Louise you know you you broken yes you did rapey five we were about to do the intro in like a neighbor was walking her dog so let's uh do the intro right now hello guys and welcome to a brand new right now a lot is going on we have to catch you guys up on a lot so I am about to leave with all the kids in my mom to my mom's house unfortunately the house are likes to do is not done by the way we didn't even like mention anything about to you guys by the way sorry if your looking like a graduate but it's been like a struggle since the last vlog you saw a friend she wasn't able then she came over here exactly hoping that'll be done it's not done not quite but it's almost done we didn't tell you guys but you guys know that we have two houses so our main house is this one right here and we got our studio our office done first so that we can live there while this house gets done because we thought it was pointless for this house to get done first originally we had planned to like redo that house because that's like the smaller home and those faster easier work to do and that way we could wait for this house to be done which was gonna be the longer process so that's our like mentality behind that we are going to be living there I thought it was gonna be done we all thought it was going to be done but the projects got held back by a couple of days so that's why I'm headed back to my mom's house but don't worry because Luis is staying here he's gonna be grabbing all the footage he's actually gonna start working on the main house he knows how to do a bunch of things I actually been looking at the people working over there and I've actually caught on to a lot of things they did over there and I'm just like looking and observing a lot of these things they can get done by me we can save a lot of money we'll come out here and guys I'm gonna tell you let me just say we've had three different people come out here and give us quotes on how much it's gonna cost to contract the entire house are you ready to hear this number you're gonna be number oh my phone number well doesn't matter yeah we're not gonna go with them so the price it costs to redo this entire house and redo means like remodels I like redo like we have to break down walls no no it just means like floors and paint and like we're remodeling the kitchen and like the playroom but just like things like that $300,000 to redo isn't that in I can buy myself a whole new house with that type of money yeah that's ridiculous and we had three different people tell us that price he didn't actually get started on this house lights and ripping out carpet doing the things he knows we're gonna go ahead and get that started I'm about to leave to my mom's house but before I do we wanted to give you guys an update of everything that's going on because we don't want to leave you guys excluded okay so we're gonna show you guys an update and we're also gonna show you guys because I know you've been asking me to show you like the things that I'm buying for the house we have so many packages here we're gonna give you an overview and it's gonna be pretty long so get ready to see everything so let's start off with this table right here I know it might look by the way we're in the garage I know it might look just like a normal coffee table but I'm telling you guys I am crazy like I had to give myself one splurge item I got an AW marble coffee table which is so freaking heavy you can lift it up it's very heavy it's like twin oppositing do you know how much that coffee table cost oh wait what you broken I just looked it up though why would why though I didn't even put it down I had lift it up Oh Mike why sure I swear they had to be broken before there's no way what did I do to it hey did the guy screw it on when they eyes they're supposed to be glue under there if it fell that easily then maybe it came back they came back bad either really didn't put it down I had it up Louis the thing broke cause he just just look back to the video I swear I saw look at it this had to be bad already cuz I think I think it was bad cuz always lifted it up and it the glue the glue felt down you all know one day no no lift it it's a hundred percent marble is heavy no I'm gonna call Antonio he doesn't know you know sitting here already I just lifting it up do you know how much it was okay guys you can guess it was $1,000 I swear coffee table $1,000 I'm being serious no the thing is the glue in the bottom wasn't even good he lifted it up right when I want to hype up my coffee table that was so proud of you break it I don't think I'm gonna be honest I think it just really want you to call cuz it's all off right here two years I mean put it down look check the video go back to video that's so sad you just I think to be honest I'm just gonna return it and I invite I knew that vibe again wait what are you talking about you say you know why can you gun your own head you're like no it was a thousand dollars and you started thinking about it I thought was gonna be bigger but I did like it though bleh if it's gonna break that easily my little turned on she thought oh this is more black I thought this black black this is nice no it's like black and white specks cuz he matches with what even you in that black it's a gray almost oh well there goes my coffee table guys this is the gym floor Wow all rubber so I got some crazy I'm not gonna you guys I got some crazy crazy chairs the theme I'm five I'm going for is like New York office so I don't know if I should show you guys are wait for it but okay you guys can guess by the shape of this what type of chains they are and then I got some more chairs these are crazy – these are like living room chairs and then dining chairs by the way can you tell the brain from what's on your shirt this is uh this is food from bogans mouth so we're gonna go inside and there's somebody working there actually by the way don't mind this this is all getting ripped out it's very gross like this whole house is getting a 360 transformation from the outside to the inside but the thing is rotten signal what are the ground because we don't have okay so listing right here we can't have this you know out here looking all ratchet and stuff so what happened here oh yeah and not safe for the kids yeah so like safety reasons like you have to have a door here you can't block it off so the door is going to be right here so there it is so this room just needs a door and like paint and stuff and it's all done and Friday being part of the breeze coming oh yeah should we tell them or super surprised okay what do you think about this room what do you think this room is going to be but what room is it is it a bathroom is it a closet what is it Wow oh I know what you're gonna do a water fountain you yes all the pipes are there other than idea so now let's go to Louis's gym guys look we got it all painted black except for the room except for the roof that still needs to get painted but it's not gonna be black it's gonna be a different color it's gonna be a surprise but look guys and it's like a mess of course cuz you know it's still getting worked on so we just need the paint on top all of this to be gone and in the rubber floors and this room is done oh no a broken wall like the horn boy you think your bujji your burner so last time this bathroom wasn't done but we got all the floors this bathroom is done and then toilets going in this is our studio if you guys forgot we're gonna take this out and put a new lighting actually we're not gonna have that way we're gonna have this is called recess lighting right that yeah we're gonna have recessed lighting here we're waiting for these things Claud what about the notes there no this stair nose is which is like the curved part with the stairs has to come in the mail so this is the bathroom it's almost done we got the tiles put in new towels and we have black grout with it but this still needs to be done they ran out and then you can see our house right over there so that's how the bathroom is looking my and now for the kitchen now this right here is not staying Luis actually just got a temporary one because you know we were like in a rush to move in so this is just temporary it's gonna actually be all white and these are the cabinet I didn't realize how long this is so we're gonna be taking out this one closing it up so the counter is only gonna go from there to there and I wanted to look very officee so that's why you don't see any cabinets up there or they're very simple we got two little mini fridges one for drinks one for snacks and then we're gonna have like our dining table and stuff I got the horses in the back horse talked a little attached that is Matt in black and the boots are black no man boar's can't nobody tell me nothing good morning brand Pam and welcome to a brand new law guys look at this look at this boom come on number bun man's been Annie has no more blunder Zimmern believe that his hair blood and it was all trash yeah log for like a year dong like just like chilling there because I've been lazy doing with it but I finally just got a cut got a snip got a trim down looking flies up we're about to do a lot of work today like literally a lot of work so first thing I'm gonna do I'm gonna look up tools to like do certain things like rip sup up alright I have some little people and get those tools come back do a little work show you guys the part of the remodel and hopefully my brother so Gordo came to help me out but best believe you are going to be doing such shenanigans when we get a break not be done but her toys are here and you know that breaks my heart because I don't know if you guys seen this no you guys didn't see this but I got her this had both of her it was kind of expensive but that's not the point at that point is that yeah but you're ugly bunnelby I rent him so I showered up I look a lot better and it is the time where the studio comes together and Penelope's ballet room and my gym come together and you're gonna see why people are here to big show you I'm so excited in order for this to get installed I had to like trim this down and I never did and on the other side too so I have to try to do it myself [Applause] [Applause] Brian Pham look at how crazy that looks bro look at that brands a dream come true ropes look at this yo crazy they look crazy how long are they so each one is 5 6 feet but it's cool because it's just like a crack so they literally mess up anything look and they put it right up to the window so it looks all even and it's perfect yeah guys you did a good job it's perfect you know this is crazy ok there's guys I can like plug in here and you know what your stuffs gonna come and I'm gonna have the rubber floors it looks sick [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] a little bug right here as you can see you're working on the movie through your room if you guys want to see how this room turns out right now go subscribe to any post applications on this is moving back so we're not stopping thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video and so next time Rambam bye

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