Kids Eat Free at Billy J's American Homestyle Restaurant in Fontana, CA

think everybody gets Adam coming it's you live from Billy J's and Fontana that's right coming to life from Billy J's the American homestyle restaurant that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you come friends it is Halloween week and we wanted to let you know down here that guess what kids eat free that's right kids eat free now if you're out going out with your kids and you're gonna be it look looking for different Halloween costumes and things I'm panning right here come on down here Billy J's cuz you know kids eat free like I said something to trying to drill it into you but come down here and enjoy summer writable cuisine made by the finest cook chefs in all of the Inland Empire friends Billy J's is here Billy J's been down here for 17 years under the same ownership of the dela Cruz family and boy it is absolutely a fantastic fantastic restaurant to come and enjoy and you can see they got classic music playing in the background and just come on down here and have a blast come again Billy J's breakfast lunch and dinner open 7 days a week in fontana the address here is 99 76 sweet a in fontana in the stater brothers shopping center on Sierra avenue okay once again live from Billy J's

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