Interior design – The courage to use color | Apartment tour

hello welcome to my home the bright orange hallway in a Yaris apartment in Stockholm contrasts with the intense blue of the kitchen cupboards colors play an important role in her home when we were starting to play with a how can we change these white old doors to something a bit more exciting we took out lots of different colors and then my husband being an architect as well we always disagree on things but we agreed on this color and then when the doors arrived and they came up and I was like oh my god it was a bit of a shock but now when you look at the whole room as a tuner like a space if he's if it's good the dining area is largely white but features a wide array of furniture including a bench built by EAA's great-great-grandfather and this classic wall unit by German designer detail harms a home shouldn't be kind of clinical it's not something that she takes different turns you end up with a mixture of all the new things and things that you collect into your life and and you your children brings home things artifacts from their school and things and you have like family things that you maybe my husband wants to get rid of and I want to keep and vice versa you know you're it's that's how life is it's a bit of a mess isn't it at times he is bedroom is in a discreet shade of grey which has a soothing effect perfect for a good night's sleep much of the bathroom is great too and not only that here teak takes the place of tiles the texture of the timber was important because everyone always sees tiles or stone in the bathroom and then with this it becomes warm and I think it's the warmth together with the quite dark colors but if it's very earthy it's a earthy feeling it's very calm I like this bathroom cousins apart from a few colorful pieces of furniture and accessories the living room is mainly white and that's not because the architects suddenly ran out of paint the idea was to keep this a neutral place to relax and unwind it's one of his favorite spots in the apartment white is a beautiful color I like white but then without all our bits and bobs that we fill the flat with with the red chair and colorful paintings and other colorful lights and things then I think of course you could have a a bold color on the sofa but maybe it's nice that it's just some some breathing space perhaps this room eeeyah and her husband thought carefully about which colors they wanted where their spacious apartment is a work of art in itself we have obviously looked at the all the colors together this everything should be in in harmony actually although they are quite bright colors we we feel it's important that they they're gel they work well together and they certainly do eeeh yeras apartment in Stockholm old town is a colorful and cozy abode

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