Interior Design For Sobha Forest View Home In Bangalore

This is our dream home, and we definitely
wanted it to be perfect, which catered to all our needs and we wanted it to be designed
with all the living individuals needs to be taken care of. Hi, this is Anchal, and here we are talking from
Sobha Forest View, our apartment in Alder block. We actually talked to another individual who
was working as a designer and we actually went and talked to him and did the designing,
but we were not really satisfied, so somehow, we got the number of Livspace. We talked to Prithvi, who was the manager
there and somehow everything fell into place, we liked their thoughts, we liked the way
it was transparent, we liked the simplicity of the house, the modernness that needed to
come in, everything sort of gelled in and we thought we'll just go ahead and try it
out with Livspace. So luckily everything worked out fine. Hi, I'm Rohit Srinivasan, I am an IT consultant
and you know, we bought this house almost 3, 3 and a half years back and obviously,
post construction you know we wanted to actually get it designed. Quite honestly, we knew that we want something
nice, something minimalistic at the same time which brings out features in the house and
which makes us comfortable. Hi, my name is Akshay, I am a designer at
Livspace, so Mr. Rohit is the kind of person I feel who loves wood colours, like wood grains and
everything, whereas Anchal is the opposite. She likes more of yellow colours. So the challenge was to combine both ideas,
put together and do one design. So I'll start with the foyer area first. So foyer I have given a big shoe rack along
with wallpapers. And to highlight that I have used false ceiling
with a nice, simple chandelier. I'll take you to the living room. I'll talk about the TV unit first. So I have used a stone cladding with Duco
paint, like full one board, so it's around 10 feet sized TV unit. And then I didn't want to obstruct the sunlight
from the windows, so I have used light colours of the sofas. To highlight the crockery unit, it's a basic
crockery unit which I have used, like countertop stone on top of it. And then for decorating that I have used wallpapers. So I was very particular about the kitchen
because that's the space I use almost throughout the day, and that had to be a very happy space. I have always dreamt of having an island kitchen,
so island was something that had to be there in the design. So those two things taken care of and then
pooja unit. So our priest had told us that pooja room
had to come inside the kitchen so that was one constraint that we had while designing
the whole kitchen. So I have my island, it's a big island where
I love doing my work. I have a nice pantry as a tall unit which
is a big plus because all my groceries just sit in there. All that combined, I think the final product
was really good. So I think overall the experience was very
good but this was one of the hardest rooms to actually design. Simply because I kept saying no to everything
which was thrown out here. And I think there was a time when Akshay and
Rishabh literally told me that if I knew what I wanted then they did not have to be there
to design the room, right? So unless we could give them some space to
actually design this for themselves, you know, it would not work. So we gave them the time, couple of weeks
later this is what they came up with. And the moment I saw it I said it's a done
deal and this is what we are going with. Because one is, it's a very interesting concept. Like you can see, there is a honeycomb design,
the colours are very vivid and bright, and if you just leave it to me, I would always
go with shades of brown. So everyone got amazed that I would even agree
to go with a colour like this, but it really made the room a lot more vibrant. The tables which are laid out here are extremely
wide, you can easily keep 2 or 3 laptops, so 3 people can comfortably work in this room. And especially the honeycomb design instantly
made it up, for keeping you know, awards and things like that, which I so often collect,
so at least you know, conceptually this made a lot of sense. So let's talk about the master bedroom. So it's a combination of colours and wood. So colour is for Anchal ma'am and wood is
for Rohit sir, as they both like. So that was a pretty good thing that we had
come up with. So we have done one veneer cladding with the
grooves, and we have given wallpapers. And the curtains and the blinds we have used
are also with colours. So like that we achieved wood and colour combination
for that room. Along with that we have given a nice big wardrobe
where they can store everything, and it's like 16 feet in length, an L-shaped wardrobe. Even the other rooms in this house have come
out very nicely. Especially my daughter's room and she is a
big fan of purple as a colour, and when we gave that as a theme to the designers they
came up with some very unique, almost Victorian kind of concept with the colours, with the
lights etc, which made the room look really nice and exquisite. More importantly, the entire design was a
surprise to my daughter, we decided not to involve her in the whole process. We were hoping that she likes the end product, and of course she did. She has a beautiful high mirror which is almost
3 feet by 10 feet wide, and it has backlighting. There is a huge space of almost 6×6 for her
to actually just dance, and you know, that's one of her passions. There's also a corner to keep her piano and
you know she's into music and of course there's a study table and a very nice queen bed, all
of which have been, you know, neatly laid out in this room without really making
it look cluttered. So I think that was a room which got a lot
of appreciation. So I think overall it's been a very pleasant
experience. I have no doubt that I would recommend Livspace
as well as, you know, people like Prithvi, Akshay, Rishabh and even Pavan, our Project
Manager, for making this so simple and you know, easy on us. We gave our viewpoints, our pointers to where
we wanted what, like our daughter's room, then the office room, but the way they came up
with their ideas, and gelled in with what our expectations were, we were really satisfied
and everything worked out good.


  • Ajay Marathe

    April 15, 2019


  • Subodh Pashwan

    April 15, 2019

    Very very beautiful house

  • Prithvi prasad

    April 15, 2019

    Thank you Rohit and Anchal for your kind words. Feeling so happy to see my client giving amazing reviews as well as proud of my team cos they have delivered the best. Great team work. More to come our way 🙂
    Cheers to Livspace

  • varsha jain

    April 15, 2019

    Amazing work by the designer .. ??

  • Kripa Subramanian

    April 15, 2019

    Beautifully done home! Feel so jealous about the huge amount of space the Bangalore homes give!

  • Sreyasi Chatterjee

    April 15, 2019

    Please tell me the name of the material used on island platform

  • Haya Liza Korah

    April 15, 2019

    What's the cost of interiors for this project and what all is included in interior

  • Kashish Jain

    April 15, 2019

    Amazing work ?

  • saranya venkatesan

    April 15, 2019

    Please let me know the carpet and total built up area

  • Muthu Krishnan

    April 15, 2019

    How much the square feet of total area?


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