Kitchen Remodeling Herndon, Virginia Review – Remodel USA

now that we've had the remodel done we use our kitchen more I really love the induction cooktop here on this side of the kitchen instead of on the back side I can see what my kids are doing while I prep food and also with the induction cooktop I know that they're not going to burn themselves because you know it's not hot it just uses magnets to cook our project is unique because they took out the countertops they used to form kind of an L shape and it really blocked the flow of the kitchen so people would get jammed up and now that they've taken that out and created this large island it really brings the flow around into the open space that we have and it just changed the feel of our kitchen the installation process was really great we worked with the installers to coordinate times that were that worked with our family and that worked with to make sure that everything got done but didn't really disrupt our daily life my favorite thing about the kitchen is probably this island it just opens up the kitchen it just creates a really amazing flow in our in our space our family space and I just really loved it everybody that's come in to see our new our new space has really loved it they've asked for names and we passed on the recommendation for remodel USA

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