breathing near the light that surrounds me if we hold ourselves together we'll go for hey guys YouTube essentials here so for this DIY I'll be starting off with this plate and I'm gonna put it in the middle of a foam board I'll keep that aside and then take paper plates and cut all of them into – I got this paper plates from Party City now this is how the cutouts are going to be arranged on the phone board I'm gonna do that before I glue them down this turned out to be a square bigger than the actual plate so all around this pattern I'm just gonna be making squares that can be bigger than the subsequent squares now if you're new to my channel I am so excited to have you here now don't forget to click on the subscribe button and that notification Bell se dome is out on any of my latest videos [Applause] now I'm going to be using smaller cutouts on all of the open plates and then I'll use some to decorate the outer part this gold trim plate comes in a pack and I'll be using some of them and cutting out the outer trim to use it to add to the design here I'm just showing you guys the pattern that I'll be using with this plates that I just cut out but it is advisable that before you do this you cut out the foam board after you have glue the first set of plates when I was then I added a mirror in the middle and put a hook at the bat and mounted it on the wall because I love the way the pattern was so interesting I decided to use it on a box and make a small table with it so this is an empty box from all my moving around this is one of the empty boxes so I'm gonna use this to make a table and I'll put it together with a wall mirror to make it look like a set I'll use this pack as my guide to draw a circle in the middle once in a while I may put something decorative on top of this so it's not strong so I'm gonna have boxes pieces of other boxes that I have and I'm gonna make cutouts out of them and then roll it up and glue them inside this is what I have and it's really really strong so I'm gonna repeat the same thing for the remaining three cutouts I kept those aside and then now I'm gonna be painting the whole box white [Applause] I'm done with the first coat of paint now I'm going to be applying the second coat of paint when it was dry I took the ports that I rolled and glued them inside now I have supports inside the box the next thing I'll do is the cover of the rough edges with white duct tape guys please don't pay any attention to whatever you see around the box that's just me just trying out all kinds of things that did not work out so let's just go on with the video without whatever it is that's going on around the box because I had painted the whole box white the round circle I drew earlier is still there but very faint so I'm gonna trace it out okay so I tried out a pattern that did not work so that's why you see the top looking so messy so excuse the mess now I'm gonna go ahead and cut all the plates into two like I did for the World Court and I'm gonna be decorating the front of my cute small cupboard the ports that are open gonna be covered up with little pieces for it to look similar to the wall to corral bees in the same plate in the middle and I cut it into two I have rough edges here so I'm gonna cover that up with little pieces of the golden plate to open my little cupboard I'll be using tassels and I got just a quarter inch from Hobby Lobby and I'll be using acrylic gems to hold a tassel for the bass I'll be using these legs and the link for these legs will be in the description box below I spray painted them gold and attach them to the bottom I made cuts on the ruled cardboard that's inside because I want to put a partition inside my cute little cupboard so I painted it white and then used a float board that I cut it to size and put it inside this is a toy block and it's gonna be glued up here where I'm gonna be attaching the velcro to make it easy for me to open and close the little cute covered with ease what I made is the same size for the white little cover that I got from a store I'll be putting napkins and edible treats inside this cute little cupboard that I just made another fun way to use this cute cupboard is to have baskets inside to make the storage easier and more organized I really love this items and I'm super happy to share it with you guys so please don't forget to like this video and share this idea with your friends and families thank you so much for watching now I have other DIY videos linked in the description box below to check them out and don't forget to click on the subscribe button

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