Jim Carrey Revisits His Most Iconic Roles – Lights Out with David Spade

So, after our stand-up, then the monster movies came. And-and who’s had
a run like that? I mean, just the first ones,
like Ace Ventura. Then, uh, was it Mask? -(cheering and applause)
-Hey! Mask. I’m only sort of
catching them up because… (cheering and applause) Unreal. And then even, uh,
Dumb and Dumber. In a row. In a row. (cheering and applause) And I’m on…
I’m sort of catching people up because some people,
they look at me, and they go, “I’m a fan since Grown Ups 2.” -I go…
-(laughter) I did some shit before that. But so, we’re just sort of
walking people through it. Then you jumped over,
and you jumped in Batman. -Yeah. -Uh, which…
I think we have a picture. -Yeah, there we go.
-Huh, Batman looks different. -(cheering and applause) -No,
you were the Riddler, and… -I was the Riddler.
-Hilarious in that. Uh, stole that thing.
And then it was… Was it Cable Guy
roughly around that time? -(cheering and applause)
-Yeah, Cable Guy. Cable Guy. -Cab-le a-goo-ble!
-Were you in the… That’s one of my favorite lines.
Cab-le a-goo-ble. -Is that what you say?
-Just, like, out of nowhere. I don’t know where it came from.
But it was me at the door, just going, “Cab-le a-goo-ble.” Just, uh, mixing it all up. I remember we were doing, uh–
we were about to do Black Sheep, and Farley was maybe talking
about Cable Guy. -Did you hear about this at all?
-Farley came to my house -one time.
-Okay. Oh, my God, one of
the great humans ever to exist. -Yeah.
-He came to my house one time… -(clears throat) during this…
-(cheering and applause) Yeah. During this children’s
birthday party, he came to visit. And within two minutes, it was like the pied piper
of children everywhere dancing across my lawn with children trailing
behind him into the pool. Suddenly, he was a whale. -He was Free Willy.
-Oh, I love that. -And it was like they were
hanging on his body. -Yeah. And it was unbelievable.
In-Incredible moment. It was just so lovely. Until he took one of them down
to the bottom. -But I think he was playing.
-Yeah. I’m pretty sure he was playing. Can’t trust whales. Yeah, uh, he was–
he was talking to me during– before we did that.
We did Tommy Boy. Then right before Black Sheep,
they said, uh… -Which was awesome, by the way.
Tommy Boy. -Oh, Tommy Boy. -(cheering and applause)
-Tommy Boy we did in Toronto. Classic, classic, classic.
Amazing. You know, we did–
‘Cause you’re from Toronto– not to backtrack–
we did Police Academy 4. I’m sure you heard some buzz
around town we were doing that. -Oh, yeah.
-(whispering) “Police Academy 4’s in town.”
And then, uh– Over on Bay and Bloor. And then, uh, uh, PCU… -Yeah, we were doing vigils
outside your hotel. -Oh, yeah. -That’s right. -Uh, that one
actually was very exciting, that movie, but then, uh–
Oh, yeah. So, Cable Guy,
Farley was talking about it, and he wasn’t allowed to do it. I think he was– they were–
It was early stages. But then you came on and they
were like, “Holy shit, we got -Jim Carrey.” -Yeah. Could’ve
been completely different. -It would’ve been completely
different. -I would’ve been -in Tommy Boy with you.
-Oh, it would’ve been great. Yeah.
(laughs) If you would’ve been… -(cheering and applause)
-But now… -No, you can’t replace Chris.
-So now you’ve got Kidding. -That’s on Showtime.
-Yeah. And that’s a little– that’s
a little more serious, right? -(cheering and applause)
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. The subject matter
is very serious, but, uh, you know,
Michel Gondry, he’s just out there
on another planet of his own. -So, you know… -Did he do
that other movie with you? -He did Eternal Sunshine of the
Spotless Mind. So… -Right. -(cheering and applause)
-Well… -Incredible. And, uh, you know, but-but, uh, the wonderful thing
about doing a TV show is that there are so many
formats it can be seen on, too. -Yeah.
-I mean, it’s amazing. So I suggest to people,
for this season, find the smallest device you can -to view and binge it.
Seriously. -Yeah. Because Michel Gondry’s work
is just extraordinary and epic, uh, when viewed
on the head of a pin. -It’s truly amazing,
truly amazing. -iWatch. -Beep, beep. -Yeah.
“Hey, look at this microscope. It’s Kidding, season two.” But you’ve had success. -To switch to drama is tough.
-Could go viral. To go to drama.
Then, uh, Truman Show was great. So it’s not like it didn’t work.
You were– Those are huge movies.
Truman Show is, like, really happening now in L.A. -Fake-fake people with cameras
everywhere. -(cheering) But this weekend, this weekend– I think it’s starting tonight–
uh, is Sonic. And, uh, I already heard
it’s gonna have a big weekend. (cheering and applause) -Can y– Can I tell you?
-Yeah. Like, honestly, one
of the first things, you know– You’ve probably heard the story
about me going up to Mulholland Drive and dr–
uh, writing a check for myself -and doing all the affirmations
and all that stuff. -Yes. But it’s really true.
I did that stuff. But one of the–
one of my main affirmations was that I do some kind of work, somehow I find a way
to create characters and films that reintroduce
themselves to new generations -and stick around for a while.
-Yeah. And I– honest to God, I’ve gotten that in…
David Spades. I have– I have gotten that and an incredible amount
of love from people, generation– So, I get
ten-year-olds coming up to me. -I get to do the Grinch face.
-Yeah. -(cheering) And-and then, you know, I have 40-year-olds
coming up to me, going, -“I grew up with you, man.”
-Yeah. -It’s great to cover it all.
-Great. It’s great to hang in there. Yeah, it’s just incredible. And this feels like kind of
another Halloween costume -I’m gonna get to see.

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