Kitchen remodeling offers the best return on your investment

the average kitchen remodel if you plan on living in your house for a few years get you about an eighty-five percent return on your investment and when you think about a remodel job you can do a remodel job for even a few thousand dollars by freshening up some paint even door handles on the cabinets all the way up to several thousand dollars everything about a full remodel I think the biggest pop would be going from plain white countertops to granite or quartz something colorful something with a lot of action that would give the biggest pop for if you had only one expense you could make that is about three to five thousand in the average kitchen if you had 10,000 to spend I would go ahead and I would paint I would replace the sink and faucet all the knobs and maybe add some crown to the top of the cabinet maybe add some trim to the bottom of the rail so that you could have a light lights under the cabinet or maybe put in some tendons a good rule of thumb for thinking about how to invest in your kitchen is to not spend more than twenty percent of the value of your home on your remodel so if your house is worth two hundred thousand dollars your kitchen remodel shouldn't exceed forty thousand dollars but it's also really important to keep in mind what your neighbors have what the neighborhood has to offer so that you don't end up pricing your house out of the neighborhood so if none of your neighbors have granite countertops you might not want to install those in yours when it comes to a kitchen remodel you're probably going to end up hiring a general contract you're going to need to find one that listens well to you really has your ideas in mind and is able to follow your rules you

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