Illusion Candy Cake Decoration | Gems Falling Illusion Cake | Cake Decoration Ideas

Hello friends, wishing u all a very happy new year.. I am priti and welcome to my channel Krazzy4diy.. My last video was a Basic chocolate cake recipe.. click on the card above to watch that and link is also given in the description box below.. so there I promised to upload my next video on a very beautiful cake decoration.. and here I am back with this video on illusion candy cake decoration.. So quickly, lets begin.. So first we need a chocolate sponge.. i have already made this sponge, recipe of which is given in the description below.. now we need to cut the cake in two layers.. like so Now we shall make the chocolate truffle sauce.. for which I have taken dark chocolate compound.. and we will melt it by heating in the oven for 30 seconds.. now we need to add little milk, fresh cream, butter.. and combine them all.. and our chocolate truffle sauce is ready.. Now I have taken some crushed butter scotch for the crunch.. and the first layer of the cake.. We shall layer it up with the truffle sauce and butter scotch.. like so.. now we need to put little truffle sauce on the top layer so they stick properly.. like so Now with the truffle sauce, first we shall cover the sides so that the joint of layers aren’t visible.. like so and also cover the top with the sauce.. and when our cake is well coated, we shall clean the sides of the base.. and this is how it looks.. now is the time to give our cake the illusion effect.. For that we will take a straw. .and insert it into the cake like this.. yes that is the we shall coat the straw with the truffle sauce after its consistency thickens.. like so..and I shall insert the straw in the candy wrapper.. this way and fully coat the straw with truffle sauce.. now we take the candies, and start sticking it on the straw and the cake to give the effect that theey are falling from within the wrapper.. like so and its ready.. further I m using some sprinkles for the leftover area.. and that’s it..since I have used gems, I wrote you are a gem.. and our illusion cake is ready.. So friends, isn’t this beautiful.. Anti-gravity cakes are this year’s must-have trend for birthdays or parties this stunning cake will delight kids and grown-ups and will keep them wondering how it is made.. So don’t waste time and try it out.. I will be waiting for your feedbacks.. signing off now.. bye and do it yourself..

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