Interior Design Tips: How to choose hallway tile that is practical & beautiful

Interior Design Tips: How to choose hallway tile that is practical & beautiful

Most entry hallways or foyers are high
traffic areas so having a tiled floor in these areas is a smart, practical
solution. But practical doesn’t have to be plain or boring. In fact you have a
great opportunity to make that tile stand out. Let’s look at some examples.
Instead of laying down a plain boring tile why not pick something with a great
pattern? I’m loving this black and white mosaic
tile wall-to-wall. It adds so much personality to your hallway and the
graphic pattern expands the space visually. It almost feels like
wall-to-wall carpeting! A border tile is another great way to make your hallway
stand out. Having a great pattern tile in the middle and lining it with a border
tile is a great illusion. It looks like an area rug has been placed
on the tile floor. The thicker the border the more the middle patterned tile looks
like an area rug. It’s very cool. Here’s another example: in this case a black and
white checkerboard pattern is lined with a black border tile. It’s graphic and
bold and classic. Speaking of an area rug look, what if you like the look of wood
flooring in your hallway but still want the practicality of a tile. Well why not
keep your wood floors and add an insert of tile in the middle. The wood floor
just flows through the rest of the house while the tile acts as a practical
surface where all your main foot traffic occurs. Plus it’s just a beautiful
flooring detail. So here’s your takeaway: Hallway tile can be a great opportunity
for pattern, illusion and flow. Consider mosaics, borders and inserts for
practical beauty! Thanks for watching this little design tip, we’ll have lots
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