IED Barcelona | Institucional Área Design 2012

IED Barcelona | Institucional Área Design 2012

The Design school is the physical (tangible)
together with the users We educate our students
with the obvious skills and tools; the knowledge of how to properly look at these users, these objects and the context; the knowledge of how to communicate what they investigate as well as what the propose and materializing emotions
which means that when the users have an object
they will also feel emotions, when they are in a space
they will also feel emotions; and of course through technical knowledge
in terms of digital 3D modeling, hand-work and physical objects and scale models. At IED Barcelona’s Design Area
you can study in either two main branches: Interior Design, that has only one special field
which is Interior Design, even though
they collaborate much in a multidisciplinary way
with Transportation Design, for example
interior spaces for boats, trains, etc.
and also collaborates a lot with the Visual Communication area in projects about exhibition spaces
and temporary spaces where Graphic Design is very much involved The other branch is Product Design which has three divisions: one is Product Design, taught in spanish
and in english, too.
Another one is Transportation Design, which is related to motorized vehicles
not only automobiles but also ships,
boats, motorbikes, etc. and Design for Mobility, which is taught in english
and involves projects between
the worlds of Product Design and Transportation Design
For example a solar powered bus stop,
is Design for Mobility.
It is not only designing products but also services. The design of a public bicycle service for a city is Design for Mobility which collaborates
with Transportation Design, Product Design
and with Interior Design I think mobility will be the greatest shift
of the 21st century In the Transportation Design area
we have very important collaborations with automotive companies like
BMW where Transportation Design and
Fashion Design worked together We work specially with the intention
of having interesting projects coming out of our school;
not pointless projects, projects that can offer something
to our society and the design world. The relationship between real companies and IED Barcelona’s Design School,
specially in the middle of the courses, is of greatest importance.
Ferrari, BMW, Illy, because the designer
has to learn to work for big enterprises
as well as working for Small Businesses
and medium companies The Interior designer will need a more
complete education to face the new challenges
that the market has to offer. from designing exhibitions, setting displays; direct spacial communication, designing window shows,
visual merchandising, etc. and we have
even added to our offer a special field
of Interior Design for transportation. In that sense, IED Barcelona is very intelligent because we try to find out the existing needs
in the actual market in order to provide them
to our students with anticipation My name is Sebastian Alberdi
and I studied Product Design at IED Barcelona I graduated with the very first class in 2005 I have a design studio based between
Barcelona and Singapore we basically design products, furniture,
we do lighting and in some cases
we also do interior design projects.
I think that my experience at IED Barcelona was very interesting for many reasons first, because thanks to some projects I did during my years in school I had the
opportunity to have contact with the real market
and I think, in terms of the methodology,
I got the foundations and that’s how I started to
understand how a designer really works and how the design process goes. The conceptual bases
that the projects at IED have,
which is something that the school
encourages very much, I think is
essential for any designer. We make a particular emphasis
in ergonomics, in sustainability, the technology area, in lighting sets What we do is develop projects that can point out the direction the student wants to pursue
They can choose between different workshops and they also have to do an internship
during more or less six months
in order to understand the reality
of a designer’s life. We are multidisciplinary and multicultural and, above all, we have that spark
that idea you have never seen but
is coherent and and has common sense.
That “click” which is so hard to find that is what we achieve at IED Barcelona.

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  • Houssam Khellou

    September 22, 2012

    Hola, yo tengo todavia 14 años y me gustan los coches por eso quiero estudiar design pero no se como hacerlo me podriais ayudar porfavor 😀


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