IT'S A FULL HOUSE!!! Home decorating, family time Vlogtober Day 9!!

because it's time that I handle nobody I know you afraid go away no you need answers nobody probably got you thinking that and never think about you so you knew you so well I'll be going that doorbell I'm just putting like great sound before the test run for the real Phillie to his babies that were saying we was just friends yeah what's really good runners died squat it's your girl Angie and today I'm back with another video so happy blocks over day 9 got it right today so happy blocks over day 9 mealy smiling but she wants to say hello say hi she got food all over here okay I don't know what she meant by that but said what's up y'all so quiet in there chillin um I just got them dressed I think we are going to try to attempt to go somewhere today I don't want to set aside of you as anyone agrees today it's beautiful I want to set aside um you know did we not end up going like we did last time but we're definitely gonna be going somewhere today also my niece is getting dropped off so she's gonna be spending I guess like maybe the week with me I don't know I don't know how long she's gonna be here but she's gonna be with us and that's the new girl you don't see me honestly I don't see y'all know so she'll be spending some time with us today and so I think I just want to take him out somewhere so that they can just burn off energy um Mila has a lot of energy she fell asleep twice today Oh in the midst of our plan give her some water so baby will be home soon and then once he get home and we'll get out of here we'll find somewhere to go I don't know where we're gonna end up going but we're definitely I try to go somewhere um I take the kids have a little fun so make sure y'all stay tuned and don't forget y'all or good luck so we go alive this evening at 8:30 so y'all to me on youtube so tune in tune in okay hope you all be asking me about like decorating what I'm gonna do and cut off the other guy so I responded in a message let me get out of here for she asked me for something so I responded to you guys okay so a shock receipt don't pause I've been in that corner for the longest and that's like Oh our curtain curtain rising all this so they've been in that corner for many um the reason why is because no other the fact that I just been lazy like you know I could put it up I don't know what's the holdup with me I don't know like I get caught of my everyday life and I just forget plus I like how to sell beans through the blinds or whatever I like that and the cards we have they're like a dark grade they're not like quite super dark but they're like a darkish kind of great because we're gonna eventually get a great couch like um like the l-shaped couches that like our log on the ends you know what I mean just to add more seating in here because I don't really care for like a bunch of chairs in here um I just want one big old sofa that everybody can sit on we have a little party or whatever gathering everybody keep the stretch on now it's more than uh fun and it's gonna be huge and I wanted to turn into reaching the walls and then it's gonna probably cut over there a little bit every time I learn her hope you thought about herself she like makes a mess but she pours it down her body I think she likes that then that every door here she fell asleep or he's over here is really far and it's buzzy like so but okay Mila talk to the family Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza thank you okay so you see that typing grace so it's kinda dark but not so much dark those are going up and so um I got Gus on for the area like all the windows they all have curtains and so I don't know what's the hold up like but I also want to go for like sleek part of me want some type of white furniture here but I know that's like so impossible with children I don't even know why anything like even like thinking of that thought so I've been looking at different websites and stuff like that to see furniture and every time I'm like sure I like be like no I don't like that look no more I want to go with this rustic you know I like that does know where I want to go with this like so I'm just like stuck right now I'm stuck I don't know what I want to do um and I don't want to be buying a bunch of stuff and taking it back like I'm not that I personally take stuff back like I just can't right so I have to love it I have to do more than like it and like this is like my first like family home like a home of my own with my family so I'm really taking this like so like to heart like the planning process and so I just want it to be perfect you know and I'm an over-thinker so I'm overthinking every little aspect of the tables everywhere else but cuz like I have a table I want to get but then it's like I don't like it no more and it's like I'm really trying to I know y'all I'm terrible I'm really trying to just relax chill out and just start with a theme and if I'm loving that thing like you're bored of it then I hold on if I get bored of it then I'll change some Donilon it's not a big deal to change you know over time so I guess I should just like chill out and just kill what I like or love not what I like and I'll be fine and stop thinking so much about Oh baby this movie that hey y'all so um the kids are all set meals right here ready to go and we're gonna just go to the park yeah you see your brother and so uh my niece is right here say hi so you ready to go to park yep so that's a that's a girl so we're gonna go to the park for about 30 minutes let the kids enjoy themselves and then that we're going to come back home and they get ready for the live so let's do this babe is me gotta watch me and claw because she she don't understand her weight can be you know harmful to him it's awful just watch okay so now I'm gonna put my shoes on okay so John can we go to the park for a little bit enjoy some sunlight and then we are gonna be going live this evening at 8:30 so looking forward to chopping it up which other this evening and so let's talk Tuesday so see ya in a little bit all right I'm even happier man this will be our life if we had three that's good I liked anything to figure out okay this look like slow park no parties so we must at the water park side and the other wrong side but civilize money can tell me the seatbelt message her hero Amelia you find me you Bobby like I can hardly see you for these sandals Missy on hero cuz I told her she gotta keep that seat belt across our chest oh oh it's hot AC back workout good so baby yes yeah I thought that was like a little kid it's a water little water park situation yes like now we know we regretted writing the key is is the run midsummer bring them here hey qua to be a year maybe two why they always meet somebody spiky dumb 19 that same time I will be sure small fries small fries immediately gonna be like that all right song let's choice again is it still going okay yeah we are at the park and quad is down there chillin over there okay coming up this slide here so it's a beautiful day in here in Michigan 81 degrees again today kind of interesting that is this warm in October but sometimes like that in Michigan beautiful fire kids there is she right here okay okay yeah [Applause] you ready okay okay Wow Wow oh she was all alone here she comes okay let me get you oh hey come on down [Applause] you ready Neela's Mila – Mila hey I did all our friends up there [Applause] hey that was kind of fast right there that middle one try try that side since you got me yeah it's nice she went around that basketball courts over there yeah I'm just showing them okay y'all we back home and the mosquitos start biting so I took them y'all got beat on my arm bit on my leg kua really just try to spin this claw we just hey just got in maybe I just walked into it just really just try to stand up on the couch and feel is that for quiet you wash your hands let me see good job okay you wanna watch document Suffolk yeah thank you so much hold I got to thank you dude are you happy here okay did you have fun at the park oh it's cookie okay I'm going to make dinner okay and I'm in this vlog you're my just India so that I can you know edited get it up for y'all and get ready for the live at 8:30 so y'all make sure y'all y'all make sure y'all tune in maybe you want to say somewhat you want to do how long ago just how to get a work out of here before the live yeah okay y'all milla me the live I got over here all right y'all I'm gonna get doc on get dinner going edit the vlog and then I can get them ready and put on Twitter for big a little bit yeah yes really like it alright jaw so if you enjoy the bloggy blogg make sure you give the video a thumbs up make sure you share like subscribe but don't forget to leave a comment rise rushed out of here because he is trying to hurry up and get that workout in before the lie so we love you guys and we'll see you in the next video peace say peace say bye-bye me one ha ha

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