Interior Design: Creating Your Dream Space  | How To Home Podcast

Interior Design: Creating Your Dream Space | How To Home Podcast

welcome back to another episode of the how to home podcast today we are joined by Lee and Ally from pure salt interiors and we are talking about the steps to build a timeless design the importance of functionality in your space and how to pick the right shade of white my name is Aaron Massey and welcome back to another episode of the how to home podcast I'm here alongside my co-host Tracy Pendergast literally alongside of you today I get to be on this side of the table today and that is because we have two lovely guests with us we have Ali and Lee from pure salt interiors thank you guys so much for being here thank you for having us this is like like Tracy's like we can't say the other thing because it's copy written but it's the big game it is my big game I brought a scrapbook of my home and I can't wait to go through every room design it no I wish but I'm really excited why don't you guys give us a little bit of a background on how you got into it and what your company is so we've known each other for about 20 years and have always had like just a creative edge to ourselves and like I've wanted to do a bunch of different things together life took us a couple different ways and we ended up coming back together and creating pure salt yeah we've been pure salt it's been around for about three years to Ali's point like we literally started it when we were in two separate areas so she was living in Saudi Arabia which is a whole nother story and I was living you know in Southern California and we thought it was time to pursue our passion and so we started long-distance and Skype phone calls dreaming up this business of ours and here we are and you guys have a killer Instagram account if you guys want to check it out it's at pure salt interiors so you guys can follow along with all their projects and everything that they're designing and before we go any further we want to say a quick thank you to our founding partner of the how to home podcast which is filter by and before we dive in too much with pure salt interiors we want to remind you guys that you can always call in and leave us a voicemail at nine seven eight seven zero nine one zero four zero we encourage you to leave us suggestions for the show questions for guests like Ali and Lee and make sure you like us on Instagram at how to home underscore guide all right so we've got we've got a ton of questions for you guys I really want to get your take on design sense because my thing is everything I seem to see these days looks a little bit white in my opinion I want to know where does that come from what's the design trend and how do you guys utilize light and bright but also give really cool accents we first off we we do love white the reason we love white is just because it's such a great neutral canvas a great you know a great place to start that being said we don't like things sterile we don't want it to look like a hospital you know but we just think it's a clean palette to start with and so what we do is if we're starting they're not saying every one of our houses is white but you will see a lot of our work that does have white in it just because of calming it's clean it's it's not like overwhelming to your senses I would say though in order to add like a little bit of what you're yearning for and what I'm hearing you say is a little bit more than just something that's starting to to kind of cold we like to incorporate a lot of textures a lot of like materials that are organic and clean but still give a little bit more than just something that's sterile well I approach it from and I know we all have kids my thing is when I see something that's what how do you keep it clean yeah actually I feel like white is the easiest thing to keep clean because you can bleach it totally in loooove bleach I love but I think you have to decide what pieces are white too like if it's a white couch it's probably gonna be kind of tough if you have little kids but if it's white walls and a really light colored couch like you'll be totally fine so I think you got to kind of pick and choose what parts are white if you have kids and like family and and friends over all the time like you definitely have to be smart about what what you pick and our big thing to like to your point it is its design and function and it's marrying those two things I mean you can't design without knowing exactly how that person that family is gonna live in a home the cool thing nowadays though is there's so many different things that are made to be durable that are made for a family in mind or our kids in mind so we definitely take all that into consideration when we're actually kind of dreaming up the space and we're not limited anymore I mean you can let's say somebody really really wants a really light light sofa but they've got like three kids under the age of four the cool thing is there's actually materials out there that you can get that will help protect against the wind here that's gonna happen with those three children so talk to us a little bit about your design process so say you know I have a 1937 home it's kind of a little dated in Ranchi I want to update it what would be the process of working with you guys so we have we've worked really hard on just defining what our process is because it's kind of such like a fluid a fluid process to an outsider that we really like put in phases to how we work so first phase is kind of the concept like what is this gonna look like big picture like what is the vibe of the house what it would already exist that we can play into and then kind of like dream that up we also have to know like again like the functionality for like what does the house have to do for the family that's living there and that plays into our ideas and sparks design direction and that kind of thing so I think big picture is the concept like really defining the look the materials the functionality and then going into after we kind of define that going into materials selection which is more like now we have a concept we know what we're going for how does that translate into materials for flooring for paint colors for finishes on hardware and fixtures and furniture and kind of all of it how do we bring it all to life and then after we kind of picked those exact pieces and then we execute and make it all happen within that process where do you see homeowners struggle the most to make those big decisions in the concept phase I mean I think what the biggest barrier to getting to a design and getting to a great design I would say quickly you know the project that just you can't really get anywhere is sometimes clients just lack it's hard for them to let go and it's hard for them to trust the process they just want to go they they're at you know home goods and they want to pick out this couch and bring it home or this piece and some people like really have a tough time just being patient and waiting for that concept and I think you know the concept phase to us is really the most important part like you have to land and have forward thinking to like that design if you don't know what you're trying to accomplish how are you ever gonna get there but if you take the time take the couple of weeks where we actually sit down and we dream up based off of all your needs what this space what the cohesive concept should be so it's not just your kitchen but it's your kitchen with all the other rooms you want us to think about dreaming up what that could be and then getting your approval then we all are in alignment then you can actually pick out the actual things that bring that to life one thing that's really important to us too in that concept phase because we find it so easy to be transparent with our clients and for them to really understand what they're signing up for what its gonna look like is we build everything up in a render we use a program called Sketchup and we but we love it too because I think we're visual people like we like to understand and show but like for our clients to be able to actually see it and see what we're proposing it helps them that much more get that trust and give that trust to us so our first phase the concept phase it really you know includes all of those things and then once we land on it then we can go and it's a lot smoother of a process from there I absolutely have trouble visualizing things structurally i with cabinetry and everything the the guys will come in and tell me kind of what they're thinking of and I'm just like um oh yeah can I put it on like can I show you something what I'm what I kind of like so to me that is such an amazing part of the process just because I think it's overwhelming to just trust what you hear not be able to see it is your primary business is it new construction or is it remodeled a little bit of both there's a ton of remodels happening right now just because where we are where we're concentrated in like heavily concentrated in in Orange County there's pockets of new construction but then there's a ton of old homes that just need they need to be reworked and brought back to life so it just depends but we have a uneven I'm not not necessarily even but we have like a mix of both yeah let's say it's a remodel do you get involved with at the pre-construction phase like is the homeowner approaching you before they actually start tearing out walls and things in ideal world yes now that being said our projects you know are all different and so we've jumped in at all different phases but when we get the most excited and we're where we can be the most creative and really have the most impact is when we can get involved before the construction phase when we can you know collaborate with an architect and the contractor and kind of work through together knowing what a family is trying to achieve and then working together as a collective group to dream up and come up with that space together on how to achieve it is is the best-case scenario now it's not always the case but I the number one question we got for you guys and we'll go over more later but I think people are very intimidated by budget when it comes to a designer I know that I I feel the same way I think anyone would want help designing their house but maybe some people are a little apprehensive to pick up the phone because they don't even know if it's something they can afford are you guys accessible and if not you are there options out there with designers for different price points and smaller jobs yeah I mean the reality is to start pure salt you got to start somewhere right and so in the beginning you know we took on kind of anything anything that we could do and helped and helped create the brand that we have now we would we would take on and in a perfect world and where we want to go like yeah we'd love to be able to help everyone you know obviously from a bandwidth perspective we we spend a lot of time a lot of our time planning and making sure we're not taking too much and we're growing at the right pace part of that is having to kind of create different solutions for people like who can't necessarily afford us right yeah or not afford us but um who can't necessarily afford a big budget for like full design like we're creating you can get a lot of nice stuff that isn't from these very high-end antique boutique places you can get stuck to target you can access there's a lot of ways to change your selections to match your budget yes and that's part of our process too is we always have to ask you know our clients like what what price point do you need to be in what is your budget for this project holistically like and that guides us like well then we need to be sourcing from here here and here or we get to source from here here and here like and we really do have projects that range from like low budget but still awesome to like insane budgets and the most amazing thing you've ever seen but like they all still accomplish what they need to accomplish for the client which is the most important thing our current price point after this renovation is point IKEA it's it's hard but I would say to that point – for us there's things that you should invest in you know like if you're renovating a home there's things where you should you know you should what will help you prioritize what you should put your money in mm-hmm and the places where you don't need to and and the reality is IKEA I mean I've got IKEA pieces in my home because you can take an IKEA piece and make it something unique and different and it can be functional and fit your space mm-hmm so it doesn't break the budget and then you know you can invest in the longer-term pieces that you're gonna have forever right and do the right balance so we help our clients kind of understand and prioritize and invest in the things that we really think are important for them to invest in when it comes to renovation – it's so crucial to do that because of increasing the value of the home and thinking through kind of the choices you're making like if you were to ever sell that house they need to like you need to think through that longer term versus just what's gonna make you happy in the immediate right and I think I always try to remind people that in real life there isn't a big reveal day you don't have to pull back the curtain and reveal your new home it's such a long process and my husband and I and I know Aaron – like we attack things and phases and with buying anything we try to get up great product but we just don't rush and I think that's hard to wait but sometimes just pacing yourself I think it's so worth it what's the instant gratification and that's what we were talking about our challenges – right people especially when they're moving into a new home they just wanna be knew then and they didn't want it so bad hey I get it I want my house to be perfect is it no way like I wish it was but it's that it's an instant gratification you know we're always so that that's part of how we live these days so having people and encouraging people to take a breath and know that like if you take the time you're gonna get the end result you want if you rush it it's gonna be a tough tough journey right yeah but the TV tells me that I can do it in three days exactly so for me I look at my parents house and the house I grew up in and my memories of it are how it is now like finished trees grown in like beautiful yard all these things and my parents always remind me this was built over years like they've put tons of time into it and yes things just grow and evolve and I think that's an important point to like the whole your home is gonna become your home over time you know and and you're gonna it's gonna turn into that home that you want over time when you start putting your your family life your life into it even if you'd let's say we do have projects where we install everything at once you know it's a brand new home but it's still not their home yet I mean it looks really pretty but it's when they move in and they live in it and it starts to function for them that's when it truly becomes your home do you take on smaller room type things or is it larger like I got a design the whole kind of space yeah we definitely over the past few years have had single room jobs for sure and and and they're fun I think that's when we talk about like managing our bandwidth and what's fees and how what we're trying to do to really help because we want people to be able to get our vibe and what we stand for in their homes even if we can't be the ones to design it so that's why we've worked really hard to start curating creating this the shop that we also have attached to pure salt where people can have more access to the unique things that we love that we encourage them to put in their house if we are designing their home so through that and then like through our Instagram or we try to put our work out there and give kind of inspiration photos and then even Pinterest where we're trying to like do kind of helpful tips and and color palettes and stuff like that to consider through those tools where we're trying to give and be able to help with single room homes versus because now because of the amount of projects we have we have to kind of better prioritize so the answer is yes we definitely have the way we're growing not sure how many we can do that way moving forward unfortunately just because in order to get it right it takes time and the process is important and you need to have enough hours to do that process the goal is for most of us is to create a timeless space right because as we're building and putting all this time into things we don't want to have to redo it all right you know as trends change so what is kind of your groundwork for creating a timeless space that will grow with you so I think what we like pride ourselves on is just creating a really beautiful neutral timeless palette to start with so all your big pieces like your couches possibly your rugs your stone like on your countertops your cabinetry like all should be kind of relatively neutral like they can still have pops of color it could be like black or deep blues or like creams or linens but like something that is just like a really neutral clean base to start with so then you can layer it with texture and things that are trendy that you're in love with it may be like in six months or a year you're over its main role is just nice neutral clean palette to start with I'd love to go like bit by bit on what you just pitch in and kind of talk about what you're loving right now so do you want to start like at the floor up yeah I know this might take a while no I don't mean it like that but let's just chat a little bit about what we're talking about here so let's start on the floors what are some types of woods that you consider or flooring that you consider like timeless options the wood floors you can do there's different products that we use for different clients but just something like really neutral not to bleachy not to gray and not to dark so we're kind of in this like really pretty natural tone right now that we like that's like a sweet spot do you have like an actual favorite wood that you use I think it's like just like a brushed Oaks it has like a little boy oh yeah like it has a little bit of texture and character to it it's not too stark it looks like something that's been there maybe for all of time is what I personally love it I mean personally I love a thicker plank but you know what's interesting to like love white oak and I think if you're gonna if we need to pick one white oak is that we say yeah but the cool thing is is like I mean we're huge wood fans and there's just so many tip yours for something a little bit more you can still get something like soup or neutral but in like a different type of different species yeah which we've found some really cool ones yeah we work with Warren Christopher a ton and we've actually been working with them on like a custom wood flooring line Wow like I said we're super it took two wood and it's just been so fun because it's like the way that wood is process and to give it its different finishes and obviously the thickness is a big thing to us just to keep it clean but then really understanding the species a little bit more and what each species has to offer has been great because it's like what starts with flooring but then as you go up in the house or build up in the house excuse me we like to intermix other species of what's as well so we've learned a lot about different different woods well now we're talking now we can get into it okay and then so for the cabinetry is there something that you feel people should kind of be focused on as they build that timeless space I mean function I think when you are approaching let's say it's an you know you're rebuilding a home or remodeling a home need to think about how you're gonna use the kitchen and really be thoughtful about how you are and then would this make sense longer-term if you were to resale it but function I think is key so and then obviously as you're looking at the function like how do you make sure that it's symmetrical and balanced and the materials are working together how do you feel about trend I see a lot now is open shelving in the kitchen yeah to me I'm like not gonna work maybe that's just the way that I live but I feel like you just have to have a very specific you know all your things have to be matched they always have to be in place you always have to keep it pristine in order to have something like that functional right yeah personally I have to have the right kind of in my opinion like the right personality someone who's like tidy clean puts their things neatly a little OCD like you have to if you're like we have clients that are like I'm a mess inside my cabinets like I can't have open shelving like I don't have matching dishes I don't have pretty things to put on my shelves and we're like okay then it's not going to work for you like we it has to be realistic and so from a design standpoint it's awesome if the client like can't maintain that look then maybe just we use it in small amounts and then those places kind of just stay how they are function therefore look there you find like one if it makes sense for the design you find that place you style it and it's the Styles just like that yeah you don't have your cups formal our formal living room and dining room I never in my life have we sat in it at my parent is it just like if you go like this to the couch just like dust comes out it's just so bizarre to me it's so much space but um I actually I love open shelving and I think that what would work for you is maybe like in a laundry room you could do just like the glass jars and the other thing that's actually laundry room for sure where are you is where I'm like I don't think so yeah yeah so we're talking about timeless design a little bit what about counter to oops you know in my house I have this super dated tile huge grout line countertops I hate I'm kind of debating on what I want to go with you know but I want it to last obviously a long time but I don't want it to be too trendy so do you have any ideas as far as what's kind of the timeless countertop again I feel like I'm being really repetitive but it comes down to functionality so first question we always ask is like what is gonna work for your family do you need courts do you are you okay with marble like do you want to look at other kind of different stones like a basalt or a granite that's leathered and look looks really cool so we there's a bunch of different like options out there as far as like the look goes we always just stay with something like really clean some texture but organic texture organic color so like white is obviously a favorite it doesn't always work in people's houses because of wine or juice or kids or whatever but if you love white and you want it to be timeless like and you can't necessarily do a marble you can do like a white quartzite or a white quartz which is the man-made countertops which there's a ton out there that look really realistic now and we use them all the time so that's definitely a favorite so again just neutral colors organic textures and then really knowing the functionality of the stone is important right now obviously Marie Kondo is like taking over the entire world making us all feel very bad about our drawers and everything else is that a person or is that it I don't know what that is it's it's a condominium no it's a person okay she's an organization expert but believes very much in minimalism and only keeping the things that bring you joy in your home or serve a function okay so where do you stand with you know if you have clients that want a ton of stuff or have a lot is there a cleaning out process is there a way you like to organize the space is is that a part of what you do yeah I mean it has to be a starting point for a lot of our clients I mean there's a problem in the beginning that there's just too much stuff and there's not enough space to put all this stuff away so we haven't like gotten well we haven't like delve deep into helping people organize but we just kind of let them know like we gotta purge some things here like it's just too much and then we'll help you like find function in your home so there's a place for everything and and then when we get the place for everything we organize everything so like a lot about like what Marie Kondo does like so I'm obsessed with I just did it last weekend tour my whole closet out orgonites every single thing but it just it brings peace I think everything that you got rid of did you think it I did so bad I thanked it I hugged it I set it down and I say goodbye thank you wet seal camisole yeah I think the whole thing though like obviously our name has pure in it and part of the reason it has I mean the reason it has pure in it is because of that like our number like one of our most important principles is simplicity and keeping things clean and pure we find so often and a lot it's because a lot of our clients have young families too so you'll walk into a house and there's toys everywhere so there's so many like little thing it's like it's like put those toys in a basket with a lid on it then you're not seeing the toys there's things too like there's just little things that are so important you don't want to walk in and see tons of stuff you want to walk in and see enough stuff that makes the space but you can hide all the little things I would say like purity and that simplicity and organization has been a part of everything we do from the beginning and we 100% agree with her because it is so crucial to making the space feel like you want it to feel one other thing that always comes up is like you know I walk into these model homes it's like we got the model homes our model homes there's no stuff in it but the interesting thing is it's like if you were to move into that model home and put all your clothes in the drawers in the closet and the toys and the shelves then it could look like the model home you know so you just have to think about the balance between you know your stuff and and kind of putting it away versus leaving it all out for everyone to see do you see a lot of push and pull as far as people letting things go sometimes yeah I think it depends it's a careful walk there like if someone tells you like this is an absolute must I want to keep it then then I would say and maybe I'm speaking for myself like try to find the beauty in it and find the right place for it you know so so because if someone feels really precious about something then you know what you should it should be in their home yeah now it doesn't need to be the focal point of their home no but I feel like you know there's ways like if it's a piece of art sometimes it's like we're looking at that art because art is so personal too so I think it's looking at the art maybe there's a new way to frame it and matte it make it softer and then find its best place in the house we do have a project right now where they the couple is really sentimental and they have a lot of really cool things from traveling the world and really cool friends and an eclectic beautiful life and they've got some pieces of furniture that I'm just kind of like mmm I just don't love that but they it means something to them and I have to take it into consideration like while we're designing this space like this means something to them I can't just like drop in a brand new table and call it a day they're not there that's not going to make them happy maybe you should just paint the floor like a world map but it's been a fun challenge because it's like updating all of these beautiful things like reusing them in in a beautiful way that that really makes them happy but is also like aesthetically pleasing from our point of view so it's it's challenging it's fun to do it that way like to kind of figure out like how can we make this beautiful even though it's not our perfect you know cup of tea once you get involved in a project do you have contractors that you go to or do you just kind of lay out the design and then say you know the homeowner has to find the people to execute the design you no we do like we just depends on again on the on the client where they're at who they've hired but I am a contractor's daughter and so and my husband is a contractor as well so like that's a very clear line of connection so like when we can we connect the dots and we're working on also building that out to be a bigger picture thing for pure salt and so that it's marva design-build sort of situation so it's seamless for people but that doesn't always happen and people have contractors that they want to work with so I mean in our in our world it's it's best when we're still involved in construction just because we can make sure these designs are being executed the way that we have envisioned them because a lot can get lost in translation and things change right a little change it's like oh I didn't know that was there so your design has to tweak a little bit Ashley with renovations I mean you don't know what you're gonna get half the time when you tear open a house and so there's always like little things that you've got a tweak or rethink or even like fully redesign not always but yeah and the details I mean it's so much easier we find it so much easier when we're working with the contractor and we can actually communicate directly with their subs and talk to the cabinet maker and talk to the tile guy and talk about how we think because sometimes it's just you come up with a cool design it's like brainstorming how to actually execute it I mean the hope is to kind of design things that haven't been done before and we're trying to find like new unique ways to come up with cool spaces and sometimes that's a little bit about rolling up your sleeves and you know getting your hands dirty so that relationship no matter what we really value we think it's really important to have a good relationship with the contractor we've been really lucky with our clients that have already brought on contractors because we've worked with some really great ones some of the best in Orange County which has been exciting I mean obviously including her dad and her husband too which we love and that it just makes things so much easier I have that where can people go to what are you where do you recommend people look you know for home furniture and stuff are so I mean there's so many places out there which is the fun part and we have we all have access to so much now because of the internet obviously and you know majority of furniture makers are putting everything online too so that's fun that's where you can get an inspiration and I would say the thing that's really crucial those you got to see it in person – there's one thing that you'll see online but you also want to see it touch it make sure it really does look that way in person it's like buying a dress from China my wife's done that a few but are so something that we've loved to do over the twenty years that we've known each other is we've always loved going to flea markets and antique shows we just we've always loved it and we've taken that love obviously into this business that's where we find like the most unique found different pieces that we think make the home kind of specific to that client so we would say like if you're looking for some cool interesting stuff try to find your note like there's flea markets all across the globe there's antique stores antique shows all across you know everywhere and it's so fun to get inspired by something you know and if you can't go to a flea market there's Etsy yes you can just like stay on there all night long cool thing about flea markets too is you can get them for an affordable price usually some of the stuff needs a little bit of work or you can even kind of like a rethink it so I would say that's kind of that's the fun interesting part and then I think – we also love Target I mean we love Target like you can just go there obviously on a Saturday on a Wednesday night pick up a few things like it's great for organization things random styling stuff that we use I mean who doesn't love Target what about like bigger furniture pieces like do you do you hit up like living spaces or like where do you go for like couches and stuff like that for couches and upholstery and I mean like we said we like to kind of come up with our own stuff too so and I know you're into this – which I love that connection we just made but we like to dream up furniture so we have a shop that we work with closer do our office that we can design up all of our custom upholstery which the reality is we can even get it to our clients for a bit cheaper than what they pay it you know like an RH or wherever so and we can pick the fabrics I know talking a little bit about durability and family so where we can actually pick if that family needs a really durable fabric like choose something that makes sense for them I actually do a custom size that could be a completely random size but fits the actual space so a lot of times we like to look at those bigger long-term pieces we like to do custom but that being said I mean we love I mean there's there's so many great places to get furniture we're lucky because we have access to you know the trade furniture makers and so we love to go to shows and we love to look at shows are such a great way for us to go and get our eyes on everything that's out there right now so in literally 48 hours we can walk up and down halls and check out every showroom in a consolidated space and really get inspired and really think and look but that there's so many so it's it's like we're sourcing from all these different places depending on the client's need so I would say that's kind of the big stuff but to Ali's point you know there's always a need to go to a target for kind of like your your organizational stuff or smaller stuff or lower budget stuff I mean even IKEA like IKEA if if we spent a lot of money in one room but then this room you know you can just you just need something to like be more functional not a bad place to find something struggling to find lighting lighting is hard for me like the chandelier the big light um where do you guys like to look for that kind of stuff anything that's accessible to everyone listening yeah yeah it's so it's funny it's like again it's like a collection of different brands that we have fell in love with rain they aren't necessarily available to the public but I wasn't but the ones that are I mean we love like a rejuvenation we love a schoolhouse electric the circle lighting has tons of options so if you had to give maybe four or five design tips for a DIY person like myself who is gonna tackle everything on their own what what types of things should I keep in mind or my wife keep in mind for example when designing a space function function function function first and foremost and then like what's your big picture vision like I think that's where a lot of like DIY people kind of get tripped up is they dive into a project and then they dive into another one but they don't really know like what the big picture is gonna look like and then it's a little random I'm guilty of that ya know so I mean so are we like it happens to everyone but I think having a big picture vision like doing some research on Pinterest or Instagram knowing like defining what you really want like from the very beginning like taking a couple weeks just pulling pictures and styles and then defining like okay this is what we both agree on this is what we love like this is what we're gonna do and then this is what this projects gonna be so I think really having that vision first is so important and then and then just doing it and then I would say – I know we talked a little bit about this but like figure out the things the things that you should put the money into like if you have a holistic budget then prioritize your budget you know like look at it holistically look at everything you're trying to accomplish and then decide what it is we should spend the money on and what are the things that could wait you know what are the things that like in order for us to get this thing that we should spend the money on I eat the right flooring or the right cabinet design in your kitchen the right appliances you know the things that you should spend the money on and then just have your your next thing that can come when you have the money to get it and just try to be patient because that's gonna give you a long-term really the home that you want I would just be crazy if I didn't ask you do you guys have a favorite color white paint that you use do you have a go-to because there's a lot there are a lot of different whites alright and it's hard to find the right white I don't think you can have one because I think white looks different in every different home to play how the light hits and you know the natural light versus so I don't I personally don't think you can have one but we have like a handful that we like did have one it would be simply white if I did have want to be Chantilly lace okay but those that we have like we have like our set five that we'll start with you know and then it's so crucial to put the paint up on your walls to so many people want to just go and we're like no you need to put a big swatch yeah and a couple of different colors among multiple walls and look at it at different times a day and then make the decision so it's gonna take you a little bit more time but that's where the patients come it comes in but you gotta just look at them and then decide because it's gonna look different even if you tape up a big swatch not gonna work you got to paint it on the wall and look is that one of your biggest questions on Instagram the paint source I wish we had a list that was just easily accessible you just throw out these paints back right yeah and it's it's sometimes I mean personally I'm hesitant to answer because that paint color could look so different maybe that person's right and I don't want to steer them in the wrong direction so that's where you go on Pinterest and you look at some of our favorite white colors but yeah that's a good tip I didn't even know you guys had a Pinterest oh yeah oh yeah one thing I want to touch on is you know we're in this age of social media and stuff now and you guys have started this business three years ago is that what you said how has social media and Instagram stuff how has it affected your business and how has it allowed you to kind of grow your business yeah I mean I would say that social media has been huge I mean it's been our number one marketing tool because I mean everybody is so visual these days and so Instagram I mean designing a space is a hundred percent visual and in order to help put out there what we're about I mean obviously the portfolio is the most important thing well Instagram initially became our portfolio you know we just started working then we started putting our work out there and that's been how people see us see what we're all about get our general sense get our general vibe so it's been it's been a game changer for us yeah it's also been like the number one thing that allowed us to start from where we're at which was in two different countries clear across the world with no no portfolio or clients so we started with talking to each other and starting an Instagram and just curating and highlighting other designers work and like showing like this is what we love this is what we stand for it's not ours but it's beautiful and then we got our first kind of big client that was a friend a friend of ours and we just started highlighting every single bit of her job and showing people this is what we're doing and this is how we're doing it and starting just telling our story and that it's just been such a cool thing to be able to like build upon and share and grow number one biggest tool by far yeah well I love how like cohesive your whole thing looks you know it's it all has a very matching vibe my stuff is like all over the place because I'm like whatever I'm working on that's what you're gonna get but it just has a really nice like pleasing visual and I feel like you know what you're going to get from you to like and I mean that in a positive way um you have a very distinct style and that's why that was important to us you know we talked a lot about the brand that we want to create like we didn't if I just wanted to be an interior designer if Ally just wanted to be an interior designer we would have went out and been like okay Lee link and the interior designer but we didn't that's not what we wanted like we wanted to we want and what we're working towards what we're continuing to create is a brand a brand that represents our style and and all the things that we've talked about today which is why we have been very thoughtful about our Instagram account and what we put out there and what we actually do in our work because that's that's what we want to represent you know that's what we want to create as ever disagree over a house but design we're like where that's who we have fought over design we have yeah we have well we fight over a lot of your best friends you've known each other a long time you work together I want to know like what more about this living across the world thing and deciding to launch a business like what long story so I a previous business I was a wedding designer I had a floral business and I hit a wall I couldn't I couldn't do one more wedding I couldn't meet one more bride I was I was done and so I sold that business simultaneously my husband was going after a different job that was going to take us somewhere internationally we didn't know where I thought I was going to South America which sounded really fun Buenos Aires like I'm all-in we got our assignment and it was Saudi Arabia and we were shocked and kind of terrified and I mean all the emotions that would come with that and we were just a little bit too far in we're like we have to go like this is we're going we're gonna do this and I needed I needed a clean break of being and not being creative anymore like I just needed to like clear the mind like hear my own thoughts again slow down I had just had my second child so as she was like 6 weeks old when I went over there and then I had a three-year-old as well so I just needed to just like be calm quiet clear across world so it was it was awesome for me because I journaled a ton I read a ton it was also really challenging I mean it's not an easy country to just live in it was it was really different but um but I wouldn't trade it for the world and while I was over there I got my creative energy back like it just it's it it came back alive like I wanted to do these things like I was already doing interior design before I left like sort of just naturally like as people just were coming to me and not because I was advertising it was just like hey I need your help I heard you you're really good at this and I'm like I don't know what I'm doing yet but yes I'll help you so it was already in my mind and I already kind of knew it was there but I developed it and then I knew like Lee was super heavy into her job as well like really successful but we were you can tell your side of the story so my side is not as interesting as not though so no but I mean I well this was happening one I wanted to get my best friend back to this you know and and we had been we had talked since we met in college about different visions and dreams of what our company could be I even tried to bring her on as a wedding florist but you know the thing that we had always been so passionate and always talked about was was homes and and and really residential homes and and just designing and redesigning all the spaces that we lived in and I was I worked in corporate America for the first like 15 years of my career just climbing the ladder and I'm very grateful for all that experience and I was in marketing and did a lot of a lot of things and it was just the right time for us and so I kind of took a leap of faith and said yeah let's do this so I was doing both for a bit which was hard because I had just had my first but it was so worth it and so that's how he came to be and we finally we got her back over here back and she's been back for a while but you know yeah that's awesome kids are still in Saudi Arabia saying where did she go I talked to him every once in a while that's a really unique story it's really cool I mean I got my design game it's really what it comes down we actually have some questions for them too oh we do yeah we do oh great um we got a lot of social media questions for you guys I picked three that I thought would be interesting um so one of the huge trends right now are these different metals for for hardware and a lot of gold and bronze out there and somebody wanted to know about mixing metals what are your thoughts on that I get very in my head like does a stainless steel sink look okay with a bronze pole and where do you stand on on mixing metals in this new trend it is okay to mix metals I think the most important thing though is you need be very thoughtful about your metal choices and how you're mixing them and you not cannot I mean it I like to only mix two I think you you do a third if it's very thoughtful and considered but I think the right balance is to metals and then you have to be very thoughtful about how you're mixing those metals for example if you're doing a bathroom and let's say you want to do a brass on the hardware and the pulse so you do brass there but then you know your fixtures you want to do something different so let's say you're doing a polished nickel on your fixture a you know a polished brass or brass on your hardware and then you got to think about your mirror trim and your lighting trim and making sure the balance is right so you don't have all brass and one little polished nickel you have to make sure that there's a balance and that that balance is not only balanced from how much stuff you have but where it actually fits in that bathroom space I want to throw a hypothetical question to you guys and see how you would handle it so you guys have worked with my wife and you've settled on a design and a budget and all that stuff and then I go out and I buy a 72 inch flat-screen TV in a new surround sound system and stuff and I say here it is make it work how would you deal with that would you make my wife and I sort it out or would you say oh well I guess we have to incorporate it in the space yeah I think I think part of our job is to be like a little bit of a marriage therapist so we have to be like good communicators so we do we do try to problem-solve between husband and wives like when it comes down to budget if someone's going out and like doing random stuff that's sabotaging our budget we don't have a ton of control so it just I don't know it comes down to I think problem-solving problem-solving helping them like helping giving help give them the tools to work through it on their own I mean at the end of the day we're not gonna solve the problem for them but we'll come up with creative solutions that can make it work but like I said we don't have we don't we truly and we shouldn't have control over that situation you guys have to work out yeah I have I have a much smaller TV and my wife has not let me update it for a long time so it's totally fine there's a total hypothetical the only other question we got was what your thoughts were on having a different colored island than cabinetry and how you about that and if you feel like it's timeless or a trend I mean I think I love it I think as far as timeless or a trend it completely depends on the color and what you do but I love it I think it's it's a great kind of design thing that you can do to give your space a little bit of uniqueness but as far as the trend part it's to what we've been talking about something neutral like something that's not and if you do decide because don't get us wrong well we'll do it cool like like we were talking about like dark color on the island but make sure the materials on top and stuff are timeless right yeah I think it just all comes down to the combination so like if it's like a really beautiful like wood island with a marble countertop and then we do white you know surrounds and maybe a black countertop it's just all in the in the elements that you pick and pull together is how I I don't think it's trendy I think it's it's pretty if you apply it right well ladies thank you so much for being here with us today you know you made my day and I'm just so excited to have met you and to pick your brain a little bit about your awesome company and your really cool story and where can people find your shop where can they find you on Instagram give us a little bit of those details yeah you can find our shop on pure salt interiors calm okay so it gives all information about us and our service side of things but then also if you go to the shop section you can see all of our custom pillows artwork all that fun stuff and then your Instagram is a pure salt interiors and from the site will everyone be able to branch out to see kind of where you are on Facebook Pinterest are there that links there yes perfect cure salt interiors calm yep and we also want to thank our founding sponsor of the show filter by for being involved in making this show possible and encourage you guys to follow us on social media at how to home underscore guide on Instagram and make sure you sign up for our email list so you never miss an episode or anything we have upcoming I actually learned a ton I will say that I'm outnumbered but I feel like I am much more knowledgeable about design having walked away from this and we'll see you guys next time the how to home podcast is brought to you by filter by comm your one-stop direct-to-consumer replacement air filter brand and is produced in collaboration by amassed Media Group LLC and intelligent arts and artists the show is executive produced by Jorge Ruiz and Aaron Massey

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