HSN | Home Solutions featuring Bissell 05.06.2017 - 04 AM

HSN | Home Solutions featuring Bissell 05.06.2017 – 04 AM

beautiful colorful and durable that's why we give some of them a little more love enhancements may require special care and may not be permanent while others may last a lifetime for more information visit hsn.com and search gemstone guide to see our gemstone enhancement chart I can just tell me that I smell good isn't that lovely I love a good complement first thing in the mornings four again thank you so much for shopping with me this morning I love taking you through a variety of things but one of my favorite things is to talk about health we did have Roger Teeter earlier and this hour is kicking off with an unbelievable item because this is the longest-running item we have ever had here at HSN this is the very best value we have ever had we haven't seen this in about a year I don't know how I got a chance to bring it back but they I'm special I guess this is the way to get cleaner better fresher drinking water this is from clean and pure and one of these countertop filtration systems gives you 25,000 gallons of fresh luscious water but we are giving you two this morning so that means that is 50,000 gallons of water for less than $50 don't worry you don't do the math because we're going to we're going to for a lot of we're going to show you how much that's kind of water that is an average that is going to save you but you are getting a 2-pack of your choice of the black you have your choice of the white or you have the choice of the red so this means that you potentially will never have to ever buy bottled water again and I suggest you don't because the plastic bottles are bad for our earth and you're never going to have to worry that what you have at home whether it's well water whether it is chlorine whether it is contaminated whatever it is the six-part filtration system is going to give you fresh clean beautiful drinking water and we are going to show you that this morning live here I have bill Duggan standing by and he is officially my my best friend because he told me I smelled good but what you know what that is that is not good unless you said it is not good for the environment it's not good for our pocketbook we have to store it we have to uncap it what you're going to replace is the ease of use but also that hassle because what you get with the cleanup here it simply attaches to your faucet you screw it on and it diverts the water what you're going to notice right over here I'm going to turn on my faucet and the thing is look at the things that are stuck in our you know in our water all that gunk and grime and it's all right there I'm going to divert it just like this and boom what you're going to happen ready verts right over to our clean and pure that tower that conveniently sits on your countertop and look at the difference it is the same water source but I'm actually turn this off and what you notice that difference it is more refreshing it is clearer it is easier to drink and guess what it was one purchase that is going to last you 25,000 gallons which is like 25 years right 25 years of not having to go out and worry about another filter worried about getting more bottles of water and replacing them because that really adds up but for 25 years this one purchase is going to be on your kitchen sink or maybe in your bathroom sink and remember we only double up this offer normally for our HSN birthday month we are not even to be able to do with that for this birthday because we are doing it right now so we have doubled it up so now you have 50 years of clean and pure water or better yet maybe ones for you maybe ones for you know someone else did Mother's Day Father's Day someone is getting a new home how nice is that you're giving them a new home and now for 25 years they don't have to worry about clean and refreshing water because you're giving it to them because water is the number one element it is the source of life in terms of staying hydrated drink more water drink more water but if your water is cloudy and fuzzy and has a taste to it you know what we don't like it we put sugars in it we mask it but you know what in everything from our coffee to our cocktails I like to say because you notice in the ice cubes is water whether it is tea whether it is coffee in the morning whether it is soup whether it is a good Cochran whether it is a cocktail at night you want refreshing clean water and the cool part about clean and pure and why is it been around here as long as it has because member it is the number it is the longest-running product here at HSN because it works it simply attaches to the faucet when you turn on that faucet instead of getting that nice clouded water with an odor or something like that you divert the switch and it takes you through to the clean & pure Tower it is a simple solution but more importantly it pays off it is absolutely I mean I am shocked by this because the amount of money you can save just think about that think about having 50 years of fresh drinking water for a one-time purchase for $50 and you get to break that up on flexpay we are even going to ship this to you for free but you can share this you can give this to someone so maybe you just keep one in you gift one this is a 2-pack this is the best value best deal we have ever done on the longest-running product that we have had here at HSN I know that Bob Circosta has been presenting this for literally decades and it just keeps coming back and we bring back we bring this back because you make it a customer pick and you know that it works you can feel it you can smell it you can taste the difference it is water it is supposed to be refreshing it's supposed to be delightful it's supposed to be something that you you crave for and that you want but if you walk into your house and it does not smell right it doesn't taste right doesn't you're not going to drink it you're not going to cook with it you're not going to use it so definitely pick this up and try it because it is 50 years worth of amazing water I mean that it is a no-brainer and the thing is why do we go out and buy these bottles of water because it is refreshing and it is crystal clear why do we go out and get these filters which guess what these filters they don't last 50 years no less 25 years they last a few weeks a few months and then you want to purchase it again is expensive and that's just it and they are not five layers of purification it might just be a charcoal filter inside of there that lasts you a few weeks a few months and then you do have to replace it again how much is one of these bottles cost I mean just say this is $1.00 right this clean and pure because it is a double perfect perfect sample you're getting 50 years worth for $50 it is a dollar a year dollar here you spend a dollar on one bottle and the thing is and sometimes more than one in a day a mess you said Oh perfect example I think we have great footage of this you know an average family of four they go through about we don't have it okay well that is great but the thing is the average family for it goes through cases and cases of water all the time when you have this at home you can refill thermoses you can refill everything giving you that clean and pure foundation all the time and we're going to show you why this works because in this tower it is five layers of purification not one not just a few that is what gives it the longevity more importantly that is what gives you the results at the end of the day because you will taste it and that is what you got to do it is free shipping all right it is absolutely get it home hook it up it simply attaches to your faucet and if you don't taste the difference of water send it back but you're going to taste more light refreshing water for you maybe for the pets actually this is another one I love do you ever get a nice iron or steamer and they're like put in filtered water into that iron seamer like that expensive water right exactly is that water but when you have 25 years where than 25,000 gallons oh wait let's double that 50 years worth five hundred thousand gallons of water I mean really that is where it starts to pay for itself and all you have to do is you simply attach to any faucet and you get the instant results you want I mean that's the thing is you you want to drink water we all want to drink water so if you're not going or if you're doing this and you're spending money and you're wasting money on this this is just it is just money you're throwing away you can invest in something that you should encourage the kids to come home it sits outside of your kitchen counter so it is not an eyesore it is right there it actually would be a little bit of a reminder you're like you know what I haven't had enough water today I'm going to fill up my glass and drink some water fresh clean beautifully filtrated water and it's going to save you because we are giving you two so 25 years worth of water no replacing anything you have to replace a filter you have to buy any parts so easy to install but we are giving you to two of them today for less than $50 so maybe you buy one you keep one for yourself or maybe put one in the rental property or maybe you gift one to mom or maybe you give one to your college student whatever it is it is the gift of that water the life source that we know we want to do but if it does not taste right if it does not smell right then you're kind of just turned off and then you don't want to drink it funny talking even when mom I had one I had an apartment down here it was an apartment building it was older I don't know what the pipes were like or anything like that it was like you know what I hooked this up I was done I didn't have to do the lugging and the shopping and the redoing and then I got one for my mother she is on a well system and you know you don't know what's in the water supply out there but you know really did it for me I was at my mom's let me get you a bottle of water for you know for your ride home did you go inside and get one no she went to the trunk of her car and she pulled out a bottle of water Mike Bob why are you keeping the trunk shake these cases get heavy I cannot bring them into the house all the time so she buys them and keeps them in the trunk so that is not refreshing when it is warm that's just and I want to show you how this works because remember this is five layers of purification you pick the color red black or white but more importantly what you can notice on the inside of these filters is something that you don't get anywhere else this is why it is proprietary to HSN we are so excited it is five layers of purification remember you turn it on and diverts through the bottom goes to your micron layer that gold KDF another micron layer and this is recycled coconut which really just ionizes it giving you a nice refreshing filter at the end in terms of that crisp clean water no little particulates no floaters no chemicals and another micron layer at the top because I want to show you this example this is tap water here from HSN don't want to scare you as news used to be but this is we haven't added anything into this except for that pool testing stuff that helps identify the chlorine and the chemicals that are already in your water but look what I'm going to do right here I'm going take a little bit of our KDF that gold filter right here and remember I'm just taking my normal tap water in this ktf it is going to take the chemicals and the owner out of the water instantly where did that pink go it is gone but that pink that chlorine and those chemicals there in our municipalities they're in the water supply out there but with this clean and pure system it takes them out so it is nice and refreshing and that is the basic of whether you're making coffee of you're making brownies and what is brownies its brownie mix water and if you have dirty water you're not going to get nice clean fresh brownies dirty brownies you don't want sturdy brownie thing is we use water for so many things right and you don't know if you don't know why your water tastes yucky you don't don't even go to find out just get your clean and pure and clean your water this is a huge customer pick is the longest-running item that we have had at HSN there is a reason for that because you keep making it customer pick and we bring it back special I mean this is the first time since last year that we have had this so great opportunity take advantage of getting a 2-pack not just one but two that means it is 50 years 50 years worth of water think about that think of where you will be in 50 years it is 2060 seven I mean I can't even think past next week but I will know that I can rely on my water and you should be drinking water everyday if you're not drinking enough water because it does not taste right it does not smell right you don't know maybe it's coming from the well like bill said then have confidence in your water again and make sure that the kids are drinking the right water maybe you're like my mom and she cares for her mother that you know that you know her mother is drinking water I mean it water is essential it is a life source it's not something you can say well I'm not going to I'm just going to skip that in my diet you need it so if you're doing that this is a great opportunity not only you saving money you're saving time it is so easy to install anyone can do it and it is really a beautiful gift if you're giving somebody an essential maybe a newlywed couple a new mom Mother's Day a new parent you pyrius someone who is having a newborn so the formula is going to have better water the mom is going to have better water and you're not going to replace this until the kid is out of college 25 years old and if you give them both of them you have to replace it till the kids 50 and having their own kids and grandkids that's really what blows people's minds away because we have been so trained where we got to change the filters we got to go out and buy another purchase not with clean and pure and that is why it has been one of the longest-running out there because of those five layers it works and remember water is the foundation of so many different things I got mine I hooked it up in the apartment guess what I moved a few years later I didn't have to go by anyone you unhook it you take it with you you attach it to any faucet and it diverts it why is that diverter important because you know maybe you're washing the dishes you don't want to waste pea refine water for washing the dishes or whatever but maybe you want to feed the pups so you guess what you divert the water to feed their bowl you just flip the switch right here it diverts it down the hose and in through the filter remember that filter five layers of purification I want to show you how instantly you're going to notice it right here you see you have that micron you have that KDF layer which we're going to show you how instantly that works and then another micron layer and then I'm not going to say that other word because it's pretty much it is corn it's coconut husks ground up to really just neutralize all the stuff and trap everything that is in there because remember if it is not trapped in the filter it we are taking it in and I want to show you how instantly this works remember we have not added anything to this water except the pink that actually finds the chemicals that are out there so I'm just going to take a little bit of that KDF layer inside and watch what happens I add this in here and it is going to remove the chemicals it removes the odor and then those other layers in there removes the floaters and everything that we have so when you serve someone coffee when you make a cocktail at night when you the foundation of everything we are talking about it is going to be clean pure and refreshing and not just for a few weeks not just one bottle worth 25,000 gallons it is 25 years 25 years that is great I didn't tell you this earlier but actually one of my friends has this was the first time I had seen it and I think what you said was so important is yes you use water for a lot of things washing dishes washing closed in one you don't want to use your filtered water so if you have a unit that is already built in it is filtering everything is kind of kind of wasting it but if you only use it for when you want to use it for cooking and drinking and having that refresh water that is that diverter system it is where you just turn it on it's a little flip of a switch so and you know exactly where to get your water from you know it your brain gets retrained to say I'm going to take it out of my clean and pure because that is where you are getting that clean and pure water and remember you are getting two of them so you're getting your choice of the black white or red one of these is going to give you 25 years of clean and pure water we are giving you a 2 we have it on flexpay $16.65 there it is it is literally thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars it is going to save you if you are buying any type of filter replacements bottled water canister water big-box store water I mean that is a wasteful let's just talk about this so we have a comparison here this is one month's supply of water that an average family of four goes through it is cases upon cases of buying them purchasing and so this is really what a family of four might go through a normal month this isn't summer time or you know where it's really hot and they're active and everyone is outside do you know how much all that cost to store to buy to buy alone it costs $85 what with the clean and pure it costs a dime to fill up all those bottles 84 dollars down to a dime that is money back in your pocket but wait remember we doubled it so it is actually a nickel a nickel to get all that bang for your buck on a monthly basis and not just for one month but for 25 years down the road 50 years because member we doubled the offer that is a peace of mind and you know what let's be real if clean and pure did not perform like it was supposed to it wouldn't be the longest-running product here would have been you know splash in the pan customers like you out there would not have given it great reviews would not be back but it does do what it's supposed to do most of us here at HSN have it because we want the best water out there because you know what our skin to look good we want to be refreshed and you know what there is nothing better when all of a sudden you notice the kids are drinking more water the kids are actually going to the faucet and filling it up because it is not needing the potions and the powders to make it refreshing because it is refreshing on its own like water is supposed to be on its own I mean and it's so easy to actually connect so you don't need any special tools or anything you just hook it up use the diverter goes to the faucet on its own but it is about getting that peace of mind knowing you're getting clean fresh beautiful wonderful drink water and not all that gunk not only not all of the chlorine or the smells of the yucks you're getting clean and pure drinking water huge customer pick best value we have ever had it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or once in a 50-year opportunity right because you're getting 50 years worth I really think it's the best way you get you keep one and you gift one because 25 years you never have to replace this filter and you were going to save thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars you saw it just in a month it was $85 worth of bottled water don't do it I'm down to a dime because what would you rather serve your company and your guests this cloudy water or something more refreshing if I come over don't you dare film and give me that I want this I'm with the good stuff um yeah no all right bill you're back at uh 11:00 p.m. not with this oh this is it oh so you saw this as one of our 10 favorite items today this is the only airing of the day so don't miss out on taking advantage of getting it on flex pay $16.65 to get home now cleanup here also has some other things that they like to bring you for other area to the house like our water showers our water system for your shower spawn and does come with the filter so we do have the wall mount or the handheld and it's $30 for the wall mount or $40 for the handheld and so you're still gonna get that same great clean and pure filtration system that is covering your body so you know our body is our largest organ and you want to make sure that you're taking out all the yacht and yucks taking out all the gunk making sure that the water that's touching your skin is clean and pure so item number zero zero eight seven three seven four that's also from clean and pure now you know how much I love to clean and this is a huge customer pick something that I love this is the iRobot Roomba the 980 robotic vacuum special price bake we've taken $100 off free shipping and handling oh my gosh it's a hundred and 59.99 to get it home and guess what it's gonna do it's going to clean for you it's going to clean your carpets your tile your hardwood floors your linoleum and it's gonna do the work so you don't have to you just set it and basically forget it it is the best of the best if you want to learn more about it you can go to hsn.com all of our iRobot Roomba –zz are there as well so you can browse and shop there you can always shop on hsn.com but I hope that you stay with me because I have more cleaning to go that I want to show you so please join me on the other side there's no better love than customer love Wow it's comments like these that really make my day from the bottom of my heart thank you it's time to celebrate all things crafts join us for the 24-hour craft event for brand new ideas and demonstrations plus during this event all crafts are on 4 flex pay and there's extra flex on everything all month long with your HSN card it's also national scrapbooking and photo month here at HSN so get up to 25% off all scrapbooking supplies all month long tune in on Tuesday or search crafts at hsn.com dg2 is Comfort stretch style that bootcut classic was the first Jean I designed the super-stretch is a technological revolution I love the Ponte jeans it makes you look so thin that comfort waist is gonna overtake the world of denim once you have that perfect fitting Jean wait and see how life-changing it is who knew a little piece of plastic could be so much fun now when you apply for the HSN card instantly get $10 off it's all about you extra flex on the things you love now when you use your HSN card you get extra flex all day every day on all jewelry beauty and fashion purchases plus VIP financing VIP easy returns exclusive offers all with no annual fee plus get extra flex on everything all Mei long apply now in a world full of trends I remain a classic life is your run with thanks for staying with me and shopping with me this morning I'm your host Valerie stuff welcome into HSN and I love to clean but I like to clean without chemicals or any harsh smells I like to do it with the power of water and I only rely on Polti because they actually invented steam cleaning which is phenomenal they are an Italian design and we have this here it is called the vaporetto go it is a steam clean canister it does a million and one things it is on a special price break it is $20 off this morning and it is on flex pay but it's about cleaning your house with just water the power of steam 280 degrees gives you that hot dry steam 50 PS is what does that mean what I mean is really super-strong it is going to get all the nooks and crannies takes you from your floors to your baseboards we give you every attachment that you need for every room in your house because if believe it or not every room in your house can use the vaporetto go and we're going to show you lots of different ways and uses to use this but you know anything about steam you know that is honestly the best way to clean it is a super powerful way to clean it gets into areas that you cannot get into without kind of these special attachments and brushes you can actually steam clean your carpet you can steam clean your mattresses but we're going to jump right in and show you so many different things you also have great colors on this so we have great colors to choose from but Matt Davis is joining me because I can't do without you know your ever forever going to be my McSteamy first show we did together well I loved it I was told not to shoot this at the camera so that means I instantly know let's shoot it at the eyes we're going to show you this is the Polti vaporetto gun again it starts with the brand Polti we just like we said the number one name of steam they're the ones invented steam cleaning in Italy so many years ago watch this we've got a solid block of ice here we are talking about two hundred and eighty degrees steam with up to 50 psi 50 pounds per square inch so it's gonna passed away just like it's melting its way certify its going to blast away all the dirt all the mess around your home no matter where you have that mess throughout your house in the bathroom in the kitchen tile floors this is fantastic all the different kinds of floors around the house I want to show you what makes Polti so special you know you see the vaporetto it's right here by the way and this is the go so this actually comes with the accessories on the inside all you do is press the button down here and it comes with all the accessories and we're going to go through these a little bit later but you can see it comes with nylon brushes it comes with a brass brush comes with all the different attachments it comes with the floor attachments too because not only can you clean all the surfaces in your home but you can also clean the floor but here's what makes the Polti different this is what normal steam cleaners have this is called a heat transfer system it dribbles some water across here this metal part gets hot and then you know builds up calcium unfortunately that's in the water natural calcium and it actually clogs up their tiny little hole there and that's why most steam cleaners last you know you buy them for forty nine fifty nine dollars and then a year later you throw it away and cuz it's clogged up it doesn't work we'll take a look this is what makes Polti so special is it actually has a solid steel boiler built inside just like a tea kettle so when you put the water inside it pressurizes up to 50 psi up to 280 degrees not 212 not 213 like like a lot of tea and our normal kettles would do that but under pressure you can get up to 280 degrees and that's the kind of steam that really gets the cleaning the cleaning in your hand we are going to start cleaning because there is every area in your house you can use this on from kind of like our Tyler brow equals Racine are kissing absolutely just wrote one of those hugs last anyone stand back we're getting you excited here look at this we're not kidding look at that we got a special grout brush that I just put on there that's a nylon brush so it's not going to scratch anything look at that it's eating through that grease that mess just to be in the kitchen this could be bathroom grout bathroom tile but look at this one wipe and look at the difference look at that look at all the stuff and realize that the tiles were actually not comfortable around I'm telling you that is normal cleaning around have you met our new friend this is our new co-host here on HSN this is Lou barrack puto he has been naughty no I'm just kidding he doesn't he doesn't he's not this guy was you he's not as fresh he's not as fresh sure he doesn't run off quite as fresh so you can actually take the kids paint little blue bear food oh and you can clean it steam clean Lou bear food oh I like that I like that talk about this there's so many ways to use steam around the house this is look at this this is your AC filter like there's a fire on the studio but that's that super hot steam going through there not just cleaning but it's sanitizing and deodorizing and cleaning it with water no chemicals are going into this filter it does it disinfects and it sanitizes with only water because it's a power of the steam the power of the pressure even your jewelry when you take your jewelry your find your watches and things like that in guess what they you see steam cleaning with I've actually seen on the marketplace they have cleaners special cleaners just for jewelry that you seem will guess what you can use your polti look at the difference look at that now I'm going to move that off there just so you can see that gets in all the nooks and the crannies nooks and crannies but again we're not talking about anything just what even with glass and mirror now I want you to see I'm going to do the slow so you can see on the front of this there's a little attachment here this is the mitt the main concentrator nozzle and when you want to put your attachments on and all these attachments are included all you do is you just twist it like that that's it that's how easy it is to get those attachments on there now watch this look at the power that is more pressure than a truck tire and then you're going to just squeegee that clean look at that perfectly clean every single time exactly now we're going to go on we're going to do some more cleaning here just a moment you can clean told me your wife is a lucky Antonis she's a male look at this no watch here's the here's the thing that makes it different if you're watching so far and you're saying well you know a handheld steam cleaner again you can get the cheap ones out there and they last a year or so they're never going to do the job like the Polti but watch this all of this these attachments the floor attachments everything that you need comes with they thought of everything the quality of this I wish we had feel-a-vision but I'm telling you inside this thing go there here I'll hold that my lovely assistant thank you very much thank you here we go is how device to a floor unit right now it's a floor unit along this this tube here when you put steam down this tube they actually put aluminum on the inside of these tubes it's the little details that make Polti so special so if you have hardwood floors if you have tile or linoleum if you have any kind of flooring in your house you can use the Polti you're using that steam look at that it is not making the floors wet I say there is no puddle behind there's no reusable the cloth is reusable over and over again you can machine wash the cloth and all it does is picks up all that dirt and again if you have grandkids or kids on the floor playing on the floor this is actually going to not only clean but sanitize the floor look at that and it does sanitize and it disinfects so this is a great way when you're just cleaning with water I mean if you have a ton of cleaning products and you're using something for the kitchen something for the bathroom is something for the flooring something to clean your jewelry you can throw it all the way could just clean it with water the power of steam from Polti it is that power it is that steam clean and it is no chemicals no harsh smells you're getting the handheld unit plus you can actually take this to make it a floor unit you're seeing it right there is on the refrigerator how many times have you been prepping dinner maybe you're touching raw food and then you grow grab the refrigerator handle or you pick up your child's toys I mean the cross-contamination that happens in the bathroom in the kitchens you need to stay on it by getting them clean but you don't have to use all of those chemicals you just use the power of steam the bathroom is one of those areas when you get all the attachments that this comes with you get all into the areas and the crevices and all the things that you cannot reach with a normal unit with a normal device absolutely so this actually follows you around it's on wheels on flex pay so you get a chance to get it home for $27.99 well you have to do it yourself but you're going to find that cleaning is actually fun take a look we've got a big window here that we're let the power else away that bird all all that baked on caked on about your shower door well this is again what would you normally be doing you get the blue stuff you know and spending so much money and you using chemicals but look at this I was a once wine call my mom did that I can even do windows my guy D he doesn't do but he said if he got a pull T home he would be able to do windows I heard that about D I'm gonna tell his wife forever I'll get that perfectly clean perfectly dry and again you're just using the power of h2o no blue stuff no green stuff no yellow stuff no paper towels no scrubbing no she foretells that because you know you don't want to waste things that you don't meet you don't want to waste money right and paper towels or is a waste of money you can use this every single room in your house every flooring you can use it on carpet on upholstery on your children's toys this is going to be your very best friend you can clean your entire house with one single unit special price break this morning all of the attachments are included so it is $20 off free shipping and handling if you have an HSN card you get an extra flex oh that makes it $23 and change to get home you can control the pressure you can control what attachments you use so wherever you go everything is housed in one unit it does have wheels and you can use this on your flooring even your carpet even your mattress even your mattresses so when you think about reliability you think about Polti when it comes to steam cleaning they invented steam cleaning so we're going to jump in to the bathroom because that is on a place to share my house it is the scariest room of the house especially if you have boys you know why but take a look we've actually taken what's called Glo germ on here I don't know if you can see this but look at the top of this this toilet here you can see look you can see the handprint you can see all kinds of mess here this represents not only the dirt you can see but the bacteria that you can't see now watch I'm gonna put my CSI light down and I put on one of the one of the brushes that is included now you're gonna steam and sanitize again you're not using any chemicals I can't say that enough you don't need to worry about do I use the blue stuff do I use the yellow stuff what if you cross you mix up those chemicals you can end up with a real problem on your hand when you're using just the power of h2o just the power of water this is nature's own cleaning agent take a look now watch once you see the front of that is perfectly clean look at the back the back is where I haven't done nothing see that I got a little more work to do but you can get into the tight spaces you can get into the spaces throughout the bathroom don't forget to do the handle as well every time you get someone uses the toilet here then they're going to touch that handle so you're going to sand it clean and sanitize 280 degrees steam and it's going to help you have the cleanest bathroom ever and also the shoulder strap on is wheels but you can just carry drama it is going to go wherever the look for 2017 this is on on the lookbook for smashing fashion it is it for manners who you have colors you can choose from too your bathroom that maybe you've read absolutely say I'm not try to tackle that because the elbow grease that it would require to sit there and scrub that with chemicals you shower in there not if you're using the power of water in seconds you're doing a great job by the way I'm telling you look at that even in the tracks okay so you have you have the shower doors and the track get filthy dirty and they get some sort of junk or punk in there it's usually a lot of soap that gets built up in there this will melt that soap away so that your doors going to slide smoothly that's also super we have a lot of sliding doors in our condo that we're running now and inside the bathroom in outside the bathroom but you can absolutely clean and sanitize all of those again using the brushes that are included we can get into the tight spaces in the tub you can get underneath the toilet you can do the floors as well so no matter what kind of mess for what's in a dirt you have you've got it all cleaned up just using the power of water just using the power of water just using one unit nice you're now on your now clean you cleaned your shower we've cleaned the bathroom we've cleaned the kitchen we have cleaned the flooring this goes everywhere with you so the baffle right oh go everything is housed in the canister all the attachments come included it does have wheels so you can take it with you but I want to emphasize to the santé sanitizing factor so we talked about that it disinfects and it sanitizes in 15 seconds correct me if I'm wrong Matt but in 15 seconds it actually will kill household germs including staff Salmonella fungus and other viruses in just 15 seconds if you use the unit and specifically think about that in like the kitchen and the bathrooms your door handles imagine just going through the house after before and after you have guests and cleaning the door handles because you know all this little grubby home it is the time of year we are inviting a lot of people over and people have germs and that is how sometimes you know we get sick this is about sanitizing your home cleaning your home to a level you've never had it clean before again wood now we've given you every attachment the Polti folks know everything about cleaning around the house this is a little spatula attachment it'll actually clean your glass-top stoves if you've got glass top so this is a great solution it actually breaks away that gunk and funk if you like if you like to eat bacon like I do I keep the bacon industry in business but look at that's your secret that's my secret that's my secret to this amazing body that you see before it's all built on bacon I think it's built on bacon that that's a t-shirt I wear most of the time you can take again I'm changing out the the attachment so easily easy look at this this even comes with look at this this is I love this for the backsplash again for the kitchen for the bathroom we didn't even get to the the countertop cutting boards these are about all the other spaces around the house you can get it all clean with Polti I love it every room in your house is one of my favorite things about Polti is every single room you can clean with just water no chemicals no harsh fumes you can actually disinfect and sanitize with the power of steam cleaning and it is in one unit you get all the attachments so you can do your upholstery you can do your kitchen your bathroom even your children's toys the pet toys it is the way to really stay all year long now is the time of year sort of refreshing up or inviting people over hopefully you don't have any blocks of space but if you do it goes through that as well $20 off five flex pay gets at home we're going to ship this to you and you do have color choices of blue green orange or red and I'm gonna let you keep cleaning I'm gonna cue plumber job's not done you are back at I'm back at 2 p.m. with another item the only oh this is it for the vaporetto so I hope that you're enjoying shopping with me don't go anywhere because I this soul coming up so stay tuned since this is May and May is known for Mother's Day I figured the perfect monthly special would be our ultimate Women's Wellness for all the women out there and the mothers in our life our ultimate Women's Wellness is a product that I introduced at least thirty years ago originally we couldn't talk about the potential benefits from this product because at that time menopause and perimenopause were considered diseases and obviously supplements can't treat diseases fortunately in the last few decades our world our government and the medical community have become more enlightened we recognize that these are not diseases and this is the perfect supplement even whether it's PMS menopause perimenopause a natural tool that finds its blueprint in the Asian diet or in the Asian diet in the Japanese in Japan there's no actual word for the symptoms of menopause but whether it's hot flashes or night sweats or the interruptions of sleep or the mood disturbances that accompany menopause perimenopause then this is a wonderful natural tool it comes with a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee it's a product that almost 90% of the reviews are positive reviews about 80% are five-star reviews so it's a product that offers significant benefits and significant promise in terms of benefits those reviews would not be those kinds of consistently positive reviews unless the product can truly deliver in an area where unfortunately many women are forced to resort to things that aren't necessarily in their best interests of course synthetic hormones thing in the past they should be abandoned work closely with your doctor to find a bioidentical route or a natural route that's going to be in your best interest in your best health and that's what we care about here best interests best health this is a natural tool to help achieve that all right well you know what it is getting dirty around here there has been a lot of traffic in this studio and we are going to rely on the big mean green from Bissell the very best of the best this is talking about professional strength this is the type of unit this is the type of deep carpet cleaning unit that you would rent but now you can own it in your very own home that way you can clean your house throughout the year those high-traffic areas your area rugs you have to spend any you have to spend money up to pay someone to come in and do it we are going to put it to the test I've got Jeni bond joining me what happened here is we've had some disaster I am in the morning but this is the difference this is the big green which it is a Bissell but this is the very best that Bissell offers and let me just show you what it means so as you can see this is the big gun this is it all you do need you see that doesn't do it and this is and no idea very Bissell makes and a first of all you can see it here I mean this is really like yes we do make the carpets very messy for television but when you're at home I mean this is it what is great about this you can see all the dirt and grime that comes out but this is going to leave 50% less moisture and I'm going to break down the whole machine but for spring cleaning this is what you want you want to have the freedom to clean your carpet and just feel this I know I mean it feels clean and when you start deep cleaning your carpet it makes your house smell clean and that's exactly it I guess like I was assuming that we were going to have a ton of water is going to be soaked in that that is exactly the difference let me show you underneath the hood why you're not going to get all that moisture that is left behind okay don't mean to put up your hand but it really is an easy machine to maneuver don't let the size fool you but this is where the power is first of all we had the leading rental unit here if you ever rented one you know what a disaster disk is first what I'm going to do is this okay first of all the clunkiest thing ever who used this before you forget about it now watch this is what the leading rental unit uses it is like an old dingy toothbrush forget about it and look it is very difficult to move around look at this guy okay so here's the big read then you're going to get the first of all the casters so if you have any mobility issues this is the easiest thing to move around I promise this is the largest brush roll that Bissell makes as I move it forward look at this okay so this is going to go from your rugs your runners you name it and you're going to be able to move around these dirt lifting power brushes are going to break up all the dirt plus it's great any hair any other things make up not a problem but then you have this flotation this is the suction meter so this is going to be able to pull up all the moisture but look how it floats around so you're going to be able to go for all the different levels of your carpet so all the different piles the different because it changes throughout the house they exactly and when we talk piles for people at home so maybe bhai dryer carpet in your living room maybe have a Berber by the patio all the different kind of rugs in your house are going to work now because this is the very best you're getting not one not two but three of the Bissell's professional formula Bissell has been around since 1876 one is good this way to do it seventy-six I mean this is a big machine this is a huge machine no external strike professional strength you're getting almost two gallons between the dirty and the clean look at how easily I move this all right now when I talk about the formula because you're getting the three right it takes about two capfuls to fill this up and your thing that's it you're getting 24 ounces yes it takes two ounces to fill up this thing and what is great you're just going to take this tank underneath there I'll show you in a minute take it to your sink you fill it up with the hottest water that you can you're going to add that professional formula that has Scotchgard and you're ready to go it is that simple now when you get it home I just want to show you this here this is how it comes you guys you take it out of the box and you're ready to deep clean there is no Natalie that there is a note assembling you see how large this is we are shipping this to you free I had to take a double date edgesweep you you're brain here [Applause] easily you can you can take it anywhere because you're getting the longest cord I'm going to show you in just a second you're going to be getting the longest hose it's almost nine feet plus you're also getting the six-inch stair tool so you really are getting the very best that Bissell offers it is going to out clean the leading rental unit it has 50% more capacity almost two gallons between the two tanks and it is going to dry your carpet 75% faster 75% so that is why when I touched it I did not have like that pile of water exactly sitting underneath you soaking anything up and a lot of times when people get that leading rental unit or something or you've had a professional you know that your carpets are saturated that's what happened to me exactly and that is really bad and especially if you maybe you're in a high like moisture area like we are in Florida you're going to start getting mildew underneath you have to extract it and pull it out so all of the tools I mean this stair tool I take everywhere but look at how easy you just fill up that tank you're going to add that professional formula you put this cap back on and you're ready to go so it is easy to maneuver we are shipping it to you for free for this anniversary price we have taken $100 off on the best of the best the best unit you can buy for the deepest cleaning that is those deep reeded high-traffic areas you may have forgotten what your carpet even looks like anymore but you're getting the unit you're getting three bottles of the professional strength cleaner you're getting the tool you're getting the hose all included this is unbelievable patio five-year warranty on this I mean this is an investment for something that you are going to carry forever and look at the reviews right now 4.9 out of 5 stars and how many reviews there is almost 400 almost 400 this is the most highly reviewed Bissell item and it's a missile I mean this is a company that has been around since 1876 they are the leaders when it comes to deep cleaning and this is probably the highest rated most reviewed item that Bissell has here at HSN because people love it and it lasts and the thing about it is this is an investment piece right we are not talking about you know people writing reviews on something that cost twenty dollars they needed to get quality this is something that you are spending your good hard-earned money on but why pay somebody else to clean carpets one time when you can do this maybe of a rental property or maybe you know your friends family can come over and use it is going to dorm to that place this big-time wedding season I mean a lot of people also don't want to have a stranger coming to their house to do their cleaning and when you do have a professional come once they do your carpet you know what happens you realize oh my chair is really dirty or my stairs are dirty you have the flexibility yeah I just added the hose you add it right on top okay she knows what to do but look what you're going to be able to do if you have pets and they love to sit on the couch I got a second or you have kids like me accidents happened and I'm not good at my kids like mommy you all exactly we do the messes I'm a nanaka like I spilled Oh to dry and I promise you it is such a powerhouse if you have kids if you have you know pets and I do say this or just over time you cannot remember the last time you actually deep and your upholstery you can do it on your own time I mean when you think about it your poster you're sitting on every single day guests are sitting on it kids are on the floors I mean if you're not taking the time to clean you should not be paying someone else to do it when you can own your own machine this is professional strength very best of the best and you get it on flex pay so it is $79.99 on flex pay get it home and try it you can actually send it back to us if it is it does not live up to your expectations 4.9 out of 5 stars and dumping all the dirty 1s is all the dirty water and when you get your big green home you are going to be amazed the color is going to be darker you're going to feel so good because your house is going to smell so great if you're not deep cleaning your carpets right now and you cannot remember the last time you properly took care of the fibers in your carpets this is what is inside your carpet imagine being able to take it out and when you get the big green home you are getting the very very best that Bissell offers and so we did all over carpet we did chairs we are going to do stairs in a minute okay but really when the accidents happen I think you and I have been talking about it at some point like if you have a broken pipe say in the bathroom or something burst I mean it is not winter really anymore but you know the frozen pipes happen this is when you're going to go how did I ever live without it if you have puppies or cats or pigs Birds you name it you need to deep clean your carpets for food okay Tiger milk spaghetti sauce it does not matter but because we are dealing with the very best this carpet almost cannot even hold it here is a sports drink if you have a broken pipe or hai if you have five kids over at a birthday party if you have got pets I want you to watch this you guys because we are never going to fill up the capacity of the machine that could be a pet stain we have red wine let's go ahead and we'll do a little bit of yogurt down here and at the end Shanghai I love your face right now that is my favorite this this is what we are going to be able to do send me into cardiac arrest if I came home but guess what [Applause] [Applause] you're being asleep [Applause] and you're creaming in heels by the way [Applause] style that's it worry free it's worry imagine knowing that this is sitting there just when you have that accident or if you just want to clean I mean how often are you hanging your carpets that is saving you money because if you go oh you know what honey we need to replace our carpets no we don't because we own the bissell big green right and we can go in and we can rejuvenate and revive our carpets and bring them back to life so definitely take advantage of the flex pay because I want you to get home and try it put it to the test look around your house right now is it a runner is it your stairs is it your upholstery anywhere you look at you think hmm I wonder what color that used to be or that's that high-traffic area that I could never get clean I'm scrubbing on my hands on my knees and a lot of us forget over time because I mean it is understandable life is busy I mean to be graduating soon if you can't remember the last time you deep clean your carpets when you get this home and you can use it on your time maybe you're up right now at 5:00 in the morning go ahead you can deep clean the living room no one is going to know and then you pop it right back in your closet look at the difference in color to to really bring back the color of your carpet which let's face it it really is one of the biggest investments in our house absolutely I mean and really when you walk into a room to have your carpets be lighter and look clean and if people ask you if you have pets and they don't see them because the smells in your carpet and guess what you don't have to pull out the machine to deep clean all the time wait you see my go-to for the hose now remember it is nine feet you're getting that six inch tool [Applause] right here [Applause] [Applause] to be a commie [Applause] all the way down to the pad [Applause] [Applause] perfect exactly and guess what this is what you're going to be able to do from room to room and the best part is is now the Scotch bar is going to repel future stains so once you clean it is going to repel future stains so on here we have two carpet swatches once dipped in that Scotchguard that's going to help keep the warranty of your carpet in the formula so watch you're going to dip it in this drink both of them are saturated rememberable you get Scotch Guard with that pro formula from Bissell look what it's doing no way it is repelling the stain so the more you use your Bissell formula the more you're going to be able to repel those future stains and that is the same thing for here with the stairs is a big one if you have stairs probably it is one of the first things people see in your home absolutely we are going to be getting that extra long I mean the six-inch stair tool just for the stair times including [Applause] [Applause] your carpets are going to hold all those stains are going to hold all those odors so we did the stairs we did the chair and remember this is the difference you're going to be able to get this is the other guy I don't know if you can see at me pull it back here this is the other guy right here look at the difference you're going to get that much more capacity you're going to be able to dry 75% better and you're going to be able to get a 50% better clean you're getting a 50% better clean but we have taken $100 off this is 4.9 out of 5 stars this is a phenomenal customer pick on an investment piece understand maybe didn't wake up this morning say you know what i want to buy a deep you know carpet cleaner but this is something is going to last we give you a five-year warranty and you get to break up the monthly payments and get it home and try it for $79.99 we will actually ship this monstrosity to you but even though it is a big mean you know it is a big dream setting it is easy to maneuver it is so easy to maneuver and you're going to be able to take it anywhere as soon as you get it home you're just going to apply the formula this trigger right here really and backward are getting dark [Applause] big green you're going to easily to get the very best clean this is the difference you're pulling out the dirt you're pulling out the grime look at this wonderful carpet how great it feels but guess what it's not soaked exactly not sitting in standing water you have to wait days for it to dry it is going to dry 75% faster 50% more capacity we are including three bottles of professional strength carpet cleaner with the Scotchgard so a capful is going to go a really long way so it is very high concentration get those hard-to-reach spaces really rejuvenate your home right and don't pay somebody to come in and do it because you can have people want to rent your big room when you get it home more people call me and ask to bar bang than anything else I bet so take advantage of this huge customer pick special anniversary price listen

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