Kitchen Fitters in London walking us through a Bespoke Kitchen in Enfield

hi my name's Paul from LPS and we are a kitchen bedroom and bathroom company right so today is not a lot for me to do we've got the granite people in they've feed the granite to the kitchen for us so whilst they're waiting for some of the joints to go off I'm just trying to do a bit of the plumbing just to get ready for when they leave so hopefully a customer you have seen tonight because obviously they've not had one for about a week or so and just in general with the kitchen this is very much a bespoke kitchen there's 15 units in here and all 15 of them are special sizes they may not look that special but for instance these larger units are just a little bit extra high to cope with the high seating in the actual kitchen this one itself wraps around a box work that we've now hidden so that makes that disappear from the room so even though there are shelves they're going to utilize that for things like spices and things and just sort of moving around here most people will see that that wall unit is very deep that's so that they'll match up on the other side of the pillar so that the wall units nor the doors will cover the boiler so boiler will be invisible to everybody it also allows them a lot more storage in that it's a standard height it's just different depth and for instance down here although it's not a big cupboard we've just utilized every inch of space so it's just a small door it's going to be a small cupboard across the column which we can't do anything about another wider cupboard here but this is actually makes a thousand unit so we will have to equal doors on this so that when the kitchen is complete it will actually look like to wider units and it won't be evident to anybody what we've done until they open the doors the big slice here is obviously for the oven and even the drawers are a custom size they're just 50 mil wider and that's just to make the whole process right up to the fridge to literally utilize every little single bit this place we've got you now and the same up here it's a very small it's a narrow shallow lard unit just to make use of this nice which would be completely dead space if we didn't do that we just put supporting panel there with the top box so it builds around the clients existing furniture and it makes it feel more built in so it gives them the storage up here which they never had or they maybe did use and just piled boxes up there and it made it look very untidy so again just utilizing every single little bit of space and then the same here just another narrow larder unit just feels dead space on the wall and although it's not very deep it still affords a lot of storage that they never had before and that sums it up really

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