental report pulled and we have a vendor for that they'll come and take samples from different parts of your house and test FirstBest those in lead and it's actually a very good thing you know normally I complain and I look bitch and moan a little bit about all the regulation that we have but I do think that this is actually good for you because if your contractor starts demoing out something that contains asbestos in a common area during the demo they end up writing it around the house and then that's a disaster like to come back and clean it so it's way better to know that it's there the thing gets sealed off it gets demoed the the licensed asbestos remediation people make sure it gets disposed of correctly and you don't have you're not contaminating other parts of your house you know you may have had asbestos only in one of these pipes or some other component maybe it'll like you had it in them in the glue on the tile and like in the bathroom or something like if you're remodeling a bathroom and and then during demo you didn't know it was there the demo guys start scraping stuff and they start kind of the particulates start moving around and it's it's not good so it's good to get your place inspected first with by an environmental company and test it and then make sure you're good and then you can you can bang away and knock down all that old stuff and get it ready for new stuff okay older houses man electrical you guys have these little houses that were built back in the 60s and the 50s and even maybe even late 70s your electrical is not up to par you made me maybe you don't have these fuses Caesar Hades old school fuses these are literally fuses and you know then you stuff as breakers so a new remodel a big me remodel if you're doing a home edition almost 90% of the time you're gonna have to have your electrical upgraded because your panel is too small most houses down here in the south base should have to hand of 200 amp box if you have AC forget it you need 200 amps I have seen some crazy stuff rigged up where the electrical there's no way the box had enough capacity like like for example this here has like I think I was like four circuits and that's nowhere near enough from an average kitchen has like eleventh circuit's okay so to have four or five circuits for the whole house is really underpowered right so I've seen or somebody put an AC unit and the see contractor ran a new line did a little sub panel for the AC put in 40 amps and and the box is like 60 amps so the whole system is totally overloaded okay so don't do that don't do that I got to tell you that this is one of the biggest points of contention with with a remodel because you may have to rewire the whole house or upgrade the electrical substantially and if you're in Torrance they're gonna want you to underground it and it's like a fistfight you have to have with the city and but don't worry that's you know I do that for you I go and argue you know they love me down there well some people like me more notice but I'm it's my job to advocate on your behalf to make sure that that your interests are protected right so in this in the city of like I said a city of Torrance you have to apply for a waiver to not underground it and stuff but you're gonna have to upgrade your box ninety percent of the time to at least a 200 amp box if your house is over 2,300 square feet you're probably going to need a four hundred and bucks which is you know that's a totally different deal but don't get scared off about that check check your box and see what you got if you don't know what you got take a picture of it send it to me at Alex at Bay city's construction or send it to Brian and Brian Abby sees construction and will give a we'll give you our honest assessment of what you got there and what its gonna take to make it right and it's gonna be free okay so send it over I don't mind having a quick conversation with you and giving you some valuable info all right let's see what else we got here oh this right here this is very common in a kitchen or bath remodel this is what the pipe should what the pipe used to look like this is what it looks like now in many cases it's even worse than that it's down to like pinhole you know deal so if you've got pipes that that drain real slow it's mostly most commonly because of this situation here we're gonna do a major remodel on this property up in PV and they've got pipes that look like that they're pretty hammered out this old cast-iron it's bad it's corroded it's been there for you know 60 years or whatever heck it's been there for so it's it's done it's got to be blown out and thrown out all right hey listen we're gonna take a little break particular break take a little break we'll be right back we're gonna cover how design impacts your price don't go away we'll be right back kitchen you want today from bases construction in the Southern California in Los Angeles area there is no better company who takes time out of the equation to get you a detailed plan of what your new kitchen will look like get your design plans down your interior design plans done an entire project scope done right now get your finished kitchen in 90 days or less we are the best in the Los Angeles in Southern California area and there's no need to shop anywhere else just get started with Bay city's construction go to Bay's city's construction comm that's Bay's city's construction com looking for a bathroom remodel in the Southern California and Los Angeles area if you've shopped and you've looked at prices and have no clue where to start let Bay city's construction get you started with a quote of good design interior design project scope and know exactly what it will cost to get your bathroom remodel there is no guesswork and no need to shop around just take time out of the equation to get your new bathroom in ninety days get your estimate now at bass city's construction com that's bass city's construction com hey guys we're back we're talking about how your design impacts your price or your cost your construction costs alright so we got here is the floor plans of a project that we were designing and as you can see here this is the more well let me let me just kind of tell you what you're looking at here it's a bathroom you've got a double sink deal you've got an enclosed two potty you've got a shower a walk-in shower and then you've got this walk-in closet okay here this is the doors that you know double doors that lead into the room so this design is one of two floor plans that we came up with to to address the major concerns that the people had so under this scenario we ended up moving a shower creating a new shower here or the old tub used to be here but you got these two windows that are oddly placed and we didn't want to mess with the windows because that just opens up another can of worms with City Planning and if you're in Torrance in some areas where there's hillside you got to get your neighbors to sign off on the windows and it's it's kind of a big hassle alright so the first floor plan yielded kind of a higher higher cost under the second floor plan we close down the window and put the shower here we put a pony wall here and brought the the two sinks together so basically got a drawer bank a 24-inch vanity a twelve inch drawer bank another vanity and then an 18 inch excuse me an 18 inch drawer bank so this is relatively pretty balanced and we're already using the vent lines that are already in the wall we're using the copper that's already in the wall so this helped shape quite a bit of money off the deal I think this shaped off like about I want to say it was like ten thousand maybe maybe twelve thousand bucks now the homeowner wanted an area for her to put her makeup on so what we did is we created this little cubby here where she could buy a dresser of her choice and we were gonna put some electrical for lighting in there and then that would be that and then you know the entrance into the closet stays in the same spot and anyway this is a great example of moving some things around was basically impacted the cost in a good way and it looks good too I think at the the bathrooms functional she was very fortunate that her the shed such a big bathroom you know you have not a lot of you have big bathrooms you know most of you have these little little ten by five so that you know there's only so much you can do with it but for a master bathroom this was a pretty awesome bathroom so let's look at the impact on the cost so in here you see this you open up the walls this has a bunch of galvanized stuff it's a bit of a nightmare you know many of you have shared walls and the condo units for those of you in South Redondo and in Torrance and you know we just have to deal with stuff like that you know we're gonna deal with replacing noisy pipes you guys may have some pipes where you can hear the water coming down there's actually some really cool soundproofing tape that we've been using lately to lessen that the the noise of water running down the pipes so those are things you're going to deal with okay so tips and tricks tips and tricks interior design it is really really imperative that you design towards a budget okay you really got to keep that in mind you got to keep in the budget if you're talking about hey look I've got a limited budget you're not moving stuff around you're not swapping things out you're not knocking down walls you got leaves where they are okay it's really important that you don't you have a realistic expectation about this and it's important that you design with that budget in mind so you may be thinking that black granite is kind of cool because it's popular don't do black granite you're gonna really be unhappy because that black granite although it looks really cool down that it's nice and clean every time you put a cup down a cup of a tasty little beverage on top of your black granite it's gonna leave it's gonna leave a white mark on there it's gonna bug the heck out of you some of you like like like black slate for the bathrooms I mean that's like kiss of death you're gonna be unhappy with that the whole time you got it you gotta understand there's something some trends that look good in a in a magazine cover but it's not practical for everyday life we got here we got okay this concrete look okay I can't tell you how many concrete countertops and concrete stuff I've had to beat off because the concrete actually wears concrete and water don't it's not a good match the concrete actually wears off you can start seeing the aggregate on the stone and it's super porous so it means that it is literally a petri dish growing bacteria and other skanky stuff on your countertops I've had to knock down at least three concrete countertops over the years and I'll tell you it's one of those things that like seems like a good idea at the time cuz it's a lot of times people have done it themselves and they stain in and all that and it just it just looks bad it looks bad after a while and it's not very hygienic okay so don't do that don't do that okay hardwood floors in the kitchens man it's really bad it's you know the only the only idea that's worse than a hardwood floor in the kitchen is a hardwood floor in the bathroom that's the only the only one so look you're gonna get a lease you're gonna get lease from your dishwasher you're gonna get your kids going apeshit with the sink splashing water everywhere and you know your dog is gonna go in there too and have a little accident so you know just don't do that it's it's not good avoid it we have questions any questions on them all right consider a tile so here's your altar right like I'm not just kind of giving you the bad news and even a solution if you like the wood look consider a tile that looks like wood okay now this is a picture of probably a version of an ugly tile each color shape but we actually have we carry some pretty nice tile that that looks like wood and it's it's actually one of those trends that is a it's a good impact on durability and wearability and it's it's pretty cool we're gonna get you all here so this is a good example of a pretty badass Italian Italian actually go back and forth between the two which one has a better angle so it's got the the texture of wood it's got like the unevenness it even has kinda like a wire and deal and believe me if you guys want to see a review on tile that looks like wood we're gonna definitely be doing that in the next weeks to go but this is a really awesome option for a kitchen remodel even a bathroom model for sure okay give you a kind of a close-up there how does that look what do you guys think you guys hate this like this this is an Italian title look how thick this is look if you guys have dogs a lot of you do you got a nervous puppy that likes to spray all over the place or cats or stuff like that this could be a good solution for you okay so just kind of keep that in mind let's see what else we got here Oh smaller tiles this is a tip if you are doing a bathroom remodel on your shower floor you better have a small tile but if you're putting a small towel in the large area like a backsplash keep in mind that it's a lot more labor-intensive okay it's gonna take a lot longer now these tiles come in little meshes and stuff like that but there are some other tiles that are super small and they're you know quite a bit of a nightmare to install so keep that in mind we will guide you through it but for those of you that don't have a designer and are working on a kind of a DIY situation keep that in mind of the smaller tile is gonna be way more labor-intensive it's gonna be more expensive for you to hire somebody and do that because of the size of the tile so consider larger tiles for backsplash especially if you have a like a long countertop you got like eight or nine feet of continuous countertop consider using a little bit bigger top this is a subway tile it's about four by I like a four by eight something like that real nice tile and they even have longer ones four by sixteen it's a really cool option for your backsplash so consider a larger tougher backsplash glass glass I hate glass is that it's not too negative I hate glass some of you guys love glass you forced me to put glass in your place I hate glass not because I have to clean it cuz I don't have to clean it once we put it in you're gonna have to clean it you may not be very happy about it I'd have to deal with glass because glass tiles some of them come with a manufacturer's defect and what is that defect you may say well once they get installed even though you put in a fracture anti fracture membrane and the wall is stable and all that they will develop a crack boom they'll split just like your iPhone when you drop it or your samsung when you drop it and it just cracks so does the glass but it doesn't need to be hid in order to prefer it to crack part of the manufacturers the defect in the tempering of the glass it it's just not stable so sometimes they crack I've had probably this year the last kitchen that we did that did glass probably out of all four tiles and we had to get him replaced we cut them out and replaced them and it was fine but it's one of those things that it's like I don't I don't want you to experience your your tile cracking so we try and avoid that at all costs and glass can be a nightmare now we did install glass about eight years ago because we were working for a designer and the designer wanted this glass and he put it in the shower the water vapor got behind the tile you could see little water bubbles behind the tile it was a catastrophic nightmare do not put glass in your shower I will refuse to put glass in your shower I'm only gonna put glass tile on countertops because I have to save you from you so no blast in the showers okay no glass on the shower walls no glass on the floor that's bad and think about it the shower is one of the spaces that fluctuates the most in temperature right it can be really cold in the winter time you get in there you turn on the hot water the place gets hot as heck and then you start cracking tiles like crazy okay so it's bad so you know don't do it that's my little tip and trick to to avoid a year your own glass nightmare glass tile nightmare alright many of you want to know hey what the heck does a kitchen remodel cost or how much does a kitchen remodel cause and we've written some articles on that that you can find on base city's construction comm but if you want to just see kind of like what the trends are for a kitchen remodel thirty to forty five thousand is kind of like the the base price and that's using prefabricated cabinets and using some kind of lower-cost materials to get that budget low I know some of you guys may be thinking is that's crazy that's crazy I can remodel my kitchen for fifteen grand yes you can if you do it all yourself but if you're gonna hire somebody to do it you're gonna probably spend between thirty and forty five mid mid price point kitchen not a very large kitchen but a mid price point kitchen it's probably gonna be about 50 to 70 and then something that's tip-top even it though it may not be big but you're gonna have custom cabinets and some nice stone maybe an island maybe move a wall that kind of thing you're looking at 80 very likely to be at about a hundred grand if you're moving walls if you're moving walls you're gonna be like 105 110 something like that mostly gonna determine that price is gonna be directly based on like what reframing has to be done when you move walls keep in mind there's all sorts of stuff in those walls that has to be relocated okay you don't know yet until you were until you peel back the wall you can do a little demo and discovery agreement and open up the wall so you can see what plumbing is in there and at least you can take that into account upfront but removing walls is expensive okay remember you got to remove the wall and then when you prepare it you're gonna make sure that no one can tell that there was a wall there okay you got to fix the floor you gotta fix the ceiling you get a moove vent pipes you got to move plumbing you have all sorts of stuff that may be in the wall that wall may be load-bearing and you have to do some structural retrofitting in the ceiling to move those loads so you don't have a perpetual crack or weird stuff happening in your house okay we're we got in the section where we're talking about a person costs yep and the electrical panels between 22 and 32 hundred bucks and it really depends on what the heck the electrical conduit is going through some cases you have to cut concrete to upgrade it you got to run if you have an overhead drop you many times Edison will make you move where the boxes and if you gotta move on the boxes it's kind of a big hassle but I would say probably if you're leaving the if you're basically removing the box and putting the box in the same spot probably close to the $2,200 2,500 bucks I'm going out if you have to move it then it's it's it's hard to say and guess what the city does not determine where your electrical panel is Edison has to give you they'll give you the design like you call me tell me I need a spot check a meter spot check it'll take about four or five days but their engineers will draw out they'll go to your house draw where they want the meter box and give you the specs on on where how it has to sit on that wall so that Edison it's compliant with Edison some standards right so that's a great question actually that's one of the hidden costs too by the way if you're remodeling your kitchen you need to add five six seven circuits and you don't have it let's say you had five circuits for the whole house boom you got to do a Remo we had that issue where it killed the deal over and Hermosa Beach really nice lady Emily and her house was all wire that was wrapped in paper like in that fabric okay it was toast we couldn't touch that remodel without redoing the entire house it wasn't even just the the new panel we had to rewire the whole thing so I killed the deal because you know it was expensive as heck to do that I was above her budget for a Remo in the kitchen but you know those are that's good to know upfront before you you know you do the the demo and you're in it we were able to discover that during the design phase so that's a great question any other questions do I need an engineer or permits man I get this question all the time I don't really need an engineer for this to it you do if you're removing the wall if you are in a condo complex with five units or more you need engineering for just about everything even if you're removing the wall the engineer has to say that walls not load-bearing we will not touch a wall in a condo complex without engineering done on it because your HOA if if you've got a difficult HOA president they will come after me for for work done you have to have it any work any structural stuff affects not only the building not only the unit that is hiring us to do the job but the entire building so you got to make sure that it's all good so if you're adding square footage if you're changing the structure you need an engineer yes yes does it increase the price yes but it's one of those things that it's money well spent because you are 100% certain that the the changes the structural changes are gonna I'm not gonna give any problems later do you need building permits yes if you're doing an addition for sure if you're remodeling the house your mom in the kitchen or bathroom for sure you're gonna need them and it's good for you it's peace of mind and if you're in Redondo Beach the average building permit is prob about 450 bucks it's for expensive in Manhattan Beach but Hermosa Redondo and torrents are about the same price I think that there may be up to 500 bucks now for and $5,500 for for kitchen alone how to get started well first thing you need to do is set a budget come up with a budget that you can make sense of that you're comfortable with okay then leave yourself about 10 or 15 percent additional money for or adjust your budget so you have ten or fifteen percent additional money in case you change your mind want to add stuff you got to deal with stuff okay then you're gonna find yourself a contractor that you can work with I got to tell you it's more important that you find somebody that you can deal with that you can trust that you feel comfortable with that you can communicate with then then to talk about like who's gonna give you the best price or the cheapest price okay you may you may hire somebody that's a lot cheaper and it may be a nightmare for you to to work with them for the next few months so keep that in mind look I that's how I do it you know oh and when not only when I hire my Pender's but when I consider you as as our customer I want to know are we gonna be able to get along are we gonna get are you gonna be difficult they're gonna be a nightmare and you know you should be thinking about that about me you know am I gonna be able to deal with this guy does he have the right team does does he Canha does he align with you know my vision for the space that stuff is way more expensive way way way more important than the money part the money part don't get me wrong it is important for sure but it shouldn't be the basis for making the decision you should be hiring somebody that you feel comfortable with communicates good to you with you and has a game plan for getting the job built out right that's the number one because you're gonna be dealing with them for eight sometimes twelve weeks some of the projects were more like in nine months so you know we got to be a good match because otherwise it's gonna be miserable for both of us and I want you to have a good time I want you to to feel like you're getting your money's worth and your you know busy being listened to and and and your vision is being executed so this is the time where we answer questions so shoot the first question is how do I make my kitchen look larger you can make your kitchen look larger by knocking down walls it's not good for your budget but it's good for making the kitchen look larger by making it larger it looks larger another thing is there's some spots on the walls where you can avoid putting cabinets you may even put some free floating shelves that you can see that in a lot of our kitchens we use the free-floating we use that technique oftentimes to create some the the illusion of balling especially in a kitchen that's tight but mostly most of time if your kitchen small and you want to include and improve the footprint of it or the flow you gotta knock down some walls get some some space in between the island or the peninsula and the rest of the kitchen so you want to use you spend a little money on this but you want to use some custom cabinets you want to use some custom sort storage solution pullouts you want to figure out if you can get a pantry somewhere with full extension pullouts you're gonna if you want to get the most function out of a small kitchen custom cabinets are the way to go because you can literally spread out your the things that you use the most and figure out what the best storage solution is gonna be for those things okay so pull out trash obviously it's really easy but the full extension drawers the way that the whatever hardware you use for the corner cabinets those like dead corners you gotta use those dead corner so you got to put in some some hardware LeMans makes a really nice piece IKEA makes really nice hardware for those hard-to-reach places they're very impressive whether the cabinets are ant but the the hardware that they use is pretty cool so you can get some inspiration pictures on if you go to the you think I don't recommend putting a key against it I don't know that maybe that maybe that's your budget you know IKEA cabinets that's probably gonna be three months it's gonna suck it's gonna suck because you're gonna have people in there for three months you're not gonna be able to cook we've had kitchens that we did in two in two months but three months is kind of like the norm there's there's always some kind of freaking issue that comes up you're always have to move something that's in the way or some some BS but count on three months if it ends up being two months two and a half months and smile because you're in the good graces of the Lord no no there's a couple deal-breakers for us not pulling permits on kitchen remodels is a deal-breaker dealing with people that are condescending or deal-breakers and it's kind of it we're pretty easy to work with but like those are kind of like some deal-breakers and it's good because if we're not a match I mean it's good for the both of us to not work together because I'm gonna be I'm gonna be positive deal we work on all kinds kitchen what's important is that we're a good match for each other we got we're aligned we are you know we can get along we can communicate well those things are super important they're way more important than the budget for me I've done all kinds of kitchen guys I'm $20,000 kitchen I've done a kitchen we did a makeover it was like seven or eight grand I don't care doesn't that isn't so much a problem the problem the more important part is that we can get along well and we can both have a good experience I wanna I love doing what we do like like when we do these kitchens that we that we do they're they're handmade you know I'm gonna I'm gonna post some some pictures or some of the stuff we've done this year and it's pretty amazing like and every everybody's taste is different so when we won my job is to make your vision for the space real that's a hand-made process we literally are are inventing what you have in your head and making it happen on the canvas which is your kitchens footprint right so we've we've come across some really cool kitchens this year and and and that is that is a one of the when the kitchen comes out when we encapsulate the owners vision 100% and your Stoke does the owner like that's what we strive for right like like that's a success a win for us and it's not an easy thing to do because you think in your head I know you think but in your head you have a vision for the space I gotta extract that and make it actually happen and then source materials and stuff to to make it actually occur so so that involves us having a lot of interaction a lot of activity and I think that we should we should each enjoy each other's company to do that so that part the human part is equally as important as the job part you know so I don't know if other contractors feel that way but we do I would say 90% of the time you're probably gonna have to hire an outside designer there's definitely a few contractors they have an in-house designer like we do we have an in-house designer saying Caesar really nice guy back we're gonna do a show with him when he comes back from vacation but most of the time contractors just want to go ahead and do the work and get out and I don't blame them the design part is like very time-consuming very tedious and adds a lot of time to the whole equation but you know we used to work without having a designer and I just couldn't get people to you know be ready to do construction they needed a certain amount of guidance and and I hate like kind of seeing people kind of suffer through that process or picking materials that are inappropriate or that are out of stock or that are gonna be a nightmare like so we want to be able to help them out and make sure they pick out the right stuff and make sure that we encapsulate their vision for the space keep them out of trouble that kind of stuff so if you hire a designer on your own you're probably gonna pay a premium and it's probably worth the money some people don't have that kind of money I mean I think many designers were charged somewhere between ten and twenty thousand dollars for a large kitchen to do the design and all that could be less than that I think we've done a blog article on some of the the top kitchen designers in the South Bay if you look up best kitchen designers South Bay Bay city's construction that blog article pop-up and you you may want to explore that if you work with us we charge a very very reasonable fee it's it's a loss to us but we want to make sure that we can see what your vision is and be able to put a price tag to that and then be able to put a schedule to that and then be able to execute on on that deal so that's how we work our design fee is gonna be a fraction of what you would pay an interior designer it isn't to say that one is better than the other it's just different if you hire a designer that's all that they do they're gonna come up with a pretty nice design you're probably gonna like it and that'll be there so if you hire if you hire us to do it we'll put in the design put in the entire design process for a very nominal fee maybe the answers maybe I don't like to do that I'm gonna tell you why um I got a deal with all the grief and pain and suffering if you pick the wrong stuff if the stuff you pick ends up having a warranty claim issue I got a deal with that so to be honest with you I want to make the mark upon it that's one reason the second reason is all of the stuff that I bring you is already pre-screened if you want to use that word meaning that my vendors I know they're reliable I know they'll be able to deliver it and I know it's gonna be the quality that you need so that there aren't any issues okay with that said if there is an issue I'm 100 percent liable you want your contractor this is this is an ideal nightmare scenario for you the homeowner if you were to hire somebody to do the tile and somebody do the cabinet's somebody to do the flooring and somebody do the painting and you take on my job as the general right that's what the general does manages all those people find some people manage dispute if you take on that responsibility when things go wrong the vendors start blaming each other okay when you hire me all you if there's something that goes wrong you just blame me and I'll take a hundred percent responsibility for it it's my job to make sure that the vendors and the suppliers all provide you with appropriate service and appropriate products right so you have to you have to you have to make a decision if you're gonna play the contractor and you may or may not have experience to do that the the labor market right now for for construction is very thin okay I've had to replace my painter and I'm having a tough time finding somebody that is up to par with our expectations so you as the homeowner you have no relationships with I'll people and cabinet people and all that all of those people will work on their own independently in little silos and you're it's gonna for you it's gonna be like herding cats okay you could try it you know hey it's a free country try it if you think that's the right thing you're gonna miss a lot of days of work a lot of frustration you're probably not gonna save any money because there's gonna be a lot of stuffs gonna have to redo and it's gonna be very aggravating now you could have the same kind of aggravation if you hire the wrong general contractor okay it's happened I come across those kind of complaints all the time but if you hire the right person that's got good relationships and good vendors you won't have those kinds of problems and then you'll be you'll be you'll have one person to hold accountable so with that said I don't like for my customers to buy the materials most of the time it's because they buy stuff that is inappropriate there's issues with it and it's it's then I got to deal with it look I'll give you an example about a about a month ago one of my customers wanted to buy the countertops on their own they bought the countertops there were about five grand less than my countertops is very very high-end buy they delivered the slabs all of the slabs had systemic cleavage cracks cleavage cracks are the way of stone cracks along it's it's its natural binding points okay one of the stones we had to refuse and the others were a nightmare it took 20% more time to fabricate the stones out of that I would have never used that now with that said you can't tell that those stones had those problems with it but for me it was a nightmare it was a logistical nightmare it was it was a fabrication nightmare and and at the end yeah we didn't mark that up I made the money on the labor that's true but I had to deal with a bunch of other stuff that I normally wouldn't have to deal with and during the fabrication phase I was really worried that the material wouldn't hold together well when it's being cut material that's unstable is cheaper you know tile that isn't square is cheaper it doesn't mean that it belongs in your house it doesn't mean that it's a good deal it's just cheaper okay so you're not the expert in that so you you as the homeowner typically speaking aren't all right I mean I hate to sound this but you're not qualified to make that buy you're not qualified to make fifteen twenty thousand dollars worth of purchases unprotected without somebody looking at the material and understanding what it is that you're buying on a you know on a quality basis you know you could be sold all kinds of stuff anyway this is just an example it was everything turned out cool the countertops got built they look great the backsplash looked great it's all good but it was unnecessary stress in the deal okay for me and it was a bit of a risk and the homeowner knows that if they have any problems with the song discoloring crazy stuff happening that's on that mic you know we did our part we fabricated it looks nice we installed it looks nice it's you know on our end we did the best that we could with the material but it's just I don't like to do it you know it's just a kind of long-winded response I don't like to do it for for those good reasons it's bad idea shows everything okay black shows water spots black shows water rings it shows everything so it's it's not good if you can avoid it there's colors that hide stuff you know like like medium to light Gray's even Browns medium to light Browns hide a lot of stuff you gotta take you gotta take an account that you know you want the space to look good many years after you're done I've had kitchen I've had bathrooms that I did seven years ago and holy smokes they look great they look I mean they look like the week after we installed it the homeowner kept they kept them right well nice and clean and did all the maintenance stuff on it but it's really cool when you pick the right stuff in the right shades the right material for the space and then you come back five six seven years later and it looks tip-top and we've had many clients that will do the bathroom and then they'll call us four or five years later we'll do the kitchen or we'll do the kitchen first and we'll do the bathrooms or we'll do the whole house remodel whatever but when you when you do right by the customer and you help them pick the right stuff it's it's a cool deal it's a cool it's probably one of the worst things you could do I got I got a couple quick stories for you about how bad of an idea demoing your stuff out is first of all demo costs relatively speaking to the project are very small you run the risk however mostly the biggest risk is injury to yourself the demo is before the most dangerous parts of the whole construction okay you probably don't have the tools you don't have the safety equipment you don't have jackhammers and hammer drills and all of this stuff so the demo stuff is bad don't do it just don't do it in the scheme of things look you have to ask yourself either you have money to do the project that you don't don't cut around corners where where you're putting yourself at risk I've had a good buddy of mine was a dude like a 6-3 police officer super strong dude and he wanted to do some of some of the concrete flat work and it basically entailed the lifting up like 65 pound bags or 60 pound bags of concrete up some stairs and getting into his backyard I told man man I got I got some guys that will do that for you don't don't worry about it saying no no I'm good I'm good I need the exercise long story short he threw out his back it was out of work for two weeks okay did he save any money by doing this no and another guy who was a lawyer and he still is a lawyer as far as I know and he wanted to demo out he wanted to do some of the demo himself mostly folks this is because you can watch too much HGTV alright you think that you can bang this out in an episode which is 35 minutes to 60 minutes long and it's gonna be all good well mr. lawyer very educated dude smart dude takes a hammer and a chisel and you guys know the PB stone that kind of white limestone that you see the wrapped in fireplaces back in the 70s it seemed like everybody did that well in his master bedroom he started chipping away a bit at the stone the stone fell he broke it loose and it landed on his left toe and broke that toe he was out of work for two weeks look man you're an attorney I don't know what do you make two hundred bucks an hour three her bucks an hour do the math all right like zero net savings that was a loss so just don't do that you mean like we got guys we got tools we don't have to beat on stuff we've got jackhammers that just break the mortar and it's controlled it's controlled chaos so justjust let us handle it for you and you're all good you be all good you stay out of trouble all right if you guys wanna learn more about construction visit our blog bass city's construction com click on that little top page there you'll see the blog article if you need help with home remodeling you have some questions send me your pictures okay I always this is kind of like a new thing that we've started this year or really this quarter where you send us your picture and I'll give you the feedback over the phone you don't even need to call me into your house if you want to we can definitely set up a meeting but if you want to send me some pictures and want to get some feedback on what it is that I think can be done should be done take a picture send it to me to Alex at Bay city's construction comm or Brian at Bay city's construction comm hill forward it over to me and we'll get you some feedback on your place if you're ready to schedule a meeting with us go ahead and go on to our website fill in the deal scheduler meeting we'll get you get you set up right away for those of you don't know about us we've been around for 15 years that's my contractor's license there that's Steve my childhood friend and project manager and look this is a family business we got some really nice people really cool people really talented people working here that's why I always say that you're you don't need a contractor you need a team of pros because that's exactly what I feel you need okay you need a team approach somebody to help you out with the design a team of folks that will do the architectural engineering for you represent you the city manager project build you out a beautiful beautiful project that's what we do here okay for those of you that haven't been watching our show go ahead and like us on Facebook you can also follow us on YouTube we post a new episode pretty much every week time permitting firefighting permitting but like us on Facebook we're trying to get to a thousand folks okay so we need your help good and like us share us you want to schedule an appointment with me go and give a call give our offices a call at the number up here you have any questions send them over to Brian send us over some pictures we'll love to give you some feedback thank you for being part of the show and we will see you soon remember folks you do not need a contractor you need a team of perrault's my name is Alex Rodriguez reminding you you don't need a contract you need a team of pros hey what's up guys I have a little offer for you told you that I'd give you an offer so here's the offer we will do the full design for you for your kitchen remodel we'll give you a cabinet layouts elevations of your kitchen we'll help you pick out all your materials your countertops your plumbing fixtures your backsplash will even help you pick your paint color okay six hundred and fifty dollars six hundred fifty dollars for the full design if you do not like your design I'll give you a full refund for the six hundred fifty bucks okay if you do not like us and you don't want to do business with us I'll give you your six hundred fifty dollars back okay it's a no risk offer and you pay with a credit card but before you can do that you have to log on to our website schedule an appointment and tell me that you want to take advantage of the July offer six hundred fifty bucks fully refundable if you don't like your design and you don't like us how about that I'll take on all the risk I'll do the 20 hours of design with you I'll help you pick out everything and if at the end you don't want to do business with us no problem no hard feelings I'll give you a full refund no problem okay hey take advantage of it today Alex Bay city's construction I'll see you next week thanks for watching and I look forward to helping you out with any of your construction questions see ya my name is Alex Rodriguez reminding you you don't need a contract you need a team of pros you

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