[Applause] yeah hey girls dan Spidey daddy daddy gets to come this week hey babe dance party daddy okay we just came in and they just started taking their shoes off we are go in there with them go get a Copeland's let's do it see you later did you see your friend show it maybe the girls go into their dance plans you know I wish you guys were all in the same class filmy you were just a little bit older there's scarlet on a Nelson drivers [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] what did you just do dance party was it so fun nd what did you just do do dance and see what did you just do did so good I'm so proud of you okay I love our home from dance class and we are reading books learning about letters what's that ukelele the girls just have lunch we were just playing for a little while before naptime then tonight you want to take a nap as E yeah mommy does too tonight I think we might decorate our Christmas tree is it bad that I just want to leave them in these little leotards all day what do you think belly what do you think about these crazy girls what's going on so much healing powers I'm gonna like set it on the doorstep not and like yeah we love you guys but don't don't touch us don't breathe oh yeah mama begging help mama cook tell everybody what you love to do can you unwrap that for mommy she likes to unwrap the little present I love it what are you doing oh my gosh you have a secret hiding place in there is that where they go into the little hole look at that oh my gosh so cool you did it why you're so funny three Greenup good job says okay it's Christmas time oh hey guys getting all the Christmas decorations out you guys ready for this I just finished cooking in the kitchen and I made two batches of my homemade chicken noodle soup for the river valleys it's got a secret healing powers in it and it's going to make them feel better I've got ours at home cooking right now on the stove Madison and Oakland are sitting there with the girls well we've run this to the revell ease and the Binghams but tyson wanted to make sure to take extra precaution and care that their soup made it safe and sound to them you can't ask for anything better than a five-point harness for chicken noodle soup soups not going anywhere good thing dance classes in the middle of our houses hope you guys are feeling better like I said it works miracles right babe okay where we are now here we go second delivery which she started delivery service good we could just cook food in – I'm sorry you guys know this I'm sure you do they just move it into their house and groceries enjoy your dinner you finally getting to enjoy some of your own cooking is it good looks good look at that girls are you loving the chicken noodle soup okay let me help you with your chair scarlis sitting on your chair this one's a nice place right here hey can you scoot over there cutting up the bread for each other put in their soup noodles they're young oh look at it oh my gosh Christmas tree look at that look at that Amy's like I'll take these directions I got one piece out of the time all right we've never had a Christmas tree that came with instructions before we've always had a real one this is our first year with a big Christmas tree and now they're trying to go put it together okay girls you ready you can help me in Oakland with it yeah is much bigger [Applause] okay let's get the other tree all right off why don't you guys do that one I'm a little nervous that still has two more pieces a lot of girls always gonna be told like mini park Griswold file Oh what would it be Oh what do we need to do with this okay we might have to bend to that top Ridge top wooden I hear you oh you're gonna put it right on top of that one how about we spread them out and put this one here grab this one oh good job and she's got it oh oh yeah they're just going for it here let me help out they're just going for it let me take oh yeah we need we definitely need some guidance there mom Thanks hey Scarlett's got a necklace Eva's got a necklace okay as he's got a necklace Oh oh wow look what I found oh okay sissy's pushing me off the ledge [Applause] you wanted you to start one bunny let me hold one okay put that one right here hang on that what did you find did you find one that let me mommy fix it Oh hold it oh you hold this start okay put on this one right here you were too high I like this one too thank you as he dropped an ornament on her toe are you gonna show him right there oh if he wants to kiss it she says and who ever since that thang there's so much the box does not tell her your name or address or anything I don't know how to send you a thank-you card so thank you for that well we were enjoying a very nice crisp family Christmas tree decorating evening and the girls loved it so much it was adorable I didn't even catch half of the adorableness that was happening with this tree and because it was just like we were just trying to contain all the girls like okay here your turn your turn your turn they had so much fun doing it all of a sudden Indy sits down on the floor to pick up an ornament looks at the bottom of her foot and there are sparkles all over the bottom of her foot she freaked out strips down to her diaper take a bath it was freaking out so then everyone started panicking and now they're all up in the bathtub so didn't last long maybe about 15 minutes and now it looks like that's mom's job to decorate the rest of the tree all right so mama bear is putting the last piece on this tree they were so grumpy and I was making dad grumpy it was what does this call the tree skirt that's okay as long as the front looks good right yeah okay tree number one is finished all right guys oh how does a buck mom did such a good job Oh even better oh my gosh it's gorgeous babe isn't that so pretty you guys you touch actually did a great job I hardly did anything on this tree so oh alright please perfect catch mom you did so good alright guys I have been like a little Christmas elf decorating the entire house looks amazing it looks so cozy in here should we show you guys what we've done so far we're not all the way done yet oh we're not even close but let's just show you what I've done so far tonight and we're gonna call it a night after this okay here's the living room I feel like it looks so cozy so this is why it looks most cozy right here buddy do you like Christmas being set up he's like I don't care okay so we've got our Christmas pillows Christmas blankets Christmas mean keys we've got Santa which the girls have been loving dressing him up and singing happy birthday to him randomly we've got the fireplace games my favorite all-time favorite Christmas photo from last year that Lonnie tied um I put this little guy here with the sleigh because I wanted to leave some things down for the girls to like enjoy and play with during the holidays that was like one of my favorite things as a kid was like getting out all of the Christmas decorations and just like it was just like basically like new toys you know like they were my favorite so I kind of want the girls to have that same memory of just you know this is their Christmas I want them to be able to enjoy it and to love the holiday and not be like oh my gosh you can't touch that you can't touch that so that's why I've pretty much just said this year this is theirs this is their stuff and they get to play with it as they please here's our Christmas tree this is the tree we bought all these from last year it rod works but look at the little little addition this year do you guys remember these stocky you guys seen these stockings before somewhere I'm not sure if you remember my girls wear stockings when I was in the hospital my dad brought me these stockings when I was having a really hard day in the hospital he brought me those stockings and we took this photo right here with the stockings and I will just always remember them I love them so much so here is the whole Christmas tree you've got our Santa here let's see if any of you guys names are on the the good list here let's see can you find your name on there oh I see Madison hey Tyson a lot of people call you Tyler does that count alright if your name was on this list you're on the good list you have to give this video a thumbs up and comment below okay I've done a little bit more to this table here this nativity here was my aunt's nativity who has now passed away and I kind of took it for my mom's house many years ago and it's just kind of become mine this was a nativity Tyson bought me one year that I loved so much um all of the it it basically the writing on all of it is silent night so I love that and I have matching angels for them too I just need to find him this was a nativity in my house when I was little growing up and I remember one year actually it was like five years that my mom would put baby Jesus like this and she thought that like one of us had like broken it and baby Jesus had fallen out one year and she was like so sad and it was like three or four years that she had put it like this and just didn't even notice and she was so sad that one of us had broken baby Jesus out and I remember specifically going up as a little girl and flipping it over me like mom he's still in there he's underneath there and she was so happy she cried it's like one of my childhood memories so there's all that and then the front table I think is so yeah I just love vintage so much sorry there's like a little glare right here from one of the lights but um but yeah I just love vintage so much it's like my favorite if you can't really see that little vintage cans I made this one here and I wanted the girls to be able to play with it I made that before we thank you I made that before we ever had kids and I remember thinking one day I'll have kids and they'll be able to play with this little calendar so this is a little magnet and you put it on the days I'm sure it will never stay on the day be surprised if it's still there so this little truck is a new addition that I just bought this year to my vintage collection and I love this this is from last year if you guys remember it's like very vintagey know on this side it's like yeah it's like a little Norman Rockwell painting so my vintage clock which I love my light alright guys I hope you enjoyed today's vlog and I hope that you guys are going to have a very merry holiday season and I'm so excited to take you guys along with us through all of the memories with the girls this holiday season and vlog every minute of it in our new house I'm just gonna be fun yeah I'm just so excited and I feel so blessed that we are able to just start creating these memories with our girls we've waited so long to be able to do this and it's here and this year is so magical already and so I cannot wait to just watch this next month unfold it's gonna be awesome all right Merry Christmas all welcome to December December first see you guys tomorrow

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