Improper Use of Decorative Contact Lenses May Haunt You (Consumer Update)

>>This Consumer Update is
brought to you by The U.S. Food and Drug
Administration. Used often as eye
color-changing devices and Halloween costume
accessories, decorative contact lenses
have gained in popularity over the years. And, with that increase
comes heightened FDA concern that consumers
will harm their eyes by using decorative contact
lenses improperly.>>The problem is
not the decorative, contact lenses,
themselves. It’s the people use
them improperly. Decorative non-corrective
lenses are medical device regulated by FDA and
require a prescription for safe use. In order to minimize the
risk of serious injury, they should be worn
with a prescription, with the involvement
of a qualified eye care professional and with
appropriate follow up care.>>Improperly fitted
contact lenses may cause corneal ulcers
and abrasions, impaired vision
and even blindness. If you are interested in
using decorative contact lenses, the FDA recommends
that you first get an eye exam from a licensed
eye care professional, even if you feel your
vision is perfect. You should also obtain a
valid prescription that includes brand and
lens dimensions. If you do not purchase
your lenses from an eye care professional, be
sure the vendor you use requires that you
provide a prescription. Finally, don’t forget
to follow directions for cleaning, disinfecting,
and wearing your lenses; and to visit your eye care
professional for follow-up exams. For more information on
this and other health topics, go to

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