Join Us and Work from Home at SYKES in the UK

it all started when there was a pilot introduced and my team lead said okay there's a pilot here for the at-home team would you like to join that so I said wow that's a good opportunity because gives me more freedom less travel time so I said okay let's try that so we try the initial pilot phase I was successful and I've been actually the first at-home agent in the UK as a team leader on an average day a lot of my day-to-day tasks involved engaging with my team making sure their morale is kept high making sure their densities and their needs they're looked after on a day to day basis making sure that the clients requirements are being met working from home can work for many types of people specifically however I would say that the people that would Excel working from home are those that can work autonomously and don't need to you know be surrounded by a team in order to get themselves prepared in the morning new people that can help them running and are you know comfortable working on their own well still obviously maintaining the targets and the quality of work that we expect from there's so many different clients and companies so many different opportunities and positions so as much as I'm enjoying being an agent I know I can progress and I've got the support structure there to help me in that you start 20 minutes before your shift well Gordon and it's very convenient very easy and straightforward so there are several advantages from working from home and that so many different people from different walks of life so for example I have one of my agents who as wife is expecting a new child and in the coming weeks so it's going to afford them the opportunity to juggle a new family whilst also maintaining his career [Applause] I mean benefits me to work at home is I've got a to your boy there's lots of extra costs being able to work at home I don't have to spend money on traveling it's a lot more comfortable I can be around if my muscle needs me that would recommend Sykes to a friend and I have done that on several occasions just because it's a company that I feel that is closer at home for me I feel that it's a part of me and I would like to share it with everyone we have several systems in place to help me manage my team and this means that I have constant direct communication over chat and we also have the ability to have video calls if need be one of the systems with Sykes is called one Sykes where you actually ask all your help from there your team leader is always on online for support and if your team with yours on their race T or they're off for the holiday you've always got another team leader to ask you so you're never left without any help I feel I'm successful in my job when especially when you've got a problem I'm solely because in contact with me and they've got an issue sometimes it could be heated they were they're frustrated they're annoyed and you can talk them you have tells you what what's happening what can be done and by the end of it all they've calmed down the happy with the resolution and they've even thanked you for it and it makes me happy to have ended a call from one extreme to the other one from a contact centre environment to what seems like isolating yourself and I walk into our home working environment it can be a little bit daunting for the first couple of weeks just getting used to that environment being different but what I found was once you get used to the virtual Chancellor for that isolation does fade away and I realized how much I enjoy even my own space been able to like give 100% to the customer and the problem at hand my workspace is my own so I felt comfortable at home having the opportunity to drink your own coffee at home and at Santana makes a huge difference to me essentially on a daily basis I wander into my office about ten o'clock I don't start what to half-past ten but I always like to get everything set up from around ten o'clock I like to think of it as my commute to work so by the time it's that turns to attend everything separately plus if there are any issues I can flag them up and I can get them dealt with and I can still start work on time one of the reasons why I decided to join Sikes is for the prospects of new career opportunities and continual development and growth she's a lovely place to work it feels like a big family anyway

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