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if you're looking for a dependable and reliable remodeling contractor that specializes in kitchens you're in the right place at Picciotto construction we have over 29 years of kitchen remodeling expertise under our belt during that time we've successfully helped homeowners throughout Livonia and Metro Detroit turn their kitchens into the perfect room to cook and entertain guests our experienced team is eager to assist you with any questions you might have to see if our kitchen remodeling services are a good fit for you if you are open to exploring how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams please give us a call at seven thirty four nine five three nine four six five or visit our website at Picciotto construction comm with just one call we can bring your dreams to life

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  • Andrea Peak

    April 15, 2019

    Pachota Construction recently remodeled our 1952 pink tiled bathroom into a contemporary shower oasis.  Bill Pachota's professionalism, suggestions and good workmanship is why we hired him again.  Bill remodeled our dungeon basement into a bright space in 2013.  I trust Bill and his team to work in my house.  His workers are respectful and always clean up after themselves every day prior to leaving.  Bill is very responsive to frequent inquiries and always answered all my questions.  The price he charges is somewhat higher than some other contractors, but you get what you pay for, Bill and his team are top notch Contractors.  We'll be calling on him soon to remodel our kitchen!


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