Infection Control in Home Healthcare Training Video | DuPont Sustainable Solutions

there's a battle going on in every home we visit it's a fight against infection the enemy of life and health everywhere today the enemy is mounting new offences due to viruses like HIV due to tuberculosis in multi drug-resistant forms and due to antibiotic resistant organisms in addition hospital patients are going home sooner and sicker than ever before sometimes with infections not yet discovered and to homes where care may be unskilled and conditions may be unsanitary most of our patients are at risk for infection we must protect them ourselves and our community against its spread by following basic infection control practices in every home we can win the battle against this growing enemy first know the enemy infection occurs when an infectious agent is transmitted to a susceptible host infectious agents come from human sources including patients healthcare personnel household members and visitors infectious agents such as viruses bacteria and fungi can be found in blood in other body fluids in feces and on body surfaces especially the hands infectious agents also thrive in the environment on objects and in areas prone to contamination susceptible hosts are persons in a condition that increases their risk of contracting and infection such as the elderly newborns people with weak immune systems with multiple health problems with chronic disease and those with incisions catheters breathing tubes IVs or other invasive devices you you

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