HSN | Home Solutions 08.20.2017 - 04 AM

HSN | Home Solutions 08.20.2017 – 04 AM

but I'm gonna take this fan nozzle off and watch this I'm but now I'm on with both feet safely and firmly on the ground I can easily clean a second-story window if there was a window up here on the wall you can power the dirt off of that second-story window without having to climb up onto a ladder without having to have scaffolding setup or calling a cleaning company to come and clean the windows on the outside of your house and that's the coolest part about this is it takes all of the pain get it cleaning your windows windowpane here's how it works it comes with the powdered cleaner okay you get a one-pound box of this cleaner that one-pound box of powder will clean up to sixty windows so if you've got if you've got twenty windows around the outside of your house now you don't that will clean every window and you're in your house three times okay so that with that one box now I'm standing a good I don't know what 20 feet away from this window if you have shrubs bushes plants flower gardens in between where you are and your window you don't have to worry about it because now your both feet are safely on the ground you're not climbing up onto a ladder you're not climbing up onto a chair you don't even have to take the screens off your windows and Helen I'm gonna show you this I've got a screen he back here okay I hung a t-shirt up here because a lot of times you don't even notice the dirt that's built up on your screens okay but the best part about full Sparkle look it powers the dirt the dust the pollen all of that stuff that builds up on your windows the cobwebs the dead bugs all of that all those things that clog up your streams it blasts it through there cleaning your screen and your window at the same time so you don't even have to remove your screens to clean your screen and your window I mean that's the best part about it it takes all of the pain out of cleaning your windows oh my gosh how many more times – I don't know you'll use it all around the house – it's completely safe for all of your outdoor plants so if you happen to over spray you're cleaning your barbecue okay it's been sitting out in the bushes and the birds have been doing stuff on it and you know look all you do is you power that off again you turn the unit on get it wet you can use in a barbecue then you add the detergent yep you can use it on your barbecue your patio furniture all of those places for powering away dirt and grime now I'm rinsing with fresh clean water coming right out of your garden hose and what this does I want you to see look at that I mean what a difference that makes in just a matter of seconds the amazing part is that there's no streaking and spot that's the whole thing you don't have to wipe it down afterwards you don't have to dry your windows but it's also completely safe for all of your outdoor plants so if you get that the detergent on your plants you don't have to worry about it if you've got a rosebush in front of that picture window you don't have to worry about getting it on there it's completely safe for those things and again both feet are safely on the ground you can easily reach a two-story window or I live in a 12 I just moved but I had a three-story house you know the bottom part was a stilt whether we park underneath and then the two stories above it and I was easily I could easily reach the third story window on my house without having to climb up onto a ladder and the cool part about it the best part is the formula is streak free and spot free so by the way a lot of you have already purchased this in the past we would love to hear from you if you own this we're here live I'm Helen that's John give us a call our toll-free testimonial line is if you have good water pressure it's gonna make it great okay all you do is you turn the unit on there's a little black knob on the top here I'm gonna spray it on this block so you guys can see you turn the water on it's spring fresh clean water okay so you get your window wet and then there's a little hole right here by the tip of my finger okay what I'm gonna do is place my finger over that hole and every time I touch that hole it dispenses the detergent onto your window or onto your patio furniture or onto your barbecue or on your vehicle it's one of the best vehicle cleaners because again it's streak free and spot free so for cleaning those windows all around the house you could you to send your card you can it's on your car on a boat on cars life you've got an RV you know a high-sided vehicle has to climb up on dualist normally people pay people to do that because it's too hard right and I mean now you can do it easily on your own yeah all you need is a garden hose okay you hook it up to your garden hose you get your windows wet first all right you blast the dirt that the grime the dust the the bird droppings the dead bugs all of that stuff off of your window and then rinse with fresh clean water and your windows will end up spot free and streak free now it's a such a simple unit such as it's so simple to use and the instructions are right here on the canister okay if you forget what I'm telling you here if you just read it right here I love it we've got a truck that we brought in over here just to show you again how simple this is and just think about all the times you go to the carwash and how much you spend all right look at I mean use it all around your house if you've got shutters or shades on the outside of your windows it cleans those up beautifully too you don't have to remove the screens from your windows because it cleans your screen and your window at the same time so again it's like it takes a whole step out of cleaning if it takes you a whole weekend to clean the windows around your house right now now it's only gonna take you a couple hours let me just walk around there's no wiping down no scrubbing no removing windows no climbing up onto ladders and again on your vehicle it's great because like you know just for those in-between washings it it'll reach all the way up to the top like this now this is a pretty big truck but look I'm standing way back away here I'm gonna dispense the detergent onto the vehicle and now I'm gonna release my finger from that hole and look at that I'm rinsing with fresh clean water and watch what happens here as I'm rinsing this truck off you can actually see how the water sheets off the hood of this truck leaving it streak free and spot free with no s– you know water beads when water beads up what happens when those water beads dry they turn into water spots to see it's it's a streak-free formula look how it just sheets right off the hood of that truck you can see how the water just sheets right off that's that sheeting fact that sheeting action that you get and on your windows it works the same way so with no water beads there's no water spots that's so incredibly cool all right so it is 3495 the lowest price we've ever seen it's a price break we're even doing three flexpay $11.65 to get home and then you're able to with one order cleaned sixty windows no no if a lot of you is saying we'll wait a minute I want the zoo the card everything you definitely can get more than one order if you would like you know but this is cool you oh you get the full Sparkle from the folks at fuller brush and then you're also getting the mechanical thing it's almost like getting like a little baby pressure you're getting that you don't if you don't buy anything extra yeah it's super charges the water pressure in your garden hose to allow you to reach those second-story and third story windows it blasts the dirt and grime off of all of the exterior of your house and again I've got another screen back here somewhere I got to show you this again because you don't have to remove your screens from your windows a lot of times you don't even notice the dirt on your screens but look at this you can try this at home hey take those mini blinds that are hanging on the inside of the house take them out to the driveway and look at this it blasts the dirt the grime all of that built-up gunk and that's on your mini blinds look at this on a stream you can see how it powers the dirt right through there now I hung a t-shirt up in the back here so you guys can see the dirt that comes off and again you don't have to remove your screen I do this to show you that it cleans your screen and the window behind your screen at the same time so if you're at not having to take the screens off I mean normally how would you do this if this was a two-story house I don't know that's why it doesn't get done and you know I also like the idea that it'll do the sliding glass doors it's gonna do your me your boat your cars I mean those second-story windows I mean you know in New York City they've got these scaffolds where these Buono cleaners 24 hours a day 7 days a week there's always like a story about how they get poor some we're gonna get stuck in the fire department's gotta help with this I mean all you're gonna do is get your garden hose and spray wet it then do the the sparkle action and then what you rinse it yep that's that fit that's all you do when walk away you don't have to rub you don't have to scrub you don't have to walk around afterwards picking up all those wads of paper towels from drawing ok now if you've got patio furniture you're gonna love it you know maybe your patio furniture has been sitting out it's got mold and mildew and dust and dirt and all that junk and gunk that builds up on your patio furniture you know because it does sit outside maybe you have construction going on in your around your neighborhood I mean you get a lot of dust blowing around maybe it's pollen time you know in the summertime we get a lot of pollen that comes off the trees right builds up on your print on your patio furniture who wants to sit on something like that but now look at this with full Sparkle and again because it takes it takes the water pressure that you have coming out of your garden hose and supercharges it with a venturi inside the unit it supercharges the water pressure that comes out of your garden hose allowing you to blast away all that dust the pollen the dirt the bird droppings all of that grimy junk and gunk that builds up over time yeah from the folks at fuller brush and and we have another item coming up with John and fuller brush that's gonna come out in next but $11.65 well the weather is still nice right this is the time to do those outside windows depending on where you live in the country this could be you know I'm coming to some of your last opportunities when it comes into fall and the snow and everything really amazing how easy this is it really is you don't even have to touch your windows and again if there was a flower garden in front between me and the window and I don't know if you can see have the distance here but like I'm standing a good probably 20 feet away from this window yeah I don't even have to get close to it and I can easily clean that window with both feet safely on the ground you rinse it you apply the detergent just like I'm doing now and then you release your finger from this hole and now I'm rinsing with fresh clean water that's coming right out of your garden hose and you can see that sheeting action look how that water is just sheeting down that glass that's not spot free and streak free not running over there with paper towels or a cloth or anything over 500 now gone our final a minutes for you guys to pick this up a minute and 20 seconds so we've got so many people in the ordering process I'm here live we're outside live over here at 4:11 a.m. over here the East Coast John is cleaning our imaginary house it's a tall wall but we don't have a window up there but you can see how it gets all the way up to the highest point and again I'm standing a good I don't know 15 feet away from this wall and this is a regular garden hose that's all it is your whatever your garden hose water pressure is it's supercharged is that allowing you to get to those really hard to clean places how about underneath the eaves of your house okay if you've got the maybe it's cobwebs maybe it's the you know those bees that build nest up underneath here it'll blast those out of there the dust and the dirt it'll bring the life back to you you know back to your house again once you get all that dirt off of there and again you don't have to worry about the windows you don't have to worry about plants because it's complete the full sparkle but you're also getting this unit which like turns your regular garden hose into kind of like a mini baby pressure washer so you're getting this item which you know by itself you could do it just with water and do a lot of jobs but then you're also getting the sparkle yeah I know I want to mention too you can also use this if you want if you have your favorite fertilizer it's great for fertilizing your plants around them want to put bug spray in there you're gonna use but you know whatever it's made for full Sparkle the window cleaner and by the way if you run out of this you don't need one more of these okay on hsn.comm the detergent check it out John sticking around pick this up over 600 now purchase we're gonna see you back in a sec but use your flex pay just $11.65 I'm so excited for this week's Monday night show you definitely don't want to miss it we're celebrating 40 years of American Dreams celebrate with an extra hour dedicated to genius beauty innovations plus transform those uncomfortable shoes and she our new favorites with the help of stores with shoe stretchers join us at a special start time Monday at 6 p.m. or search Monday night show on hsn.com welcome to generation Wow for over 75 years HP has been the leader in innovation pioneering technology through cutting-edge products and forward-thinking solutions HP makes life better for everyone everywhere from laptops and desktops to monitors and Printers the visionaries at HP create experiences that amaze let their experts help you reinvent how you work play and live HP and HSN keep reinventing only on HSN Jemmy simply classic simply essential simply perfect for every style sometimes the greatest pleasures are the simplest ones of all watch concierge collection Tuesday only on HSN we're continuing on with our good friend Jon florell and the Fuller Brush Company this is the electrostatic all surface cordless sweeper it's a customer pick on hsn.com cordless you don't plug it in no batteries no nothing it comes in this little box that you see right here and then you get to pick your colors we have it available in black the mint the pink pink and then we also have it in white this is the box that comes with everything in one little box so perfect for that little kind of like cleaning up under the table after dinner you know in restaurants they use this exact item and I'll tell you why they use this as opposed to they don't want to vacuum and disturb people when they're eating and how the vacuum cleaner going you just zip it up and there's a problem-solve John what's that the problem absolutely you know here's the thing you've seen it used in restaurants you're seeing used at airports hotels the reason that you love it is because it doesn't disturb anyone it's quiet there's no bags there's no batteries there's no and you know you don't have to charge a battery or even plug it into the wall or buy a bag right all you do is roll it across the floor and as it goes forwards and backwards that rotates this bore hair bristle brush now the different what makes this unit special are these bristles okay it's got the Tufts of bristles in the corners and this rotating brush in the center creates an electrostatic charge now it's called the electrostatic carpet sweeper alright the reason that you want the electrostatic charge is if you've ever rubbed a balloon on your head you know how it makes your hair stand up I do that every Thursday you – yeah yeah what happens when it rolls across the carpet it creates static electricity and what that does is it lifts fine particles of dust dirt pet hair from the fibers of your carpet and lifts it up into those twin dust pans and then that brush flips it into the dust fans now it's got to dust pans inside wet there's one in the front one in the back all you do is push and push and everything goes right into your trashcan you close those up and by the way it's completely metal this is a full metal unit everything here there's a rubber bumper that goes around the outside so it's not gonna Mar up your table and chair legs and a complete four piece steel handle this is not fiberglass not plastic or aluminum it's a steel handle so it's very well built that's why it's used in industries let your cleaning in the cleaning industry in hospitals hotels restaurants you've probably seen them the fact that it's quiet like if you've got that baby that just fell asleep and you finally can get something done around the house this is gonna be perfect for you this is kitty litter Tumkur okay I mean think about this when's the last time even a vacuum cleaner would have a hard time getting kitty litter up off your carpet but as I roll it back and forth across the floor it creates that static electric charge that lifts the dust dirt sand dog hair cat hair up into those twin dust pans and then here I'm just gonna dump this out on the carpet so you can see how much we just picked up look there you push you push everything goes right into the end of the trashcan you close it up and you're ready to keep going I mean it's such a simple unit to use all you do is roll it across the floor if you've got the baby sleeping maybe your husband's taking a nap on the couch if you're watching right now we're here live over here at 4:19 a.m. on the East Coast you might be a shift worker like I am and like John is right because maybe not everybody in your house is the same hours that you do and you're like okay everybody's asleep now I've got maybe the day off but you're wide awake you can do your cleaning with this and not wake anybody that's exactly right and I got to tell you for a hair it's for picking up pet hair off of your carpet look at all the hair that we just picked up off of that carpet if you've got a dog or a cat or maybe your husband sheds I mean look at the amount of hair that we just picked I mean that's like a Pekinese the floor of my bathroom looks kind of like that kazoo I brush my little hair kind of if you like maybe you don't want to drag out the huge vacuum for that are you actually breaking those up and play I mean listen let's make a real mess here right because it never you know how it is the kids they spill their their crackers on the floor and then they get up to go to the fridge to get a glass of milk and they step all over them all right you're like grinding that in the carpet all you do is roll it across the floor again that that electrostatic charge that that bore hair bristle brush makes lifts the dust the dirt the the cracker crumbs the pet hair the kitty litter sand dust dirt anything that gets in its path it picks it up like with that electrostatic charge now underneath here I want you to see this these wheels are spring-loaded see how that works so you can go from carpeted floor right down on to a tile or hardwood floor it goes across any floor surface and picks up just as well whether and this one unlike our other hard floor sweeper this one works in both directions so it picks up going forward and it picks up going back our hard floor sweeper you just walk behind it okay but you could almost do with this one too but it does you move it back and forth and look at this everything goes right into your trash can all you do is push and push there's no bags to clean out there's no batteries to buy and I love this too because sometimes if you're cleaning under the couch or under your bed look at the handle lays flat like this so it'll clean right up underneath your bed if there's that earring that was under your badge it picks it up you don't have to dig through a bag to get it out all you do is open up whatever you need I love that by the way you guys love it because it's a customer pick on hsn.com we've got it for 29.95 five dollars shipping and handling you can do two equal payments with no interest on any major credit card it's called flex pay $14.98 we're gonna mail yours home we do have colors here we have the pink we have a mint green we have black and we have white I love that I love the mint green this this is the kind of like it looks like retro and you think about how long the Fuller Brush folks have been in business since 1906 I mean you know that's all this one of our most popular products and the reason is the quality okay I mean it's been used in cleaning industry for the last like sixty years all right and they're still out there working the same original ones look we also include this now you might wonder what this is it's actually a brush comb okay it snaps onto the handle of the unit right here so it's always there for you you take this brush comb off if you use this in your craft room or maybe you've got string or yarn or thread that gets wrapped up around the brush right that what this does or maybe that's long that long hair from your bathroom floor for you what this does is it cleans those long strands out of the bristles of the brush you just rotate it and run that a little brush comb down there so it's it's designed for the machine keeps it right there right on the handle it comes with it and again all you do is roll it across the floor maybe you just got done mowing along yeah okay or one of the kids yeah I would grab clippings get on the cuffs of your pants and then you walk into the house this is parsley its ground parsley which is probably tougher than grass clippings to pick up but you can see on even on a Berber rug like this you just roll it back and forth and the bore hair bristle brush lifts the dust dirt sand dog hair cat hair grass clippings pine needles anything that's on the floor it lifts it up flips it into the twin dust pans and you just take it to your trashcan and push and push and I'll note when I say push it push the reason I'm doing that is it's labeled underneath here okay you see the little label or it says push you just push right there that opens up the dust bin on both of them so it's so simple easy to use easy to clean out it just makes sense I mean it saves you a ton of time by the way we have a bit of a hold you can use Express automated ordering to get right through it we also have a free downloadable app that you can use on your smartphone and you can just order on your smartphone your tablet you can call the number on your screen and you can order it that way but we are maybe just a little bit of a wait a bunch of folks kind of all called in at once I think everyone still buys everybody sees a pick up hair well I also like that it's like real quick real lightweight how much it's less lastly two and a half pounds oh yeah it is I mean it is it's under three pounds so lightweight so it's it's something like if you know if you don't want to you know kind of do like a public production it's like just that quick everyone loved this too because it folds flat like this that's look at the slim design or it's got a hang up pant a hole on the handle so you can hang it on the nail but keep it stored standing up like this okay because you don't want to store that it's just like a broom if you leave a broom standing straight up and down the bristles go salt on this rug okay and I got to show you this yeah it's a table salt and a ton of it and look at this I'm gonna just cut a path through here to show you how efficient this works I mean I've had people tell me hey I used that the first time and I just got done vacuuming I couldn't believe how much stuff the fuller electrostatic sweeper picked up after I vacuumed that was salt and here just to show you how much was in there I'm gonna dump this right back out watch this there's a ton of salt in there I mean I hope you're not on a salt-free diet oh that is a ton of look at that do you know I one of the things that people will do is you don't eat dinner and all the little crumbs that you know and that kind of like drives me not so much I move all the chairs back without the vacuum cleaner honestly I don't do that every day but you could just take this out next to the fridge go you know in between it lays flush so you could really get in and around things so it has got a small front to it even under chairs under your dining room table and then in two seconds you're done and and it's not like a big you know it's like wiping the table and then doing the floor it's gonna do the same amount of time with this I mean look at all the hair that we just picked up out of a berber carpet okay this is Berber look at how much hair we just picked up and again all you do is roll it across the mess like this and that bore hair bristle brush creates that static charge that lifts the hair into the twin dust pans and you just open it up give it a shake everything goes right into your trashcan John what kind of surfaces can you use this on you can use it on tile linoleum if you've got carpeted floors rugs runners around your tables you can use it on the garage floor if you want I mean you've literally you go down hallways kitchen any way anywhere that you like that you have a mess instead let's face it a vacuum cleaner does have its place in the house of course yes a lot of times you don't want to drag out that heavy vacuum cleaner plug it into the wall have to unwind a cord and then and then make a bunch of noise it's just for picking up a little bit of a mess and that's why you're gonna love this electrostatic carpet sweeper right it's not gonna take the place of a vacuum cleaner but for those quick pickups right it's perfect 2995 is the price we've got it on flex pay under $15 more people have called in so you can call in we're gonna get your calls as quickly as possible but if you would like to use Express automated ordering that would be good or hsn.com would be good I do have different colors we have pink it comes in this box and John was saying this would be great for dorms and I have like what can college ever clean two and a half black white and then the mint green and we've got you know just like a couple more seconds John yeah I just picked up a whole bunch of pine needles and you know we're getting to that time of year Jaime you've got well listen you got the Christmas tree up maybe it's a wreath that live wreath that happens to you know stay up just a little bit too long on the wall and you ever walk across the floor and pinch in socks and end up getting a pine needle stuck in you you got company over you're trying to sneak through the house to get a glass of whatever in the middle of the night oh my gosh now you can even pick up things like pine needles near the base of a holiday tree sometimes like sucks in like some of the presents this would actually be better than that because it wouldn't like disturb you that's exactly right you know you're a little curtain underneath you I can't remember the name of it a tree what is that thing you put under the tree the the I know yeah what do you 501 4 3 6 is the item number thank you John you always do such a great job always fun alright well we're gonna we're gonna show you some of the other items that I have coming up in this hour Hoover has something called the FloorMate it is a spin scrub hard floor cleaner now this is the only one of its kind it's one 29.95 which is a sale price $20 off and free shipping and handling and 5 flexpay of $25 99 cents if you'd like to get it home oh there we are ok so 5 76210 is the item number and that's gonna be coming up and – Tracey Rosa is going to be our guest for that so we you guys hang out with me and now we're gonna continue on with an item with my good friend Lynda Lyday so Linda's here who is an actual carpet you look a master carpenter I am yes I don't think I always said most impressive thing I've ever heard in my life but she also you know around the house you know it will build your house so she she's bringing us this item from Wagner it is a smart sidekick motorized paint roller system so if you've ever you know hired somebody to paint a room in your house you know how expensive that can be you can do it yourself and it's actually super fun so price break free shipping 3 flex pay I have never presented this before and I'm dying to see how this works yes well I'm so glad I get to show you yeah so how many of you don't like painting for the reason that I'm going to show you right here first of all you have your tray on the ground right right ouch ouch right right bending over you need over the back and then drip drip drip drip drip on us and that's like ah right and then we have to keep loading up right and then we actually don't load up enough because we don't want to go ouch ouch ouch drip drip drip right so you don't have to do that anymore I'm going to show you how fast you can paint the walls in your home now Wagner is the number one leading consumer brand for direct feed paint applicators and that's what this is now let me show you first of all you have a motor on here right and now you have a 16 foot tube right now when I turn on the motor nothing happens however when I turn on this button here it's going to now take the paint and bring it in through here through the inside of the roll so you never have to dip the roller back into a tray never I just a constant in yes source of paint I had the control right here now I have been priming this because it takes about 30 seconds for it to go all the way through but as I prime it and as I start to you can see now I'm gonna frying this roller see how it's coming in through here now once it gets there watch how fast it is because it really is fast it slide and we're not going to stop this okay now I haven't loaded on and when I would have stopped it I release on the button and then I turn it on again now this is really cool because look how fast and fun easy and it doesn't get all over the place it doesn't get on me it doesn't get anywhere except where I want it which is the wall itself this is so cool by the way we're here live this is a customer pick it's 4.8 out of 5 stars so it's almost a perfect five star customer pick I only have 586 of them so if you would like to pick this up if you're gonna say I'd like to paint this room that room you can do that now after you use it one time you can do a new can of paint you can do a new can of paint and it's so what you just clean the roller yes and I'm going to show you how to do that because when you clean it you will put the tube the end of that into a bucket of water right oh don't push the paint in through back into your paint can oh it in the water goes through the tube and cleans it all out and when you get that water yes it's that easy and then you just clean the roller and then you're ready to go again so what kind of paint can I use through this latex oil any of them could you I'll with this you can do oil with this absolutely Wow you know what it's incredible to me is you haven't stopped once to go to a budget to go to a tray there's literally no drip this is the neatest I've painted my nails and made a mess than this actually the entire wall this is what I like and if you're left-handed you can put this the other way as well and I can now hit this with my other hand but look how fast this is now depending on how fast you want to go it's up to you control right that was like two minutes unbelievable we're timing this I mean I know it's 14 minutes then I got here so it's nine ten eleven twelve I mean it was make maybe four or five minutes at the most you know that wall right okay now let me just show you over here because I want to show you you can use five gallons you can use one gallon those of you who own property you have a renter in there two or three years and you have to repaint you can use a big five-gallon like this oh oh I see how it slides up and down your sides right up and down and with the five gallon remember you're going to have this extension tube right here Oh to get to the bottom to get every drop of paint every drop of paint now this is your on/off button here and then on here when you were talking about cleaning easy to clean you put them the end of this tube into the bucket of water okay you let this paint push all the way through right back into your peg hand so you're gonna keep all that paint right maybe this is 16 feet of tube right right and then all you have to do is you take this off and you'll clean this now look closely because that's how the paint comes through there right through there into the and it pushes like that in that Nate that is the neatest thing you know what it reminds me I know I'm thinking of makeup it's like airbrushing yes you know it's that same kind of concept only you're doing you're doing a wall and I could tell you how a coat of paint makes a huge difference and you know I actually recently redid my bedroom and I hired somebody to do an in he did like I think it was maybe $600 for one ruling Wow it's myself now look how this is coming through do you see how I was telling you about that that's now I'm styling this the roller itself but all the applications that I showed you how to do a textured wall but think now on the outside and you may have a a wooden patio maybe you have a wooden pole or the back you have right now you know what I do just the point out that bag if you're taking a coffee break if you're doing anything like that remember you know the air will dry paint so okay have your coffee put the roller in a paper bag and that's all you need to do a plastic bag a little plastic bag yeah and that's a bit dry yeah but look at that let matchin this now on your porch if you have an older home there's wonderful wood porches right right how about your garage get some good garage paint get some patio paint and now paint your garage and look how fast this is look how easy this is and the colors now are just beautiful and I love this color this is great look this makes light work now I'm gonna go back to the wall and I'm gonna show you now how to do another wall and you have the nice thing is that on the handle here right there's a little receiver and it's threaded so they uh you know your broom yeah oftentimes you just undo this on the broom and you can use this now as a handle oh my goodness oh what a great little life hat I'm gonna show you again we're gonna pry this see what would he coming through see it coming through and now once you get this primed and you're gonna keep moving this along so when you're priming it do you move it are you moving along you get this on the whole map of your roller and once you get this and I love this now this isn't that texture on that wall imagine this to be maybe your ceiling like a popcorn ceiling or oh my gosh those are the worst yep well do thing on your head is what happens exactly and that's what's nice about this feeding control look at the direct feeder I can now stop it if I get too much on my my roller then I can just let it respond that's it and then you keep going to need more paint mattes lino and then it depends on how fast you are I can go pretty fast I can really start to crank this up and go quickly on here oh my gosh can you imagine like a like a paint you could paint other people's houses just come on over with that right we've got it at a great price at $79.99 handling is free today and we're doing three flex pay so it's only $26.65 to get home it's a big customer pick it's four point eight out of five stars so a perfect score is five stars this is 4.8 out of 5 stars so those of you have purchased this in the past absolutely love it we're doing that kind of trifecta of a sale price it's a free shipping and an extra flex pays so this is the most affordable day to get it when we have a live presentation and we only started out with under 600 of these for everybody really cool and the company that makes this a Wagner is known for quality right Linda they are the number one leading brand well they've been around for 64 years and they are the number one leading brand of the direct speed paint applicators and but just look out look how fun this is I mean honest to goodness anytime you put a motor on anything it's just fun it's fun and the thing that we like these days we want immediate gratification look at this weight you know what's incredible to me your hands have any paint on them right how is that you know have you ever painted the wall and then that's splatter that spray that's in your hair and in your hands when the camera comes back yeah I want you to see that Linda has painted the orange wall and the blue wall and your hands like there's no like blue or orange all over them right it's like the neatest paint I've ever seen I mean imagine like you're G means your shoot your shoes your yes your top your hair like she does not have any this is a nice color this blue we look good in this yeah her and she doesn't have white sneakers on jeans you're not seeing that splatter kit have you ever tempted to paint things in the past right the reason why I hired somebody recently is I do I make a huge mess I thought the cleanup is worse than the painting itself and that's the thing that's why we hate it right because we have to bend over we have to get down and then we repeat the tripping all over you dripping on the floor dripping over half it overhead is really tough yeah and we loved it up because you know that that thing when you go oh I'm just gonna really load it up now everybody that way I don't have to bend over and do it again right oh that's a good point drips all over it exactly okay I'm gonna do this next wall here okay so I know we've got about two more minutes left in the presentation the item number is four one two seven seven six so if you're on the fence at all remember there's a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee so you could take it or mold and paint a bunch of stuff for 30 days if you don't love it you're gonna get all of your money back well we've got a switch around our wall and we're gonna do another wall really quick she's never bending into a paint bucket she's never dripping anything on her head on her clothes on the floor maybe you've got a new carpet or hardwood floors you're not dripping it anywhere and she's stopped loading the paint there's enough paint on her brush so she's gonna keep going but as soon as they you need more paint all you do is push that button and it directly feeds the paint right into the roller this is a really cool one that you have keen feet of this hose that's what I like about it because I can go really high with it and I can maneuver it all around and listen just think about this look at this look how easy this is now if you want to go slower slower have to keep the paint loaded up on the roller and when you have think about your whole house and you start looking at it going oh my gosh are you kidding me of course you're gonna have to do the trim on the bottom in the top but the rolling part of it is so fast so easy and look at this it provides all the paint that I need right on that roller and I can paint what I paid this is my third wall I think right I think it is third wall here and look at this oh my gosh how fast is that we have like two minutes left we still have 25 seconds left of the show I think you did just a tyre wall don't you three quarters of the room right there yeah bout two minutes my producer Dan was timing you two minutes maybe eight minutes for a room can you imagine that the I don't know is four one two seven seven six look this is gonna be on again later today or is it this is the only presentation for the day okay well thank you so much for coming in to do this thank you $26.65 that free should be in handling yes so it's coming toward the end of the season even though it's super hot everywhere we've got the end of the season sale on our DeLonghi at four seventy nine ninety five free shipping and five flex pay this is the biggest one that we have it's 14,000 BTUs and oh it's always a customer pick and I this in my home right now I like to have my room when I sleep to be like a refrigerator so even though I've said to her conditioner I love that so here we go we're gonna go on in this show oh it's got free shipping handling as well all right well we're gonna kick it if you want and here in this hour we're live here at 443 am over here on the East Coast and you know what I did I have to tell everybody this is we're painting right so the other side of the wall was moving so I put my hand on it and then it was why I just stuck my entire hand and the thing of wet paint that's typical of be alright hi everybody I'm Helen Katie I mean here alive and look no more paint okay so here is the Hoover FloorMate the Hoover FloorMate is kind of this product that we can't tell you what the competition is because there isn't any this is a something that Hoover has it is like you've got your bucket in your mop you go on your hands and knees and scrub that's the effect that you get but all you're doing is pushing the FloorMate it's one 29.95 it's free shipping and handling you're saving $40 today which is a really great savings it's you know around 17 pounds Tracey Rosa you're so bright and early on live TV I love that that is a complete game-changer this machine right here and drive drive Helen Oh down there at the bottom the scrubbies look at it as you see behind it you can see right there that it getting down deep into that dirt and then check this out as I pull back it's drying so not only exaggerated I get it but we want to show you that it's going to clean up the messy mess and then check that out as I bring it back this is now going to be completely dry and the cool thing is there's that squeegee in the front and I'm going to show you this every single demonstration Helen yeah when I get down here I'm gonna take one of these paper towels and I'm gonna wipe it and I'm gonna show you that it is completely dry because listen we get scared hardwood floors all that stuff putting putting moisture down here but now this is nice and dry and look at that beautiful clean swipe right down the middle that we've got there okay you know I've done the presentation of this before and in every single time it sells out but when we get it back and you know we do a sale price when we do the live demonstrations we're here live it's 4:40 6 a.m. on the East Coast we've got about 13 minutes left in the show if you own this we would Tracey I'd love to hear from you you can call us right now we're live it's one eight six six three seven six eight two five five I know so many of you have purchased this it is always a customer pick we just got we change when we change the item number we kind of start all over again and that's what this is this is new pricing because it's a sale price and ordinarily it's one 69.95 I think this is the lowest price I've ever seen and you're getting free shipping and five flex pay so it's under $26 and free shipping and handling it was that pancake syrup yeah like you'd cry when it's early in the morning and it happens you know you're not happy but listen like I said we're making an exaggerated mess for you right here right because I want you to understand this this is a two tank system so you're always cleaning with fresh water and then that dirty nasty water is going into that separate tank right here so again I want you to think about the fact that you don't ever have and then tomatoes pray you see how cleaning those scrubs are getting in there and I'm gonna go a little bit up there that is right so now it's gonna be bone dry I've cleaned up carrot yogurt tomato juice with clean water and again the game-changer here helen is that this is now dry dry dry so that is key with this because listen I want to talk about the alternatives right okay we've been here we've been here we've loved this thing around right it's nasty like you bring a clean broom and our clean maja yeah you put it in clean water you do once well it's an especially nasty now you have to read you're putting all of this back on them in your hands ringing you that by hand at that particular kind of mop but even even no matter what kind of mop you have that there's probably days that you're like I'm not doing that anymore you know maybe get on your hands and knees maybe that you know manual labor like that is just a little too hard these days well now all you have to do if you can gently push a vacuum you can clean and scrub your floors and get them dry yeah that's it really a great this is the only one of its kind we have six brands that do that like we have different brands of vacuum cleaners but this is the only a spin scrub this the only one that does this the only one that is going to clean your floor's scrub your floors and dry your floors and again it's that two tank systems so right here this is where your water is this is where your solution is and then on this side this is where the nastiness is so look at how easy it is just to go ahead and clean this and dump this out so there you go there's a mess here's the thing I want you to notice okay so that's tomato juice that's the ogre that's all of that but what you don't have is check this out look at the scrub brush down here that isn't all of this nastiness is not in here it's not absorbing it like it would in your mom really again it's going into that tank so you've got that two tank system always cleaning with clean water in the solution and then the dirt grime and gunk goes into separate tanks so you're not making the floors even read dirty again you see what I'm saying so you never have to mop again yeah and and because it leaves the floor dry what about your hardwood floors or your heard or you know something were you for definitely hard boys you don't want to leave water on your if you damp mop it or something but imagine how many years you've lived in your home and how many times have you mopped your hardwood floors maybe never right so this is gonna be like an eye-opener when you see how much like dirt you're getting up right so I don't have hardwood forth I have tile which I love because describe it for sale – yeah we'll get in that grout but my parents have hardwood floor I've got hardwood floors in my whole house and if I get one drop of water on the hardwood floor my dad if you're doing the dishes right I mean because he's so hardwood floor my kitchen well I bought the house that way but it doesn't it didn't necessarily make sense to me but yeah I put a rug down around where the sink is but yeah you know we don't want to get it wet I I definitely jump down there and tried to dry it up and I I wouldn't you know I'd vacuum it but I you know to mop it you'd have to like mop it yeah and then dry it right away right dry right away this one to worry about ever so with you now you have a complete system for hardwood floors which i think is just awesome because i want to talk about the competitors out there I mean this is a valid thing that a lot of people purchase but you've got to buy these little pads right here you've got to clean them and then here's hardwood floor right here so you want to get in there okay so I'm gonna get in and clean it up now look at this all right do you see the bottom of that let's flip it over yep you get you got a dirty diaper there I got a dirty diaper you gotta take it off throw it away and buy a new one it looks a little clean right here right first off it's still wet with that solution is is this how you want your floors to look when you've done when you've cleaned with an alternative you know so let's go ahead and put our floor mate up here turn it on and again remember it's that chute those Russians are behind there scrubbing away eating through the dirt the dime all of that and then there's this and that is sucking everything and that is making everything bone-dry and look at the difference it's absolutely night and day there but the game changer here is that its points would be bone-dry so you don't have to worry about all of your hardwood floors and again I want to go ahead and show you that this is absolutely dry and look at the difference you see that beautiful clean streak right here with just one pass and then check that out over there that's not what we want I'm gonna even make a bigger mess I'm gonna do milk so this is great if you have any spills in the house if you have you know like if you drop the milk or if you drop the water or anything like that it'll go ahead so there's a drying side and then there's a clean wash and then there you go now you get in there and you can clean everything and you can see there where the brushes are doing all of the work underneath grabbing and breaking everything up as I pull back sucking it and then it's bone dry you didn't have feels like first get up the spill with 400 paper towels and then get out the mop or go on your hands and knees and scrub it was like it does everything it vacuums up liquids on hard floors so this is like you know the carpet washer for your carpet that you have this is like the washer for any hard surface and it even gets in the grout which I love because of those brushes the way that they're set up there they can be flexible and go high and low again kind of kind of go up and down absolutely there's different elevations in the grout and the tile and here's the thing you're getting the solution with it so you don't have to purchase that separately like yep yep so you come see everything here comes with everything you've got the brush and you've got the solution right here come straight here at the two tank system so you're never cleaning your floor's with dirty water so once they are clean all of the dirt grime and gunk goes into a separate tank so you know what the mop you're constantly cleaning the floor with dirty water whatever junk was in the previous room now goes in the room at the other house by the way it has a two-year warranty Wow sometimes when you buy something it's like 90 day warranty do you want to buy the extended warranty we give you a two-year warranty the folks that Hoover give you a two-year warranty on this so I know you're gonna love it big seller and a customer favorite for a while and there really is it's a loan in this category Tracy yeah absolutely you know there's nothing else like it out there in the market there's nothing that is going to clean and try any surface in your home that shiny tile that we all want to look pristine beautiful and shiny but it's like right now I'm going to show you home it's so clean but it's as dry as bone right there plus it is it's back to its original shine so not only did it clean this but it got down in this grout too because of those scrubby brushes that we have underneath it's getting in the grout it's cleaning and it's polishing leaving it dry but these are some of the worst messes that we can get you know we've got jelly we've got dirt we've got all of that and look at how it just breaks through I'm not my hands and knees scrub it I'm geli you know that's very messy and it goes back to its original time right there so I can't say it enough it is absolutely eliminating the nightmare and it's not only cleaning everything my kids can be on this floor it's nice and clean I feel great that the pets can be on the floor it's nice and clean I haven't had to corner off how many times have you mopped and then cornered off the whole house to like make sure that nobody steps in the wet oh yeah you don't have to do that anymore with this it's perfect and again it's safe for your hardwood floors for any type of floor we've done tile we've done wood we've done tile laminate we've done every type of floor surface here where everything is clean everything is dry yes and we've got about three minutes left in this well two and a half minutes left actually am-1 29.95 we're doing a big sale price today so if you've seen this on air before and thought I'd really like that today is a day that you're gonna get to get it because I've got free shipping $25.99 and ship it to your house for free on any major credit card and you're gonna have the Hoover FloorMate with all the extras that we include here at HSN solution the free shipping the two-year warranty we want you to keno shop with HSN not just today not just tomorrow but way in the future we've been here for 40 years we were celebrating our 40th year here at HSN the item number is five 76210 just our final couple minutes on this Tracy yeah I love that you don't have to like if you just Ito a bottle of wine or something and dump the whole thing on the floor how many people tell us what it takes it's like a math problem to pick up everything yes but you could just sit no matter what you've spilled you you knock over avaaz and all the water goes on the floor it's like you just want it don't you have those most you just want to throw your hands up and walk away because your library okay every time that you've had to pull out a map every time you've had to pull out one of those buckets to carry it around this weighs 17 pounds so you can easily move this from room to room and to be able to have a vacuum so to speak that mops and does all of the hard work for you he's rubbing lugging that mop from room to room any hard surface in your house and I want to talk about this because it is a two tank system we've got all of your clean water right here that's key so you're not brushing or pushing any dirt grime gunk into the different rooms and then this is your nasty tank and you just take it out like this and then you pop these open and you just dispose a bit but I want to go back how long do me time you go back to that you know we do we have our final minute I want everybody to remember that it is $40 off today and free shipping and handling this is always a customer favorite everybody loves this there really is the only one of 59 it's like a vacuum cleaner a mop a broom and a person to scrub the floors all in one thing because it literally will kind of like suck up every kind of spill scrub every kind of spill and have the clean water rinse and then dry your floor all in one step and it's of course everything has a 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee Traci is there another presentation of this today I'm not back with this again today I don't know if there is another one but I want you to just visualize we've made this huge mess right I think we have like 30 seconds left and I'm gonna clean 30 seconds if you clean it up I'm gonna scrub it and I'm gonna drive 15 seconds where did that go and that's zero tracie fruit fruit showing us all that all you guys keep shopping I'm gonna be back later tonight I'm launching the today's special with Rhonda Shear I'm super excited but stay tuned an encore presentation of today's special is coming up right now folks run do not walk to the phone

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