HSN | Home Solutions 05.21.2018 - 09 PM

HSN | Home Solutions 05.21.2018 – 09 PM

stick around for the x-bike we'll talk about that vallevan p.m. tonight so what are we doing in this hour well we're gonna take one of the last couple looks at a brilliant shelving system it is the first time ever that we've offered a customer pick and now it's a 2-pack and we didn't double the price we'll tell you all about it right now flatout gonna tell you I bought this today and you know why but about an hour ago I came in I was like oh I got to make sure I get this and here's why I have two places in my house that well there's lots of messy places but there's two that is driving me crazy we have the shed outside and it's got all this stuff just jammed into it we can never find anything and it's a hot mess one of mine is gonna go in there the second one I'm a big crafter I have a lot of supplies and I've organized a lot of it but I just need some more shelving so my second one that I'm getting or the origami tonight is gonna go in my crafting area where's your mess where's the place that you look at and you're just like this drives me nuts a kid's room closets how about your kitchen how about all those great appliances you buy from us but you can't find them cuz they're way way back under the shelf down below and you just don't use them we're gonna change all that tonight with our very best foot forward and our best value ever on an origami and we call them a pantry shelf but quite frankly way better than a pantry shelf I mean it's kind of the everything shelf and for the first time ever indeed you get to now day in and day out we sell a single one of these just one normally the shipping on it is typically about twelve thirteen dollars and you have one for right around eighty nine dollars that's been very successful and you have made it a favorite well tonight look at the price we've doubled the offer for the first and only time we'll do it that's why I got mine today I'm not silly I'm not foolish I understand how cool this is and you get both but not obviously doubling the price now the shipping total you're saving by shipping both of these is $22 so it's great to have that free shipping tonight as well and I loved it I used it the five flex pay I'm all-in it was under $26 to get these home and you can do the same all right we have a lot of colors and we have a lot to get to because this isn't all they are just great portable great shelves wait to see the magic that happens but first hydrates we are going to talk about the fact that we all have that hot mess somewhere not oh yeah and I got what's going on you know and listen what do I understand is yes this is a smaller footprint but it's the perfect footprint because this right here is this huge table at six feet it's got 84 items on it we could put more stuff on it but they really they didn't have a bigger table at HSN okay so they gave us the biggest table we loaded it up and what we did is we bought double so we took everything that's on this table 84 items big cereal boxes gallons of water jars of spaghetti sauce all that stuff 24 cans and we put it on two of the racks behind me Wow so literally at this mess here this is that cluster when you come home from the store and you unload everything and you say where in the world am I gonna put that the answer is simple it's right here so literally everything here is on these two racks okay and look at there's still a ton of room so like I said if they would have given us a bigger table we would have been able to put more more and more hey can you guys really see that too even here we could have squished all this together absolutely pushed it back and look there's even more room available on that shelf and and that is just the beginning of the magic what I love about it and Tracy's gonna show us in just a second is when your life changes you move you change your mind these shelves change with you that is the greatest thing about the origami shelves because of the magic mind oh yeah the mat so here's that what we're talking about the fact that you have zero assembly when it comes to origami you know the fact that you haven't had a higher team to come in permanently install a metal shelving system into your walls all of that invest money in the house that you may not be in for a very long time do you mine and you're getting those four wood planks – all right so this is the magic of origami all right they're gonna come to your house in the same box flat pass like this that's it how do you assemble it did you miss it could you do these assembly again yes I can was ready and listen you literally fold it open watch how these middle shelves literally just fall into place okay you've got your famous origami clasp back here you just weave this through you push it down and now all the four bottom shelves are locked and loaded ready to go you all you have to do is put this top shelf back on there's another little hook right here on the side you just push that in now it's nice and secure okay hook that in and then you've got the wooden planks right these are included right so you're getting four per shelf okay why is that important you get to decide you get to decide I get to decide exactly where I want these to go where I want a flat surface whether I want to use all eight on one rack if I want to use four and four two and six completely customizable and there you go what it's less than a foot off of the wall that's huge so if you have two feet because it's two feet wide one foot deep if you just have two feet of space on an empty wall you are able to get almost 10 feet of storage space but instead of going out we go up 2 feet 2 feet 2 feet 2 feet 2 feet there you go you've got that wonderful footprint you can put a hundred pounds worth of weight on each one of these shelves it's that amazing and also all you do too is you slip the wheels in but it is ridiculously easy if you want the wheels you don't have to have the wheels but if you don't use the wheels it even holds more weight which is pretty incredible so please remember you're getting both yeah my producer Darrell said he loved the wheels I do too I've gotten origami in my house and you might and if you have origami let's hear your story or if you're getting it tonight share where's the hot mess is it the kids closet is it your closet and it's all your shoes is it a whole bunch of sweaters that are stacked up on a shelf and when you pull that one out in the wintertime everything falls down or maybe it is all your handbags and you've just got them crammed somewhere and you don't use them because you don't wanna dig for them this is really a game changer and you know what once you get those really messy places organized you use your stuff never you feel so much better yeah like really getting my crafting goodies organized like I have now and I spent some time doing it it's just made everything I do in my crafting time is I have very little time to be creative enjoyable because I can find the stuff I can get this stuff right and that's that's why I'm gonna put one of these in my cache to make it even sweeter would you agree with it saves money because when you see your like let's say for the pantry for example you know how many times have you read bought something because you didn't know you had it whether it be spices or canned goods you know you may be that one spice was all the way back in that lazy susan back there so you just end up buying more and more because you forget you have this stuff what like you said you have your crafting stuff it's right there now you don't know you know what you got going Jimmy like paper right give us give you another one too in your kitchen how many of you have a ton of appliances and you never use them because they're stuffed in the bottom cabinet in the back and you have to pull 20 million things out to get to that rice cooker or to get that we have so many people take all the appliances they love from us and they get them organized on these and remember this is huge gang you get two of these for the very first time not doubling the price normally one is about $89 notice our price tonight's only one 2995 for both and huge it's free shipping that's why I bought mine before I went on the air because it was really funny I told you yesterday and again right last night and I got to work and I totally forgot to get him and then I'm like oh my gosh I'm on for the last three hours of the day why does that matter because at midnight the price goes up to the full price and the full price is what is it $1.99 guys I can't see that far away yeah it's $200 in three hours from now right I didn't want to spend $200 so I'm like I'm no fool I wanted the five flex yes I wanted the free shipping and yes I did not want to spend 200 when I didn't have to so you can grab them now and we've got great colors I know we have to go over brand-new colors we launched today which is fun so these are these are yeah these are a blush that's what we're calling them this is a very shabby chic look all my pink ladies I love this crafts rooms great kids rooms fantastic a really really soft hue of pink which I love it's not overbearing it's not like oh my gosh let's have pink you know so I love that one you want to go over that way whichever works so still that way so let's go this is the one that we were talking about earlier with the pantry that we have it propped out as the pantry is that vintage bronze which has been a huge customer pick with origami because it's a very rich dark dark brown it's got specks of gold in it it's gonna match dark furniture it's gonna match your leather all of that and remember it all matches back to your other origami so if you have the bronze let's say kitchen card or heavy duty rack or something it's gonna match that as well with all those colors this is no Navy ready yeah so if there's that coastal theme going on right now you can't open a magazine where you don't have that Nantucket look or that coastal theme this is that beautiful navy with the nice light oak wood that you're getting right there again a true true Navy in that description also if your nautical the nautical theme oh yeah absolutely absolutely all right so this is that silver we're calling this silver this is the closest thing we're gonna have to stainless steel so if you're somebody wants to maybe match it back with your stainless steel appliances if you like that solid industrial look you're gonna get that with the silver and you know why we're on this one real quick and I know we have more colors look at these cool baskets they're brand-new it's a set of two they're metal they work on any of your origami shelves so for those of you who are origami crazy like I am this is gonna work on any of them and I think we have five or six colors available and it's a two pack of metal metal baskets I thought that was a clever addition it turns this into a drawer system it's not just an open shelf so you can put your fruits or your smaller items in there as well just makes it more functional this is our turquoise and listen this has been one of the most popular ones you've got that Rhett this reminds me of that old-school like retro you know car that cool pop of color you know it's that reminds me of a jewelry box yep from a famous Stewart Lee and I have 400 left okay so we don't have a lot of those left okay so we've got the turquoise and then you can top kitchen or storage an org without talking rent you know number one accent color in the kitchen and origami has nailed nailed nailed the shade of red it is fire engine red it is rich red it is what you want to make a statement if you're making a statement with red this is your answer right here again very rich very awesome there alright next one is this is new we're calling this burgundy okay and burgundy what were you saying I was calling it a mauve yeah think deep mom that's the color I'm calling it burgundy calling me a burgundy but look at how rich that is it looks a little purpley in that shot there but it is it's a little richer than that in person again great and you're getting four wooden planks with all of these as well next to it is the black now let's spend a minute on the black is this one you just want a button okay so the black is a little different so you've got the black frame but you also are getting these black wooden planks this is the only color that it comes with where the wood is going to match the frame itself so if you want that I didn't even know that what a bonus for me so you've got that option right there so I love that and then you've got the black drawers here as well and then last but certainly not least we've got the beautiful white and here you go you know you've got the white with the light out I'm gonna spend just a second on this white for a second because keep people keep saying you know why are the wood planks so important well we have a lot of things that have feet whether we go we're going to the home decor store and we buy something like this or a picture frame or let's say toaster appliance at home they have a lot of exactly so when you put appliances you can't put it on a wire system like this you know you need to have that flat system so that it makes it more versatile and more stable so as soon as you take this and you put it on now you've got that wonderful flat surface okay so here's the skip I pulled out some of the customer reviews and if you go to hsn.com you will see an obscene amount of five-star customer reviews on any of our origami it's one of the most successful lines we have at HSN and I think there's many reasons why number one is durable as all get-out do you know it's weather resistant that's why I'm putting it outside in a shed you've got some outdoors I know using your house trace we use them indoors this one is not as industrial it's you asked for it which I thought was cool we really do listen to what you want and a lot of us have the big industrial big giant normal ones and those are great but they look very industrial so many of you said hey bring us something it's more of a in-home shelf system and not quite so industrial and this really fits the bill times two now please remember and here's what's gonna happen you're gonna get this home and you're gonna go oh my gosh this is the greatest shelving you never ever used in my life I think you will I really promise you that and then you're gonna go oh and I did this I love my origami so much I was willing to come back and pay full price to get another because I love that first one but I didn't know how much I loved that until I got it home and start using it right so I went back and paid full price because it beats anything else that's out there wood shells particle board shelves those plastic shelves do you have that leaning tower a plastic shelf flipping weight paint cans in your garage and no one will touch a paint can because they know if they do the whole thing is gonna collapse try origami this is the best way to do it we've never offered two of these together and again indoor/outdoor you can use them virtually anywhere you can imagine and they move with you when you change your mind or you move if you want to move into a different room or give them a different purpose I think that's why so many people have rated them so highly this is one of my favorite reviews ready for this one this is ocean Creek and South Carolina and she said love origami I'm sort of obsessed with it I get an ocean Creek you it is a bit of an obsession absolutely then you know what I love to you look at a mess and you go I can fix it and I can fix it easily and you can do it on your own do you know how many reviews I'm sure you've seen them have gone over and over saying how easy this set up is so I think it's really empowering because we don't have to have a million pieces in parts we don't have to have a friend come help but build us or we don't have to struggle with it it's just that's it you just saw her build it right and I think that there's something to be said for being able to put something together on your own when you have the time to do it you know I think a lot of times you know you're busy I'm busy Suzanne I know you're really busy you know I don't have the time to go to the store bring something open it up have it be in a million pieces hire someone to do it get in a fight with my husband because I need him to do it or something like that you know to have that independence when I have that extra 15 minutes and I take it out of the box and then I can immediately start getting organized with that I love how you were talking about you know being on the go whether let's say your renter or you know your your kid going off to college going oh my gosh everybody's graduating right now but if you have a small business you know if you're somebody who works from home and you're selling you know whether it's clothing or lotions or jewelry how are you displaying that when you go to people's homes that's great you know so you can put these in the back of your car and then now you have a shelving system for clothes you can put your chunky jewelry right there all of your lotions have a beautiful display if you go to the farmers market and you have um crafting stuff that you're selling there this gives you that perfect Avenue for displaying or let's say you just love to garage sale and you have garage Hills all the time how hard is it I never I've never been able to figure it out like you obviously have to set up the night before right have everything in your garage and you have to take it out in the morning well how do you lift the big old tables and stuff to get it up right right you know this allows you to set up the night before and then just wheel stuff in and out really you can use this anywhere we'll talk about your tomato plant plant singular thank you tell the tomato plant stories all right so my husband we in all went in full disclosure we don't have green thumbs in the rest of family but my husband got a tomato plant and it has become his third child like in its one plant it has four Tomatoes on it one time a squirrel came and took one tomato and took a bite out of and it was like that plant had to get off the ground it now has to be on a shelving the plant we were dying laughing it's the honest to goodness truth the plant has its own shelf an origami an origami yours well what else am I gonna put outdoors it's you know I mean I I have the shelving system and think of this not just for your your one tomato plant but if you have if you want an herb garden if you live in an apartment complex or if you have a balcony yeah and you're like gosh I really want to use vertical space to put a bunch of pretty plants and maybe you want to do a salad or a garden on and you want to make it kind of an urban or gir garden it's perfect for that guys cuz it can go outside see that something people don't really say looking at – gosh it's a beautiful shelf and oh it's so awesome I would never put it outside know we have people use these by the barbecue grill because I don't know about you it's you your family husband you whatever do you have all this stuff for the barbecue yeah and you're like I have no place to put it it's all sitting around around the grill it drives you crazy then you turn around and say you know what I want a place in my living room for all my favorite hobbies or my favorite books or whatever it might be if you everybody going off to their first apartment are going to college dorms notoriously do not have any shelving space at all oh I love that for the laundry too right because I don't have you know resale as pretty pictures of great laundry rooms I'm like yeah I don't I have a corner corner and you know what my storage was before it was those cabinets that they put on the wall behind the washer and dryer you know what I'm talking about really did you get there it reads did you literally have to get us there are dents in the top of my washer and dryer from my knees having to crawl up there to get in the storage you know that's ridiculous and you don't have a lot of space but I bet you have 11 inches I bet you have 2 feet of space I want to show you something let me show you all the different ways that you can get this okay do you get it home say you use it just one in two separate rooms okay say you have two feet of storage space you can put two racks in a two foot spot what about using a cork making it a corner unit it's great and utilizing a corner like that so you've got this right here okay look at that option as well so now you're utilizing two walls having a storage system again you can use these in so many different ways you can use it side to side front to back the footprint on this is ridiculous it's less than a foot off the wall so why is that important well how many times have you been carrying like a platter or something like that and you come around the wall and you bang into that big bulky piece of furniture right that's not going to be a problem so wheels on or wheels off completely up to you but also you can lock the wheels if you want it to be a little bit sturdy or – I like that option as well I mean you could reach the top shelf hallelujah any time to try to reach that upper cabinet above the fridge and you've got oh I really want to get to that you know how many of you have stuff in your upper cabinet above your fridge you've never used in years simply because you can't get to the darn thing minor deep they're recessed and my fridge sticks out I don't even know what's in there right I hope to gosh there's no food up there cause it's old but there's so many ways to use it the other thing to think of this in your closet okay so you have your closet can we put them sorry here's your closet we're gonna be a closet right here's the closet door you know the space that you walk into actually go into your closet you can set these by sight in that empty space because guess what when you need to get behind them you roll it out of your closet go back get whatever you need and you roll them back in so all of a sudden space you actually think well I'm never gonna put anything right dead center in my closet huh you can put these in there because they roll so easily and they're so simple to move and then you can close them up if you're going somewhere you move to a new place you change your mind how you want to use them it's a great investment and I would never say this if you ever built a particle board shelving unit have you ever moved it to a new place oh you didn't you know because it's not good and if you try to take it apart it's gonna fall apart with these you invest in them tonight one time and I promise you for years and years and years you're gonna use them in fact if you don't mind tray summer either coming or I love this Linda in New York said 4th piece of origami take it out of the box and boom ready to ready to place and use and then in huge caps love them here's a gal from our deep hot in Arizona said so easy to set up looks great in my kitchen amazing how pretty it looks and how much stuff it holds so ie back to our original table Oh mine yeah absolutely let's show them everybody literally you have a ton of stuff on this table I think listen this may not be your trip to the grocery store this may be your trip to the big box store this may be your trip to the shoe store and if it is hallelujah god bless you order the clothing store but I think we've all done that where we come home and we have bags of stuff and we unload them and then we ask ourselves where in the world are we gonna put that and think about it there are 84 items on this table alone we could have gotten a lot more stuff on there but that's the biggest table HSN would allow us to use out here you've got 24 cans you've got big things of oatmeal you've got your cereal boxes gallons of water all of that so why is that important why why because all of that here's right here and listen this this is looks great but this is what I want you to focus on for just a second right here we've put 84 pieces on these two rats and we still have enough room to add more cereal to add soda cans to add wine bottles or anything else that you want to add right hair you're getting that maximized store space and here's the other thing when you go grocery shopping what I want you to do when you have something like this you can pull it out and you can take a quick inventory and see oh okay I have corn I don't have to get that or I have this so now you know what you have so you're not double buying or if you like to do but double buy and you're a person like me who loves buy one get one free oh yeah gosh care for it sure no leaving lima beans I always joke about this I don't like lima beans but I'll buy them all day long if they're buy one get one free you know could you feel like you're getting a deal but you come home and you don't have the storage space for it now you have the storage space because we're giving you their planks again think of your closet you can put your heels on here you know it's not gonna fall through so it can be a shoe rack it can be a handbag rack it can be a clothing rack if you have put all of your clothes on that top shelf and you're never able to get to them why do that anymore you can put this in front of your hanging clothes and then just wheel it out of the way when you need to get to your blouses and they just remember p2 because this is a really big deal and I don't want that night to end and then you go oh really we're showing you in many cases you can only see one of these you're getting two and normally rosalie or tracy now we were talking about this we saw one of these a day in day out about $89 for a single one and the shipping is about $12 so if you combine that together that's almost the price of today's special right really right so what we've done is for the first time you double it you're getting two of these you're getting eight of the shelves so that nice wood hard shelf that'll be 8 total 4 per shelf and it's free shipping and the shipping is $22 by itself now what happens at midnight if you're new you're kind of channel surfing you're going gosh you're right my closet is a mess or wow I really like to get this my husband's you know garage area organized or well you just you can see it in your mind where these are gonna go right why do you want to get them before midnight because the price will jump to $200 at midnight and what's pretty impressive people still buy him after midnight I just find that interesting but that's gonna they missed out they didn't realize it or they waited so right now it's gonna the savings is here just 1:29 and at midnight it's going to be almost $200 also I love that 5 flex I used I bought the pair of black eye of course I used flex I love it because and he made your credit card I don't have to pay it off until five months from now and guess what they're coming to my door in three to seven business days so I was like I'm in so use the flex pay and that free shipping all of it is really a massive savings but I just don't want you to miss out because we've never offered this before like this and it's funny if you have them I'd love for you to call and let us know because chances are you bottomed and the only way you could buy him was you had to buy one at a time right and we have people who bought him one at a time paid shipping did the whole thing full price the whole ball of wax and have gone on and I have about six pages of five-star customer reviews on a rack the only other time we've offered a set of two was one time at host pick and 139 95 and they totally sold out so really this is kind of one of those crazy rare opportunities and we never ever have enough shelving space no you know and when we needed more shelving space what was your option you know so at the end of the day you know what origami is the only this is the only place that you can buy these pantry racks with origami so if you were gonna go out because you needed a shelving system and you were to go to a big box store or some big store this is probably what you would find this is I'm gonna read this to you it says five tear towers so the same amount of shelves as ours you've got the buckets you've got it this shell that you've got to split racks okay like we have on ours but this is in 20 different pieces you've got your jar of nuts and bolts you've got all of this right here you've got to read all of the instructions you've got to line all of these up I think we often relate Suzanne to an afternoon wasted on a project like this right you know this was the old school way of putting together furniture of having to get a steel system in place or hiring a crew to come in and permanently install it out with this this is an afternoon this is a headache this is basically an argument with my husband you know it's funny you pulled that out because I don't even think about any of their shelving unit than origami like it's it's it's almost ridiculous like you'll remember this moment you're watching right and then you'll go to the store and you'll be looking all the shelving units at the hardware store or whatever and you'll go oh really I should have gotten the origami and the commitment to that is a lot of time and you're never taking that thing apart so sometimes for many of us you just sort of leave that old shelving there when you move and what a waste of money that is yeah or you get that plastic you member the plastic if you ever had a wig growing up my parents have this tower of plastic shelves and my dad had all the paint on it right and it really looked like if you grabbed one can the whole thing was just gonna completely just slowly fall over so no one touched the plastic shelf we never used what was fun the Shelf it was basically a dust collector this changed it really does change everything and you know what when you're closets organizing your life's more organized you know whatever results in just makes you feel happy and you get to use the stuff that you buy and you enjoy it so much more if you're a real cooking of food and you love being in the kitchen but you're not using all those wonderful appliances use the shows I mean it just really is wonderful and when you move or you change your mind they're totally adaptable to whatever you need them to be which we love and also you guys love this size so once you can go over the dimensions absolutely if you will because that's that's the thing about this one so listen this is your footprint it's two feet literally two feet long but where the magic happens is on this side view it is less than 11 inches off of the wall so if you have two feet and just two foot deep you have enough space for this it stands about four feet seven inches tall and remember with the wheels on each shelf can hold 20 pounds worth of weight I really want you to think about this for those really hard to play hard to go places when it comes to organization bathroom heat and humidity you can't put particle board in there it'll break down plastic it'll melt if you put a curling iron in there that's a little too warm say that from personal experience you know outdoors by the pool you've got to have that powder-coated steel so the places that you really have a hard time buying storage for because you want something to last this is the answer college dorms when were you ever able to take something up to college set up the furniture and bring it home that easily easily you know I mean it can go to your all four years it's nice cuz I got two of them I mean ants use I bought mine because I have two places it's an outdoor shed that is completely a hot mess well I just stuffs pile it up we even go in the shed I mean oh there's stuff we need to use in there and we probably bought it over and over but we can't find it and then again in my crafting space I've organized it but I just need more space cuz you never have enough stuff right and I think that's gonna be perfect my other one I've got this one spot so think about visualize that space and you'll find that most likely that's gonna fit in there just just perfect we have to wrap it up so here's what's gonna happen in about a half an hour so we're gonna take our final and last look please remember at midnight it goes to $200 do you really like to spend more money you pension go into the groceries and you say oh wow I got this for 50 Cent's and you go I'm gonna go back and get more and all the sudden it's five dollars and you're like wait a minute I was $0.50 yesterday that's the deal with the today's special the price will go up substantially at midnight I trace thanks for hangin thanks man again great great colors guys by the way the white the black that's what I got and the bronze those are the three most popular right now the pink quiz it's a pink right or the turquoise the turquoise actually was the most limited it's now three hundred cents in the turquoise alright so I got a lot more coming up in fact we've got an awesome awesome opportunity by I want you to see from yep get this name auric isn't that great alright so let me tell you about we have what we have going on with hsn.com we have an awesome power lift requiring a clerk liner with the heat and the massage and all that kind of good stuff now there's a bunch of colors you can pick from and what's nice about this and if you have anybody who really struggles trying to you know get out of a chair I'll tell you it really changes everything because there's nothing worse than that you know maybe have an elderly parent maybe you struggle yeah I know and then on top of it to have the massage and the heat I think that's like the ultimate chair quite frankly how awesome is that geez you won't want to get out of it who cares it Lycia out you won't want to get out of it well when you do want to get out it'll help you anyway you can check out more details on hsn.com you got crud well we're gonna fix it that's exactly what this is all about and we're gonna do it a really safe and healthy way which is pretty amazing we got cred cutter back and if you've got the mess and it could be lipstick it could be grease how about oil how about really bad pet stains and you're like gosh I don't like harsh chemicals well welcome to crud cow turn now you've seen k'rud Kutter out of the stores it is wildly popular and a lot of us know and you'll see it it's you recognize that that label we have a special package tonight it's just a massively good value when it comes to cutting of the crud you're gonna get the gallon container and the gallon container actually makes 40 32 ounce bottles of some of the best cleaner you'll ever use and then you get the 32 ounce bottle which is already full as well so you're getting 41 bottles of some of the safest and best cleaners you'll have in your home and of course John is joining me to talk about hello yeah we got a lot of crud in our life I know cutter you can literally use it in every room in the house from the laundry room is a pretreat free laundry to the kitchen for taking care of greasy pots and pans burned on caked on baked on stuff like I just did with the stainless steel pan that I just did how about you're speaking of the kitchen glass top stoves because it's non-toxic because it's biodegradable because there's no abrasives in k'rud Kutter it's actually perfect to use on a glass-top stove if you've got those burned on caked on baked on messes spray it on let it sit for a second and you can see how it immediately starts to go to work breaking down that baked on caked on burnt on food and now all you have to do is take a cloth and wipe it perfectly clean I mean it comes out perfectly clean each and every time with no toxic chemicals okay you ever gone to the store and you said I'm going green I'm gonna go and then you get the stuff home and it just doesn't work and so we've all been turned off anything that says oh it's non-toxic you know we think oh I got to have a toxic sauce already get it clean and what's the magic behind the magic behind it is the ingredients that we put in here all-natural okay so you don't have to worry about toxic chemicals you don't have to worry about putting on a gas mask or a face mask but what it does is it breaks down at a molecular level the baked on caked on burnt on food okay or any grease or oil around the house can I give you example if a stain a dog or cutie or whatever does their thing it's it's literally almost permanently in there right how does it go into a molecular level and remove it now there's a trick to using this too okay now you can see these little pet footprints here okay but it could be an actual pet stain too you can actually watch how it immediately it just disappears right before your eyes okay but the trick is on something like carpet all right you want to take a damp cloth place it over the top and press on a pet stain especially what this is gonna do is it'll wake up leave that that on there that stain will wick up into the cloth yeah so it's removing it it'll come into the cloth and won't come back on the stains of your carpets you can rinse it if you like but you really don't need to because remember it's non-toxic it's safety of just it's safe for you and your guests and anybody in the house so I'll tell you what listen I'll show you a real good example of how it works okay this is one of those hood vent screens this is what is up above your stove it collects all the cooking grease and smoke that comes off your stove top well I'm gonna take some crud cutter and just spray on here okay and you can see how it immediately starts to go to work breaking down all that cooking grease and smoke the way it works okay you mix it with water and what it's gonna do is make water wetter all right so when you get this home all right you've got the ready to use that comes just like this now I'm gonna pull this out look at the difference okay I'm gonna I'll put this right up here in the front look at the difference all right this is the one ready to use that you get and you get a gallon jug that will make 40 more of these as a concentrate that you mix with water so you feel you put the the amount that's labeled on the jug into here fill the rest up with water 40 more of these so I mean it's so economical oh god you'll use it in everything and I like it too because when you read it it's like there's a list back oh yeah and the things they can get out what's the most surprising thing do you think the thing that impresses me the most is if you really listen if you've got a marble or granite countertop did they make marble cleaners granite cleaners because it's a porous surface you're not supposed to use any harsh chemicals because those chemical gets stuck in those pores but with scrub cutter you can spray it onto literally any surface it's safe to use on just about any it's colorfast surface and look at the difference that Craig cutter makes in just a matter of seconds I mean it brings your tile back to life your bathrooms if you a listen in your kitchen does the cooking grease and smoke that builds up on your kitchen cabinet doors if you look at these okay I mean this is some nasty greasy mess right here hopefully your kitchen never looks as bad but you can spray k'rud Kutter on and you'll see right on right in front of your eyes how Craig cutter immediately breaks that down out of a molecular level and it does it safely I'm not having to wear rubber gloves I'm not having to wear a gas mask or a face mask all I do is spray it on you'll wipe it away and the job is done and and again because Craig cutters been around forever and if you don't know Craig cutter is made by rust-oleum it's the company that's been around for years and years and years great company yeah and well-known company yeah there's been around for years oh by the way crayon okay I get excited because I'd just go from one mess to the next to the next on everything it really does I mean and it breaks it down again without the caustic toxic chemicals you're not breathing in those nasty fumes you don't have to worry about wearing rubber gloves I mean when's the last time you clean through your house and not had to worry about spring on to cooking surfaces all right like you saw me clean the outside of this pan yeah what about the inside okay right in your kitchen sink spray k'rud Kutter on the nastiest goofiest messes maybe it's that lasagna pan okay that you have a hard time with cleaning now with k'rud Kutter you can clean up the nastiest messiest guqin goofiest messes in the kitchen and not have to worry about cooking on this same I just got done doing like a casserole in a glass absolutely spray it right inside on your barbecue grill hey listen do you flip burgers on those you don't want you use Kaka toxic chemicals on a barbecue great because you're putting your food on there but look at this in a matter of seconds cred cut or breaks it down it emulsifies it brings it back to life and I mean look look at the difference in just a matter of seconds on a barbecue grill and of course it works on all those other items as well hey for cleaning polishing it's it's a cleaner a degreaser and a stain remover all-in-one so you can use it on your barbecue tools not have to worry about touching the food with it because it's biodegradable because it's non-toxic because it's made by rust-oleum it does the job the first time you know we think of those cleaning the different cleaners that say green on them okay if you look it is earth friendly okay it's got the EPA rights EPA rate it is a safer choice product and it takes a lot to get that rating okay this one actually works with most green cleaners you know and you use them because it makes you feel good about using them the problem is you pay premium yes you spend a lot of green cleaners and then literally they don't work here this is like with k'rud Kutter again we've been making crud cutter for ever pay for mold and mildew even for cleaning up your tennis shoes or your sneakers if you've got a if you're into golf it's perfect for taking grass stains off from your golf shoes on hardwood floors the next time the kids go rollerblading through the house and you end up with all the scuff marks all over your hardwood floors spray some k'rud Kutter directly on there on the kid I mean look at how that brings that back to life again and again it removes it safely without leaving a chemical residue behind let me ask you this how many different cleaners do you use and you have to buy to take on all these jobs that's absolutely right all the money you spend just on a laundry pretreat here's here's just an oil okay now this is used motor oil and I do this to prove a point okay this is one of the toughest things credd cutter is a great degreaser now I'm gonna spray this directly on here watch watch what I do okay you can see how Craig cutter breaks down that used motor oil as I spray it on this plate like this you can literally see how it breaks it down at a molecular level removing the stain completely with no toxic caustic chemicals all right it's EPA rated as a safer choice product but you can see even just for removing grease and oil it's crazy what other cleaner can do even those toxic chemical cleaners can do I got one for you yes because this is me lipstick and lip gloss on a glass yes go for the worst we have to scrub it you can't get lipstick off it once it's on something hey listen even on your clothing you get a lipstick stain on your shirt collar okay spray it directly on your clothing as a pretreat for your laundry yeah all you do any stain at all and on your hard surfaces like maybe this is in the bathroom okay where you're putting your makeup on and the kids get a little creative with your lipstick and maybe it's a you know whatever look it removes just about it this now lipstick is grease okay that's a boy yeah grease on oil and look at the difference I mean it cuts through just about that's right you can literally see how it breaks it down right before your eyes and it leaves it chemical free spot free streak free all of that I mean and again it's doing it safely non-toxic biodegradable but it actually works as a cleaner let me remind you what you're getting this is just one bottle 26 bucks for one bottle not such a great deal right okay here's what you're getting this is really amazing because there's not available in any stores I know you've seen it if you go to the big-box stores in those places yeah they've got this but they don't have our offer so you get one gallon this is a super concentrate it'll make 40 of these one gallon will make 40 of these and of course you get the bottle full ready to go so once you use all this you've got 40 more bottles there you go it comes up to 66 cents so if you're buying a pre just let's stop it just clothing if you do a pretreat for clothing it's all it's for clothing it's not for Tennys and it's not for greasy Grilli stuff just that use it for that it pays for itself but if you can eliminate all those other specialty cleaners that you have around your house you and I love to save money I love saving money but you want it to work and then I think more importantly we really do try to find those healthier resources to clean with because we know how awful the toxins are to our body our systems our pets they're always licking their paws and stuff after they've gone over the floor why not use this here's a great idea take a capful okay just a cap full of the concentrate and put it in your washing machine with your regular detergent and watch the difference it makes in here long but you can ask you can I put in we haven't wore it coming up it's a vacuum scrubber yes you can put it in power washers you can put it in your fences and the size of the house I have I'm sorry if I don't tell Darrell you said Darrell my producer he's a complete clean freak I've never met a man who likes clean more than my producer he uses it on his pool furniture right I Darrell I got it out for you buddy hey listen hey the pool furniture or I do furniture anything with mold or mildew I even have a neighbor mine you know those young the rust stains on the side of your house you get from the sprinklers okay listen spray k'rud Kutter on there it's an amazing rust remover as well from the side of your house any place that you need to take off a stain at any time type of dirt grease or grime k'rud Kutter is the way to do it and again I like to use this example your microwave oven alright you should never spray a caustic or toxic chemical spray cleaner in your microwave because when you close that door and turn the microwave on what are you doing you're baking it yes any residue left behind gets baked into your food with k'rud Kutter listen there are no caustic chemicals it's all-natural it's biodegradable you don't have to worry about what surfaces you spray it on because it's safe for just about every single surface in your home inside of your microwave you don't have to worry about those toxic caustic chemical cleaners then your residue left behind it's not gonna harm you your kids your pets what else do you gotta think about this is we've got a great return policy like if you're watching this and you're going impossible like I think you're at home and you're like there's no way that whole dirty breezy thing is gonna get that clean that quick try it tonight while we have it available we do not have we have 1700 sets left and that's it we've already sold over 1200 but get it and try it out don't send it back we make returning really easy but aren't you curious how it's gonna work well stay on the line for that if you will coming up we do have auric which is a work in – and thank you John Frank thank you happy cleaning it's project central around here with just a little imagination some of this a bit of that the possibilities are endless whether you're just getting started or you know your way around the glue gun we have the supplies and ideas to help get it done say y es a DIY at HSN I grew up always dreaming and wanting to create things I see something and I see that we can make it better one day the light bulb just went off nobody has this they're waiting for me that invented next thing you know you're on HSN in the whole world's hearing about it it just sold out HSN celebrates the dreamers inventors and entrepreneurs who follow their hearts helping American dreams come true being here today proves anything is possible there's so many things to love about HSN but one thing that makes shopping here fun is flex pay get it home now without the stress of paying all at once wipe a full purchase price today when you can pay overtime buy what you want now pay it off later with your credit or debit card flex pay it's that easy exclusively at HSN who knew a little piece of plastic could be so much fun now when you apply for the HSN card instantly get $10 off it's all about you extra flex on the things you love now when you use your HSN card you get extra flex all day every day on all jewelry beauty and fashion purchases plus no interest VIP financing VIP easy returns exclusive offers all with no annual fee apply now call one 800 695 one four one eight or search HSN card at hsn.com I think we need to nin HSN I know I do you would expect them you hope to see really unique products will stay with me because coming up next hour we have some really great product innovations and one of those is I think brilliant especially for the summertime it is a tablet a 9 inch tablet that actually is a DVD player every mother and grandparent out there has just you know the angels sing if you're going on the road trip a staycation wherever you go you can use it as a traditional tablet but you also complete DVDs and CDs in it it's the lowest price we've ever offered and it's coming up so stay with us but now I'm really excited about this because if anything you know I love and more in life and I know you do too is making cleaning easier because we all have to do it you want something that's really smart and really quick we'll look at this and I'm so thrilled this is an ORAC here and we have a very special by what is it's called an opportunity Buy and what that means is we get offered just hate you want all of them if you'll take them will give you a really really good deal and they've done that with this auric now what's impressive about this is a vacuum and it's the scrubber and what really blew me away it's cordless and you really leave it up to auric to do that magic because normally if it's cordless it's not going to be couldn't scrub how could I have the power to do that this one does it's also commercially available so if you go and say you're working at a restaurant and you go into a big restaurant catalog to buy supplies this is $300 if you're buying it in one of those restaurant supply catalog we have it at this opportunity by for 99.95 so if it can handle the dirtiest restaurants that are out there imagine what it could do in your house miss Julie exactly that's brilliant yes it's brand-new so it's designed for hard floor surfaces your tile your wood your linoleum and it scrubs and then it dries your floor and it's perfect for kitchens if you spill something whether it's grease tomato juice milk juice whatever it is you can just get it out because there's no cord and clean it up in seconds so check it out right here we're gonna spill some sticky stuff so it doesn't just suction it up it cleans it at the same time so big messes right here this is what it's designed for and no cord I think it's the first hard floor cleaner we've had with no cord I think you're right yeah and a 20 volt battery oh no I can't eat you guys hear that engine purr and watch okay doing is that amazing that oh you know I'm gonna talk over it most the time it's so loud we can't really but it purrs oh my gosh I've never heard anything sounds so good and obscure and it dries at the same time so it has a squeegee right here so in the reverse you can see it suctioned up all of it it cleaned it up it's straight free no streaks no messes and it's totally dry so the nice thing about it is you're always using clean water so basically whatever place that's so you kick the mop right here it's angry I doesn't stand up on its own but this is a lot of work you got the bucket and then it's dirty and the first time you put this in all you're doing is spreading around germs so with the ORAC I want to show you the brushes on the bottom because this is what really makes it different it's rubberized brushes and it's a more sanitary way to clean so even see how they spin and scrub your hard floors they're removable they'll get dirty when they get dirty you can pop them out we also also have the additional brushes tile and grout and this is the one that comes with it and it's a set of three so if you want tile grout brushes they're available and you get a full set of three which is nice because you're gonna be able to use these for a really really long time also once you talk about the power because again my the thing that got me when I was prepping for the show as I go auric great name we all know that name around since the 60s and really truly do great industrial products and home products as well so I was like I'm all-in yeah and I said vacuum and a scrubber super all in right mice all want cordless I was almost out I know I thought how could it have enough power I know and it's a 25 minute runtime so this is lithium-ion my husband uses these exact same batteries for his heavy-duty power tools like for a lawn mower in a blur would you see the size of this after 25 minutes and all you have to do so you can charge this separately you don't have to charge the main unit and then over here you pop it in it will clean lithium-ion means the fade free power so it's full power for 25 minutes and it's scrubs so it eliminates you getting down on your hands and knees look at the power right there with those rubberized brushes there it is right there and then it dries in Reverse so what we're gonna do is compare those brushes to a mop or some sort of any other system really what you're doing the first time you dip it in you've got your floor your wood floors this is caked on gunk and you know what the market I'm gonna try and get it where it looks like it's clean there we go Plus this is a lot of work if you have a bad back or a bad shoulder okay your mop you're pushing around the doll the germs and bacteria it's messy it's heavy and then there's a bug so check it out right here it looks clean but then you flip it over and it's dirty so that's what you're walking on okay so we're gonna just do a little side-by-side comparison with the ORAC your upright first of all but I want to compare it this is ground in right here you can see my paper towel is falling apart grounded it's a syrup so I'm gonna go extra slow I'm gonna let those rubberized brushes scrub and then it clean cleans and scrubs at the same time using clean water check it out and I'm going up so slow paper towel okay look at that right guys okay that was good okay we're done okay this is wood so you know if you have your wood linoleum or your laminates you're not supposed to put water or moisture on your wood floors and look at this it's totally dry so it was able to get off that sticky syrup dried it in the reverse and use clean water every single time and with those rubberized brushes it's sanitary so it's commercial design for grease and heavy duty and no core restaurants use this you guys literally big-time restaurants use this in their kitchens because they've had all that greasy mess and if you go on to like if you were in a restaurant catalog and you were trying to shop for it we're talking about this earlier it's a three hundred dollar machine now here's the unfortunate thing I have 764 exactly available it's called an opportunity Buy and they came to us and said if you want all 800 of these we'll give them to you and we'll give a great price and so we're like well yeah we'll take advantage of it why is that matter because when those are gone this will never happen again we literally brought in one basically for one airing tonight and then it's gone I'll tell you what's really great is you're not even using a broom anymore because you remember it's the Oreck vacuum also built in here basically right so if I've got a lot of credence stuff not only will it do that it's gonna help pick up like for example the paper tell you that exactly so it scrubs and then it dries all in one swoop and it's just for hard floors that's it right and it uses clean water so dirt clean waters over here your dirty waters over here so all you have to do you take it over to your sink you're able to see your dirty water and then loops Thank You Suzanne dump it out I put in hot tap water and you can use your cleaning solution of choice you can rinse that out too so it's clean it's so much cleaner and more sanitary than using a mop in the bucket and all the steps that you have to do with the mop and then the first time you dip it in you're just spreading those germs and bacteria again look easy to clean all the parts to easy to clean yep and here's your clean water hot tap water with your cleaning solution of choice snap it back in it cleans in both directions you're upright you don't have to get down on your hands and knees and if you have the tile with grout we've got the specialized brushes that are a separate right here they spin and scrub your tile you can see right here they're even a little uneven to get into those little grout lines yeah look at those and what a great yeah it's a set of three for 14.95 that's an awesome offer you'll see the information you can you can see it down on hsn.com you know here's nothing Julie – if you really and I did that I'm such a nerd I love my job and so I do research right and norick started by David auric in 1963 yes okay so we're going back in history they make great products and normally the first time you ever saw an or auric was you into a hotel and they use the uprights he really said hey I'm gonna make a light up right that's really really powerful and sell it to the hotel industry yeah and so that's how we were all first introduced to it and then it's become a household name for all of us this is such a smart idea because if you hate to mob and you're getting down on your hands and knees do you take a knife and you scrub the crud before you get before you mop your floor because it's so hard and it's been there too long grab this while you can and I just want to point out – with this special offer we have free shipping lovely you save money and then 5 flexpays you can get this home for under $20 and I'm not kidding you I was the biggest doubter about the power of this even though it had the art name because it was cordless the freedom of not having a bunch of nuts around here it's in and of itself is worth the flex pay to try exactly no cords I want to show it you again lithium ion so that means that for 25 minutes it's full power for 25 minutes and you know that it's not like the old battery systems that start to die out over time full power lithium ion you can charge it separately and check out the power no cord in fact we do the same demonstrations on this that we use with our other scrubbers and and those are the ones you plug in and those you plug in this is granite by the way and it dries it at the exact same time so we went from wood to maybe a marble or granite it looks like we had the professionals out and it looks like they polished the floor looks like we paid for this and then it dries it so if you have marble or tile look at that total streak free can you see that right there it's smooth it brings back the gloss the shine actually yes your question you don't think I think this is true but do you also agree with me you'll end up cleaning your floors a whole lot more often just because it's so simple and fast yes and because it's cordless yeah in fact in commercial kitchens they use this unit right here so if you spill grease instead of getting it out plugging it and doing all that you just whip it out clean it up and with the brushes I want to show you the brushes again rubberized brushes design for grease so of course it'll get up your dirt and grime but look at that they spin and scrub they're removable so if they get dirty you pop them off everything is simple and easy and this is more sanitary and we also have a pack of additional three more of those you get one obviously with the unit but he has three of those if you would like to get more here's a really unique opportunity and I usually we do an opportunity buy you expect to see about maybe 5,000 or 10,000 we that's great we'll take them all this one was a really really short opportunity buy it means it's won and it's done and again if you look at this one or if you look at the catalogs it's a lot several hundred dollars more we've got it at under 100 and the thing is if you're still using old mop or an old system or maybe you've got a system but it doesn't dry it quickly why do you want to have your kitchen you know all blocked off for all of Saturday morning just because you want your for your floors to dry I think this is just such an awesome answer and Julie you're so right about wood floors I have almost all wood floors and white tiles everything yeah and you know on wood floors you've got to be really careful with them you don't want water sitting on exactly because moisture can ruin your wood floors this is one of the only products that will dry your wood floors instantly so check it out down here all you have to do is turn it on and push it powered you guys it's crazy quiet okay it is now you know it's hard to hear but it's like it's that it's pers boy that's really an org product yeah it sounds completely different than any other site I know it what did you say it pers if it hurts or incurs lots cleaning it's really beautiful all right here in the story we're down to right now only about 500 left and then that's gonna be completely sold out I don't think it's getting another airing but if it does hey you know take advantage of it if you're really looking for something it's smart and the handle folds down

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