IDS18 Sarah Richardson + Monogram Canada: Couture Pizzeria

Hey everybody I’m Sarah Richardson and I am here in my pizza kitchen at the Interior Design Show for Monogram. Why a pizza kitchen? Well because Monogram has just introduced a really exciting new product It is the very first ventless residential pizza oven it heats up to 800 degrees in just thirty minutes and it will cook your pizza Neapolitan restaurant style. What does that mean? Gorgeous, crispy, delicious crust. Are you feeling hungry? So, I decided to make this pizza oven the anchor of the design for this entire kitchen concept. We have an arcing counter here so everybody can pull up a stool and we have spiral nest pendants with bright red cords to accent the spiral red stools which have red bases and white tops. Sleek caesar stone quartz counters and a beautiful rich black veining offset all of the red and white details used throughout. To clad the pizza oven column here we have a hexagonal green glass tile, and this really was the inspiration for the whole design concept here. We’ve colour matched the green of the wall tile and applied it to all of this glossy cabinetry then moving along we have an induction cook top here. What’s fabulous about the induction cooktop is you can either install it flush mount we’ve done here so its just a continuous countertop surface or you can do a standard install where it mounts on top. The key here is ensuring that all of these appliances exude a modern vibe. Moving along we have the “Advanitum Speed Cook Oven”, until you have tried it, until you have seen what comes out of this oven you will not believe it. And lastly one of my favourite centres in this kitchen is the refrigeration area because I like to think about kitchens and how they work for entertaining. So while gourmet pizza is being made at one end, everything you need for entertaining whether it’s in the beverage centres that are on the front of this little peninsula here, or all of the gourmet treats that are inside this glass front refrigerator. This has a smoked glass door you can either have it in display mode, so you can see all your gourmet contents through the door, or you can turn the lights off and then you just have a beautiful crisp piece of smoked glass be it refrigeration or freezer you can pick and what happens here is when I open up and I smell all these delicious ingredients I’ve just actually gone to Italy for pizza

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