kitchen remodeling nightmare

hi I'm Jim Weitzman president and owner of republic west an award-winning home improvement company serving the entire Phoenix metropolitan area the home improvement nightmare occurs because of the business model and the structure of the way most home improvement companies are set up please understand that most of the home improvement industry started in the Midwest and the North heaps and there were older homes and there was much more remodeling being done in those areas and they had to deal with circumstances that were different than other parts of the country the biggest one being weather so they had businesses that were very seasonal in nature there's not a lot of work they could do in the winter they were incredibly overburdened with work in the summer and they had to find a way to address running a business with that kind of seasonality the other thing of course business owners had the concern themselves with is the up and down nature of the business itself good economy bad economy good times bad times they had to figure out a way to survive I think that most companies of this type developed a business model that I call the business model of cost control the best way to survive the up and down nature of a seasonal business or the up and down nature of an economic roller coaster is to keep your costs especially your fixed costs under as much control as possible so most businesses set up their structure especially the operational structure with that thought in mind

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