HSN | Home Solutions 05.08.2017 - 10 PM

HSN | Home Solutions 05.08.2017 – 10 PM

your last chance to grab that ironing Center and thank you Tim for a phenomenal presentation okay so for so many of you this is the moment that you have been waiting for in 13 years professor Amos has been cleaning your homes caring for your homes and today is his biggest and best today's special for his number one best-selling cleaning product and the man himself is going to dance through our studio join us for a final presentation stock up on his biggest and best offer and call us talk to him and thank him it's our today's special the man himself is here he's rubbing and scrubbing and cleaning up the messes like you have never seen before and he is going to dance across our studios like he has danced into millions of your homes throughout your lives shopping with us here at HSN for over 13 years what you are seeing on your screen today is a celebration of our number one best-selling cleaning product across all brands that is whoa it is a lot is the number one shockitclean that cleans your rugs and your runners that cleans your leather upholstery and your cloth sofas and couches and today for the first time in 13 years and for the only time ever he has taken his number one product and he has given you double the supply plus extra goodies and thrown in goodies because he loves you so much every day on HSN this is our standard best-selling over 1 million sold shockitclean offer it is a half a gallon size that comes down to making over a hundred and 20 bottles of cleaner they're priced at about 26 cents the bottle it's a pretty good deal here it is on hsn.comm 364 days out of the year for 13 years here at HSN but for one day and one day only it's double the supplies without a penny of additional shipping without a penny of an increase in the cost and with extra professor Amos accessories included not one but two large spray bottles upstairs Downstairs kitchen laundry room bathroom you name it you get 2 full-size spray bottles and two oversized professor Amos 2 sponges all of it today the biggest and best offer the man has ever done in 13 years and he is here for the grand finale sell nation to celebrate over 27,000 sold today Colin thank him because I've been 13 years when making my friends thank you so much for doing this for us today it's been a pleasure and ever and I thank you for being with me for 13 years I'm just loving it you know we have the widt I wanted to give you something that was a little bit special this time just want to talk to you me and you because you know you can buy one of my porch for 2395 2295 I want to give you something to thank you this is the big guy good decides one bottle makes 260 bottle 250 bottle I don't even know I lost track County but I want my regular customers to take advantage of this because this is a gift from me to you all right so call us and share your story with us about shockitclean he's going to get clean and show you everything that's possible everything we can do for you we are talking everything from sneakers to jewelry from rugs to upholstery from leather to cloth to vinyl kitchen to bathroom and today just to show you real quick graphics what you get when you spend under $12 on your credit card is this it makes Wow 256 quarts worth that makes it 13 cents a bottle for a muffin Amin elect a marvelous home run hitter that cleans different and better than anything you've ever used so solutely that's true you know a bottle of this lasts for the next two or three years that's a nice thing about it if you want to take grease off a garage floor smoke off a fireplace dirt off of aluminum siding once my emulsifiers go to work to attack the molecular structure of the dirt grease grime oils and soils it breaks it down exploded into millions of particles head vacuum a look at that but have you ever seen that before looks pretty beautiful to me absolutely and a nice thing since there's no soap in this Brett this stays clean like it repels dirt mm-hmm forever absolutely now watch it's not only works manually but you can use this in an automatic or electronic machine watch what I do here machines kind of new to me we'll work with [Applause] when you join something that did that's this dirty that's the machine do the work so you don't have to just take your time wall carpeting you think you may need new carpet but when you shock it back to where it should be same carpet made for the you see what I'm saying neighbors know his phrases congratulate him on what he's accomplished for you here at HSN and I just want to remind you all because I'm not going to make the professor lift this up I'm going to do it for him thank you what this is going to replace it's a good thing I did some exercise today oh my goodness this is not 13 cents a bottle this is not 13 cents a bottle this is not 13 cents a bottle you can replace every single one of the cleaners it is currently in your caddy that doesn't smell awful the cleans better that does it more affordably than ever before and saves your back in the meantime this is hundreds of dollars worth of cleaning product and today you replace it all in a different better way than ever before all you do is choose your scent fresh is gone spring is gone if you want lily of the valley it is the first ever floral from the professor and it is down to less than a thousand in stock we have got his number one top seller cucumber lemon the iconic citrus zest that beautiful relaxing lavender mint but that's it spring breeze gone clean and fresh gone and your final opportunity today for double the supplies plus the professor bonuses all for the best value ever done with this brand here at HSN you know and I say Brett for interior of your car this leaves a beautiful scent in your car I like the Jasmine I like all the further fragrances and we use them continuing on the trucks around the factories in places like that and cleaning this is the best cleaner in the world there's no soap bleach or ammonia watch my son Avis clean the headrest on his car hair oil body grease lotions potions I don't care what it is on there it not only cleans the velour but it keeps it nice and supple very soft when it's done just like the day that it was new watch him use this rinse it back machine on that seat there look at that just come Wow I mean stuff is good our detail and that's more than $35 just for one clean and you do it over and over and over again because you are getting the most shock it clean ever offered in the history of HSN a deal that cannot will not be repeated again you will save literally hundreds of dollars a year because this is a good two years supply depending on how much you're cleaning and since it's a concentrate you customize it make it stronger or heavier if you've got a really bad stain you're trying to tackle make it light and gentle when you're trying to clean jewelry it works absolutely everywhere it is not a jack-of-all-trades master and on it is mastered at all and that is why it is our number one top seller thank you this is the final airing the last chance to do it and no cleaners go on sale at the grocery store today you replace them all at twice the supplies for the same price that we offer every day here at HSN all you got to do is choose the scent citrus cucumber melon the iconic original last call on the brand new floral lily of the valley now less than a thousand left in stock for his brand-new first of our floral fragrance and then that gorgeous relaxing lavender mint whichever one you choose it's 13 cents a bottle you'll be dancing while you're cleaning just what I'm saying give you credit time to go out dance and go to casino and parties and things like that yeah I must have casinos on my mind what's up with that diamond silver gold crystal glass windows mirrors look at the look at the beautiful shine this gets see it doesn't leave that residue because there's no soap there's no animal fat there's none of those harsh chemicals that hurt or burn your skin when you use this one time you'll see everything stays clean or just a little longer because we're repelling the the greasy film that does some of those other products leave on your rug now this if you live in an area up maybe up in the mountains Tennessee Bowling Green Maysville Pikeville and Paintsville you know you get some time you get that water that's just a little brown you get that rust in the water watch this but an ounce in there and I'm going to stir this up for a second look at it change colors look at that now if your white clothes aren't coming out white enough bright enough add a little bit of set of warshall oh you'll be shocked and amazed at how how it goes to work to neutralize I molecular structure you want to thank professor Amos for saving you money and keeping your home clean you've got less than 20 minutes to do it final presentation of the day last chance in 13 years to get his number one top selling product in a double-up special supply not only is it twice the supply we normally offer for not a single penny additional but today to spray bottles two additional sponges it is truly the best value you'll find anywhere in the country for the most versatile powerful phenomenal multi-purpose cleaner cleaning is something we all got to do why not do it better why not do it smarter and why not do it cheaper than you've ever done it for before Brett check check this out you see that stain on there watch this neighbor stays in your clothing ring-around-the-collar racing stripes all those wonderful things that we all have this takes the stain how neutralizes the color with this look at that look at that huh beautiful doll too dazzling now down here let's go here Brett let's do some kitchen floors if you have one of those new mops that I have available now this is good about one ounce in the bucket and use that mop and here's where here's the results I'm going to show you just by spraying just a tad on my sponge magic marker look at this neighbors never in your life have you seen anything take out magic marker like this mop your kitchen floor ceramic tile can go Liam linoleum all those wonderful things can come clean within seconds with shock it clean hmm we gotta get some music plays the man's got a dance here happiness finale show we're gonna get the music cranking we're gonna get some clean and done this is how you all do it in your home right you crank over your favorite tune you get cleaning get rubbin you get scrubbing you get clean it today's the day to do it it is our biggest and best value ever you're gonna be dancing at the price yeah you're gonna be dancing at the savings that you're gonna get it and you're actually going to enjoy the scent and the experience a clean in your entire home we have a shot on this I'm going to show you the children's shoes you know baseball shoes golf shoes all those stains come out easily what I did if I work too fast for I took my sponge and just sprayed some of the diluted formula on my sponge now rub this over the the hard to clean rubber listen okay that squeaky can there's no animal fats not flipping the slide the creeping in had been so a long time ago no that's not it this is the deal bread check this out gasps look at that do you see is that beautiful fool how about I buy dad shoes go get there he works at the coal mine the mills the factories and he has those tennis shoes sometimes you wish you can clean you clean them in and clean them out because after you're wild there's up there's a sweat and perspiration to build inside and it's alright to wash the inside of the shoe with this and just let them set out in the Sun and dry for a minute it helps remove those those or those that sweat and perspiration from the interior of the shoe and believe me I know about shoes I love shoes I love to keep mine clean looking good shined up or leave oh look at look at this I want it look at that look at that huh that's something nice is something not yes sir seems like pink champagne all nice okay so we're officially in our race to the finish if you've been shopping shockitclean left 13 years call the professor and thank him for the fact that your home smells fresh your carpet looks new your upholstery is without stains you're done dealing with high detailing cost for your car today is the biggest offer in the history of shockitclean here at HSN it is double the supplies it is double the supplies of what already is the most affordable cleaner in the world we're going to go to the phones right now we are going to talk to Helen who is calling us from right here in Florida who loves shockitclean so much that even with as much as we are giving her she ordered for Jan Heloise bars live for the professor hi how are you hi istic tell you what you love shockitclean so much I love this stuff because I use it every single day in my shower stall I've never seen you show the you know using it like a daily shower spray in your bathroom yes ma'am my tile shower stall looks like it was just put in there is no marks my grout is as clean as a whistle yes yes I've used it on rugs and all kinds of other stuff but I've seen you show that but I never saw you show it as a daily cleaner for your bathroom and that brings which one you going where you go all right hey Helen I do I do it every day I have one of those the wood fiber brushes I clean that glass I do the ceramic tile my bathroom looks new also I know what you're saying love you Helen thank you so much for your call so glad you're doing it we're going to build a shower just for you and for the professor to do the presentation that way the next time we're going to head over to the kitchen we're going to go into the bathroom you've got ten minutes left to join close to 30,000 customers who have not lost their minds today they're saving tons of money time getting the most versatile effective multi-purpose cleaner we offer here at HSN over a million sold before today and today it is double the supplies it is over half off the retail value it is the biggest and best magnet ever offered and you see he does not stop at anything you got something dirty in your home John oh yes I have car garage those guys at the chopper place this is what they claim the motorcycle engines with when they get really dirty greasy and oily because it emulsifies and neutralizes and penetrate that grease grime and oil on the manifold on the exhaust pipes everywhere there's a dirt grease grime this goes to attack destruction now here's something you have one of these glass stoves I love them I love them and I love my my burners also two different stoves in the house watch what happens can you see what's happening there look at there looking real cool you see how it's breaking the dirt grime and grease up I'm gonna take my sponge lightly over the top because I'm working smarter I don't need to work hard I got professor Amos as neutralizers in the bottle I do here we go I'm going to take my microfiber I love these microfiber cloths by the way they are exceptionally good and that that married to the shock it clean or we have a heck of a relationship there look at that hi like that huh is that pretty good can I get an A for that yay Amos how about some music man we're getting some music playing but I'm going to give everybody one last reminder we're going to do a little weightlifting wall Ematic because this is some serious cleaning product here okay if you want the brand-new floral the first ever named after my daughter lily of the valley we are down to less than a thousand is officially last call here with close to 30,000 sold it's the first ever floral shockitclean ever offered here at HSN last call on that one and then followed that by the lavender mist if you're looking for that soothing calming relaxing fragrance in your bathroom in your bedroom on your carpets lavender mint is down to two thousand left in stock both of those will go before the end of this hour make us get up and over this 30,000 mark congratulate and thank professor Amos for his booming business here at HSN and really congratulate yourself hundreds of dollars you will save and look at how well you'll get the clean and job done I love it Brett hey Brett used to check out that stainless steel sink you know and mention the sink now I have a product called fast drain cleaner when you're cleaning that sink on the top pour some of that fast down the drain you have 500 left 500 thousand bacteria for every square where you got to get that stuff out because it'll come back up on you that's what you want you want to shock it and clean it ye now watch this bread neighbor look come here come here with Matt we need to talk we had your understanding look one tablespoon of this and you fill the rest up with water cost you 13 cents a bottle in that 1 gallon you're going to have enough product to last for the next couple of years for those of you that have it and use it is the biggest deal that I've ever ever ever had at HSN and I'm proud to bring it to you because I love you and I appreciate your business so much watch what I'm doing here just wipe it around watch this it's not hard oh yeah did you say that that wrist neo I got it no risk oh look at that baby I'm talking about cleaning something up here now here's up someplace I don't like to clean at all yes that's a bathtub but why watch what I do I'm gonna turn that on straw and spray you see how that's kick look at the rust up breath okay on the stainless steel look you must have babies kids in this tub okay so it's the professor I got to announce to everybody yes ten minutes left this is officially the final ten minutes okay after 13 years of shopping for shockitclean here at HSN to get double the supply double the cleaning power double the amount of concentrated formula today for basically half off I mean normally we offer half a gallon for $35 today you get a full gallon you get two included oversized sponges two included large spray bottles so you can keep one in the bathroom one in the laundry room one in the cleaning caddy one under the sink it is the biggest and best value and that's why professor I'd like to personally congratulate you because we just crossed 30,000 sold in one day [Applause] cheering and screaming for you we're in the race to the finish you want to know why thirty thousand customers shop for cleaning formula today because it is more effective it is more affordable it gets the job done better by going at it at a molecular level it is not a briny soap that just attracts more dirt all you have to do is choose a phenomenal gorgeous scent fresh and clean gone spring breeze gone floral brand new lily of the valley 500 left last call gorgeous calming lavender mint 1500 left last call and truly your final few moments to get the biggest deal our most beloved cleaning brand is offered here at HSN in over a decade is that amazing time to stock up and do it one for your house one for your mom's house for your house one for your boat it saves you so much money it pays for itself and look at how well you know what I did I took one of the product from the supermarket I sprayed it on her up see soap is made out of animal fat I said that one time I said a million time if you put about if you apply this to the rug the rug can't stay clean see because the dirt comes in 2 6 2 the oil on the rug you have to go back and buy more product all the time watch what happens here after doing all that spraying I'm going to rub it to scrub it I'm going to push it and I'm gonna shove it but the cleaning properties in the product just mixed the dirt around so you'll change the color of your carpet now with my neutralizing emulsified penetrate who have look at the penetration now Scott you all know look at that look can you see carpet look at that handle up what's there for you I just saved America million dollars at least I know mama go get some listen I'm gonna apply to the stair steps you know up and down the stair steps in and out of the children rumors my man Bob Schmidt used to say look at this – I'm happy you know what I'm happy for I'm happy for you I'm happy for you and you and you because when you apply the sugar watch you're my customer you're my customer for life I love that and I'll tell you why else everybody's happy I'm gonna do the heavy lifting for you you've been working all day my friend yes this is why you're all going to be happy because this is what you're replacing and let's see is this 13 cents a bottle I don't think so is this 13 cents a bottle never is this 13 cents a bottle in your wildest dreams they sell some of the stuff at the dollar store it's not 13 cents it's a dollar today you replace every single one of these and it's 13 cents a bottle and you're going Brent one on earth you talking about 34 95 it's a concentrate yes look on your screen we're going to show you why it's 13 cents a bottle down this concentrate for your carpets for your rugs for your runners for your jewelry for your upholstery makes this many bottles of cleaner you don't need an expensive stainless steel cleaner you don't need a fancy leather cleaner you don't need expensive jewelry cleaners you can do it well with money by today the final quantities lily-of-the-valley last call lavender mint over 31,000 sold and the final six minutes to shop the biggest value the professor has offered in 13 years this is his number one top seller this is something that it's regular price as a steal of a deal today it is twice the supply plus the free bottles plus the free sponges it's $80 worth of cleaning product and you know what it translates to though was hundreds and hundreds of dollars in savings from conventional replacing furniture your car your boat your RV your sofa your loveseat that favorite recliner that the kitty loves more than you do that looks a little kitty look at this couch look at how well contains we got that out of a dumpster they were thrown away over in all Merton and watch out look at how beautiful this came to come out huh fantastic that's a real deal there look at that huh beautiful and with the machine it's powerful Kirby Bissell Hoover rinses back steaming steamer rug doctor it does not make any difference what type of machine you have it's the product that's in the tank what I have a light sponge here dampened with the shock and clean I was going to pump it watch the foam foam will magic watch this your lawn furniture your neighbors will be so envious they'll think that to have gotten a new outdoor set in Dorset your house will be sparkling that bad will be glowing at night watch this bread bread at that hole I just take the hose and just squirt it down see no big deal because it's a free look at this look look at the white look at that white that's nice yes brand-new furniture right on tog fountain the biggest and best deal ever offered only a couple of minutes left to shop for it let me show you a shot let me show you your sense you see the power the clean you see the power of the shock it all you got to do is decide what you want every surface of your home to smell like here's what you need to know look down in the corner clean and fresh sold out gone spring breeze sold out gone the brand new floral lily of the valley new and exclusive today here at HSN down to two hundred units available for you to shop for that calming lavender mint if you wanted to help you fall asleep if you wanted to calm you while you clean down to 1500 units and the biggest and best sale offer and your entire team said to me Brett we've lost our minds and will never do this again that true it's been a challenge but like I said I don't care I want my want my customers to receive more than ever before because they've been so loyal to me for 13 years some of them for 20 25 years those folks that work at the Holiday Inns remodels Omni Chariton seven-day tw8 all those other places I mean I've been dealing with this product and I'm loving them and I'm loving you and I thank you got a brother saying up in here look you'll even get me a media is next to me won't be pretty but I'll do it with him we're going to clean for the last few moments here remember today it's a double shot today he ordered a single the game a double today they're not charging him for the second shot they're not charging you for the second shot you are getting the biggest and best value ever for the number one top-selling product you know Amos has said this to Angie in the last hour what you don't think I could walk into the Apple store today and said I would like to buy one iPhone I'd like you to give me two huh I don't think I'd go to Samsung and say I'd like to buy one 4k TV and I'd like you to give me two I can't go to her Mercedes dealer and say I'd like to buy one car and I'd like you to give me two today professors getting in his number one top selling product and he's giving you double supplies not a penny additional not a penny to ship it to your door and he's given you bonuses and extras not only getting the second car you're getting heated seats they're massaging you it's got navigation Bluetooth built in that whole of it today is the biggest and best offer he's ever done that's why now 32,000 sold his family is here cheering him on for our final presentation [Applause] is an open light I swear he's got more energy than I do and he's been going at this all day final few moments literally redbreast ever offer we've ever done day we've all got a clean nice it's a necessary requirement in your life why not take a ton of money doing and actually enjoy the goal when you're having it done I'm gonna go for this pure black paint check this out oh do you like a flat black paint look I'm gonna take that right down the center of this rug you did another project and your day hey look here's what I want to show you the real deal I have it I have it of time the detail shops look if you have a car get a bottle for your car mm-hmm you see that black paint watch I'm gonna take the foam just work whoa look whoa blew it out the bone here look at Brett look at that black paint see oil iodine the Kirk oh look at that that's amazing so there's something else I want to congratulate you for is if you haven't had an extraordinary day yes a professor launched his first ever floral scent called lily of the valley I like to claim he named it after my daughter but really it is after that iconic flower that's my mom – her name is Lily really yes I wouldn't come they're all gone completely totally sold out Lily family completely and totally gone for the day today so that is it now half of our scents are gone its final call lavender its final call citrus its final call for all of it today it is the end of one of the biggest and best days and cleaning products here at HSN because you remember I want to show you just one last time for those of you that don't know that this is a concentrated formula for those of you that are not aware of the way professor Amos does things what are you buying today for under $12 on a credit card that cleans your jewelry your leather your carpets your upholstery your car your RV your boat camper you take a look what you buy today is this not one bottle it is 256 quarts 13 cents a bottle to clean any and every surface in your home that's why we're singing and dancing while we clean here at HSN it is our final few seconds together we're going to get the music up as a moment to thank professor Amos for all he has done for the HSN customer for being a big splashy part of our customer appreciation month your entire family is standing off waiting to give you a great big is it great for an extraordinary day racer everybody gets to be a member of the Professor family today it is last call you got just a few my friend bordering it keep shopping with us who knew cleaning could be so much fun we're gonna check in with a good friend Jeff is going to tell us more about customer appreciation we're gonna head outside to help you clean professors gonna keep dancing through our lives stay with us keep shopping more to come I love the HSN customers they always tell me what I should make next so they inspire me that's why I love to come to HSN it's Customer Appreciation Month and we simply want to say thank you the very best thing about us is you we've stocked our arcade rewards store with prizes just for you watch everyday and look for this special code to pop up then go to hsn.com and search arcade to enter the code and get extra tickets towards weekly prizes enter your chance to win amazing customer pick prizes all month long at HSN there's no better love than customer log our customers make us head-over-heels happy that's why we simply want to say thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for liking us following us for shopping with us thanks for cooking with us for being part of our community wow thank you thank you thank you for all you do because the very best thing about us is you from the start I have been known for the statement jewelry this style is just so inspirational anything beautiful can be translated into artwork and in my case its jewelry every single piece is really thought out pretty spectacular here at HSN we base our retail values on nationwide information retail value is an indication of the price you would expect to pay for the same or similar item elsewhere not the price at which you would be able to sell the item prices do vary around the country so ours might be different from prices in your area for more information call one of our customer service reps at 1-800 to a4 3,900 well thank you so much for joining us here at HSN what a Bal would a blast we have been having tonight thank you so much for shopping with us what I'm going to offer you next is a real treat for those of you been looking for a pressure washer you got dirty dingy pavers you know you want to wash your fencing you know you want to deal with your own cars over the summer months Karcher is the industry leader Karcher is the iconic crown jewel this is the brand that cleans the Space Needle that cleans the Statue of Liberty and the cleans Mount Rushmore and this is our number one best-selling model it is called the follow me pressure washer because it is on these great oversized four wheels it follows you around and makes the pressure washing around your home easier to get done than in any other model that you've seen here on HSN now this model is one that does not go on sale this model is our top seller on hsn.com and when it airs on HSN it does not go on sale except for today because we're celebrating the best in cleaning because we're getting ready for the spring in the summer seasons today for this hour only it is $10 going to join us he's going to show you first and foremost that you actually save water when you use a pressure washer versus the alternative but this is a very fast flash sale deal we're going to do a very quick 12 minute presentation on it but if you've been looking if you insist on the best the most power and the easiest functionality it captures the way to go yeah this thing about it not only is on special but it also saves you so much money so much time because it saves you water so this is one of the biggest things that I show my clients and I want to show you as well you know you've got a 40 to 60 psi garden hose you've got 1,800 psi of Karcher power and I really want you to see because you think great you know it's got so much power versus a garden hose it's going to use so much water right we'll take a look at this look how much water you save over 80% less water and this is Karcher this is that German technology that German engineering and so when you take this one and you point it onto an old fence or a paver the results are unbelievable check this out so there's how simple that is how simple and how easy it is and it's really really lightweight really simple easy to use and I'm able to smell one of the things that I do with my client that you know I'm the Builder and I'm building a remodeling homes as I say to people let's clean up first remember this has got no chemicals this is just water this is what this scene hundred psi of 1,800 psi of castor power does and you can clearly see the difference I'm just gonna go straight up because I want you to see the clear difference if your fence looks like this just clean it it's really that you know the bottom line is when people come to us and they quite frankly don't care about its sale right when they look for the best brand the best model the most trusted company this is the model that they buy you are right place right time that you get a sale on this offer this is your chance to own the most respected brand in the industry yes to save water but just look at its design right here but it follows you down the steps that it follows you around the car that it follows you along the fencing of the wall it is their most ingenious designed model and it is one that we do not air very often because we don't keep it in stock all that often because every time it goes on our website it sells out industry experts major contractors they use Archer and this is our best model and today is a celebration of cleaning is a celebration of professor Amos absolutely everything is gone on sale pricing so today is 10% off if you're thinking about a Father's Day gift a housewarming present away to I don't know give your teenager a summer job could be the tool that gets it done and only when you shop for it today is it on special pricing at 10% off plus free shipping and you can flex pay it and get it home for just over $1 a day while we have supplies available you know miss the great thing about us Sam cleaning the you know you're cleaning a wood fence you're doing the pavers if your pavers look like this you can simply clean them we all know how much these cost at the home-improvement store yeah just clean them that's what you want to do but by cleaning and having the right tool for the right job it makes it so much easier but you're getting two wands because I want to switch this out so take a look at the end here this is how you switch it out you have a little corner turn right there and that just pops straight out now I'm going to grab this other one you just put it straight in quarter inch turn let me show you that again see that just clips in place now this is patented technology take a look at the end here I'm going to start this up have a look at the spiral is here spiral system when you take the spiral system which is 50 times the pressure that's coming out of your garden hose and you put it on to you know these the duty landscaping blocks right we know they're hard to move watch this you might want to stand back because this is just going to annihilate all that do it look at this gets in all those pockets gets into all that do it you don't have to remove these all you have to do is simply clean that's so simple and that's how easy it is now obviously don't want to use this on your car you don't want to use it on your your fence and stuff like that you want to use it on the heart the concrete the pathways the driveways and remember you've got two ones you can switch between if the other one is for everything else you know the the made the main wand you're going to use nine out of ten times the bonus wand is not something you have to pay for today it is included with your purchase when you buy Karcher here at HSN for those that buy the top top top quality brands for those who don't wait for a sale they buy the best in the industry when they need something they buy Karcher and at HSN they buy our follow me model and their experience is better than everybody else's because it moves along with them it follows them as they clean the windows as they clean the siding as they clean all the way around their car this is the smart model to buy and the fact that you're getting savings today the fact that it is on sale today is why you have to place the order now because you're getting 10% off on an item that we don't really ever put on sale it was a surprise bonus save for this hour only so if you're watching us right now whether you're trying to get your home clean for spring and summer weather you want to clean second and third story windows whether you're looking for a Father's Day gift forming if whether you're looking for Craig's idea he told me before the show give your teenager a summer job go around the neighborhood and clean people's homes with this tool you'll get your money back and they'll make you some money and learn a great responsibility it's a great model it's the easiest to use super long hose super long extension cord everything you need from our number one brand in the industry yeah one of the things take a look at the end here guys because I really want to show you this because that's Karcher 800 engineers 800 designers and I think to myself what can they possibly do right that many designers well they worked it out that not everyone's use the pressure washer before and I've been in that boat I mean just because I'm in the trades there was always my first time so take a look at this it has an adjustable one so it goes all the way down that's 40 to 60 psi right and then you can get it to a little bit more and you'll actually have a little bit of soap that will come out and you can crank it all the way up to that 1800 psi power so it's really simple so if you've never used one before now you can see there too so you have a soap dispenser that's already built in you put on the low setting it's going to get that soap healthy so you can soap up the car the RV the boat and then look at this it just takes all that dirt off that's the and when you whenever use soap or detergent just use something that you love something that smells good it doesn't have to be a certain product and you can really get nice and clean beat so we only have seven minutes left for our flash sale special of $20 off you can reserve yours now by calling us or going on hsn.com or using your mobile app but if the bottom line is our flex pay is what you'll spend a rent one you got to go to the hardware store you got to slip it into your car it's loud it's heavy it's dirty from whoever used it before you it's got to be returned at the end of the day you'll spend $36 to do one day's project why not spend that an own one own one that's better own one that doesn't have to I hope it's there when I get to the store and I can rent it don't try to get everything done in one day and throw out your back or hurt your hands own one and do the job better I truly believe as a homeowner once I owned a top-quality pressure washer it was like owning a dishwasher in a washing machine I'm like how did I ever live without you can use it whenever you want right that's the great thing about but I really love showing you at home because you're going to save so much water when you turn this on now remember your garden hose is only going to put out 40 or 60 psi right some of us know that some of us don't so when you have this pressure washer that you know is going to clean your siding it's gonna clean your cars your RVs your boat I mean anything that you want to clean you just point and shoot and that's the difference right there because look at how much water you're saying look if you're here in California if you're in Nevada you know what water is an issue for you guys and look at what this is okay five minutes that's all we have left we have been asked to be very very short on this presentation because this is an item that does not go on sale 364 days out of the year that because I'm getting my hair ruined on this spot okay this is the time to shop for it with us we've got only a few moments left for you to take one of our number one top-selling outdoor power tools but for you to be able to own without any fancy HSN card without signing up for any club you can own it for $36 four minutes left to shop for it 10% off the price today for a high end power tool and remember for those of you that shop the most trusted brands in the industry Karcher it cleans the Space Needle Karcher cleans the Statue of Liberty Karcher cleans our founding fathers faces at Mount Rushmore I'd say that's a pretty impressive pedigree and it's still a family-owned business right and I'm in the trades and this is what I put in my toolbox right because when this is in my hands I make money when it's in your hands you save money and actually we're talking about the hair and the blower going on my hairdresser makes 300 bucks on a weekend with this contre follow me Wow he cleans everyone's dry voice it was it Avery's patio fences to find them before you paint them how about turning on the softer setting and cleaning your car cleaning your RV get up to the dirty windows and the siding of your home you know is such a high and fail and by the way we don't rave enough about this follow me design parser knows that they want to take their professional power and make it easier to use we got this great video to show you allows it to literally that follows you around while you clean you never have to reset you never have to drag it behind you it on a phenomenal four-wheel design making the job even easier than it's ever been before yes more lifting no more dragging guys number trying to drag it it's got the big wheels and let me show you the smaller wheels right here so the three the smaller wheels are 360 degrees this is absolutely such a smart brilliant idea because this allows it to go over any type of obstacles and look look how light it is because this is something you can put in the RVs if you know someone who goes a lot up in the you know second home this is a great way you've got all the attachments you've got your soap dispenser right in here simple on and off you've got you two ones and you've got the large wheel at the back so that's going to help you maneuver over all those obstacles those driveways those pathways and you're getting the two one so actually I'm going to jump in behind here because okay you know what time it has made it's time to put some shrimp on the barbie mate as we say so you want to clean the grill you don't want to get too close to the thirty right so you can stand back and remember if you're in your work clothes or you're coming home from work are you going out this allows you to clean the grill it allows you to blow all that do it all that grime off that that cooler you're getting ready for the beach where you're going camping getting dirty so you can do this at night you can do it on your record and then you can come straight over and starts doing all the siding or the door the beauty about it it and it's so quiet and we've got little kids now yep so it's great you know you know taking gas yep you're not having those fumes they smell no gas no heat easy done cooties okay this is your chance to order and take advantage of our special savings price you see the power and the performance that only Karcher can deliver and I just love that follow me design so you don't have to stop you don't have to drag you don't have to lug as you continue to move along and get the job done we are officially over 200 sold in just this airing it is the only chance for the day today to get that special savings this is our big huge finale celebration of one of our best selling days in cleaning here at HSN we are taking top brands top products and giving you the best savings possible and today what you're seeing with Karcher is buying a top brand dishwasher for your home is buying a top brand washer dryer for your home is buying a top brand refrigerator for your home and getting it on sale because you're shopping with us during this presentation and joining us live now maybe you want to empower somebody at setting up a new home maybe it's a Father's Day gift because they are always washing the car and washing the windows and you want to help them get it done better than ever it's a smart buy today and you truly are buying from the industry leader I can't rave enough I'm proud to be able to say we offer you the same brand that is power washing the Space Needle Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty and you can own your own for the same price that you'll spend to rent one at the hardware store so thank you so much we really do appreciate always a pleasure really appreciate you seeing it and thank you so much for showing us everything you can do continue to shop for it it is our final chance at that special sale price now speaking of finals chance speaking of crazy sale price I do want to give everybody one last final reminder about our today's special it's coming up in just a couple of moments it's from professor Amos and we don't want you to miss it but we are officially bringing you our final phenomenal outdoor deal of the day my good friend Peter Kilcullen is joining us for quite frankly a steal of a deal blowout for our final available quantities our friends at Earthwise are our number one partner for high-end outdoor power tools now at HSN we have this great convertible pole saw right it's a handheld chainsaw and you can attach this phenomenal extending arm pole to be able to reach several feet up in the air it sells for one 29.95 sometimes one 19.95 let's call it one 1995 today for one 29.95 you also get a snap and lock attachable hedge trimmer so now you get a handheld chainsaw a pole saw a handheld hedge trimmer and a pole hedge trimmer to be able to take down the limbs take down the branches clean up the hedges those that are up high and those that are down low for truly the best price we have ever offered for this model here at HSN now we used to have five six seven colors here on our network this is the final quantities left in stock I have navy blue I have camouflage left and available for you today it's about 500 in each it's all a dollar a day on your credit card to be able to laugh when the tree company comes to your door and quotes you several hundred dollars to be able to reach the precarious branch before it falls down and damages your car or damages your home to allow you to perfect those hedges any and every single day without having to call a professional do a Pyrrhic acollins going to get started for you he is going to show you gasps you don't need a motor you don't need any in one quad tool I mean exactly it's made it almost impossible for us to sell anything else for different tools for 32 bucks a tool exactly we decided not to mess around and go right to that I mean this is this is serious if you want firewood if you're cutting down some large limbs that is pretty nice and we're able to do this because with all these tools the four tools that you're getting we are not getting any stripped-down versions we are getting the top-of-the-line the best when it comes from Earthwise and here's what we are getting with your handheld chainsaw 10 inch bar and chain automatic lubrication system all you do is keep that reservoir full you got the window let you know that there is oil in there we've got a toolless chain tensioning system so to tighten or loosen that chain you don't need additional tools all you need to do is add your extension cord and you're ready to go this is an Oregon bar and chain industry standard it is a fantastic handheld chainsaw and you're going to be able to do things like this cutting this what we say that it's about a five inch diameter log limb you're going to be able to handle that so I'm going to do another cut and I will show you how in about 20 seconds we can convert this to that pole saw it's that easy notice about this season look on the saw very little vibration it's the right tool to do the job enough power to do this job and you will see that if you need to do more than this maybe it is time to call a professional I mean you can go up to eight inches or nine inches in diameter with this 10 inch bar and chain and that's a very very large lemon let's show you why we've redefined the concept of power tools the fact that you click and switch and now can get 10 feet up into the air you can adjust it for the perfect angle to grab that one precarious branch to trim your trees back to open up your landscape and property whether it is in hedge mode or it's in press all mode what you're getting today is quick simple easy adjustment and change between my snap and lock technology so you just saw that's the end that's plugged in I snapped that I lock it in place now here is that handheld chainsaw I snapped that in and it is right here all you're going to do is lock that in place that is it it does everything automatically so now we have that pole saw with this articulating head on there so you can get the perfect angle every single time telescoping pole right there you can decide what is the perfect height for you and then we have that cushioned grip right there and now I can reach overhead I can reach those branches I can make those cuts fast and easy here we go I mean that is how great it is and you went from your handheld chainsaw to your pole saw in about 25 seconds once you get used to it you can do it in ten if you're not on television and it's that easy and you don't have to decide do I want the handheld do I want the pull so you're getting both and now we're going to get to the hedge trimmers whistle so we only have nine minutes left in this presentation quite frankly we only have about nine minutes left in our quantities available to be able to order today here's what I want you to understand this is a number one top seller for us without the hedge trimmer that's included and built in today at no additional cost to you we've sold ten fifteen thousand of these four-in-one tools why is it a steal of a deal price for you today because we sold out of red we sold out of orange we sold out of yellow we are in our final supplies and because we are down to our final colors we have slashed the price for you to be able to get it home before you're too late into the season and you've wasted too much money paying a professional to do it whether you want to clean your hedges like you're seeing on your screen right now super high or you want to cut down those tree branches with the saw everything today comes to your door think about it like it's 32 dollars a tool could you get a high end chainsaw for thirty two dollars could you get a nine-foot telescoping pole saw for thirty two dollars today you get it all in one great easy-to-use system with no gas with no fumes with no pull cords no problems whatsoever it's shipping to your door for your charge but you've got to be quick to order while we have stock available at our special savings final call earrings we've got Navy and we've got our camouflage color Father's Day gift great choice the are swarming get great for the first time the heads designed the hedge trimmer is basically a throne in bonus extra now that we're at this crazy blow our final quantities out price I mean that is fantastic again just like I was talking about with the handheld chainsaw I mean you're not missing anything when it comes to a hedge trimmer 18 inches with those cutting blades right there it's got all the safety features involved all you're doing is adding that extension cord check this out what you can do with this I can pull the safety switch and the trigger nothing happens Earthwise want to make sure that you have your hand on both so whichever hand I take off at any point it's going to stop all these tools were designed perfectly so you can use them you're not going to be intimidated even if you've never used the hedge trimmer you've never used a pole saw or you've never used a hedge a pole hedge trimmer you're going to be able to do this and you're going to be able to switch from tool to tool so easily so quickly do all that for no sure thanks Brit and then here we go we're going to say this is a heavy lifting raise the tough job yes so that's basically the two sides to it and then remember what you're going to do am I at the right side yeah so you've got your snap and then lock that in place and then I take the other end same thing you'll see when I snap this in that comes up automatically for you you just close that and you're set to go so now that hedge trimmer just like our pole saw has that fully articulating head so you know if you have those gigantic maybe hedges that are bordering the backyard of the side yard they're very difficult to cut maybe you've gotten up on a ladder that's the first thing we're going to discourage you from doing don't go up on that ladder and don't hire someone to do this watch what you're able to do and look how high I'm able to get and I can just walk up and down and trim those hedges exactly the way I want almost the top of my hair almost I could almost reach that to reach the top of up and then there you can see it obviously this is super simple everyone can use it the ladies can use it it's lighter it's easier switching back and forth from the tools it will take you about a minute to learn how to do that snap it lock it in place and you're set to go topiaries you can shape those bushes round them off this allows you to do it it is a great tool this is done a good shot extend that hedge trimmer all the way out that pole heads trimmer and look at that set that one branch that's been there for weeks and weeks isn't that the one that bugs you you know absolutely rational but it's the one that bugs you every time you pull into the front here's what I'd like to ask if you don't mind we only have about five minutes left and I know that a lot of there's a lot of naysayers out there that go if it's not gas as hell right well enough for me this has been one of our number one top selling category products here at HSN we've sold tens of thousands of pole saws today you get the hedge trimmer bonuses thrown in and there's special savings that we have for you our lowest ever price that hedge trimmer is basically a bonus that you are not paying for for our final quantities because we've sold out of almost every color because we're getting into the season we are doing our biggest and best ever savings price it's a full $70 $32 per school and design for the final few hundred in navy and the final few hundred in camouflage but notice no struggle no kickback and you know vibration you're not fighting with it and again that's a very large limb if you want to cut the firewood you can do it you're not going to be fighting with it and I'm gonna see how quickly I can do this how in just a few seconds we can go from that handheld chainsaw cutting that firewood and now we want to grab all those branches overhead snap lock maybe I'll just get a better angle for myself reach up overhead whoops let's extend this a little bit further just like that a lot of that in place changes he's making no screwdrivers now is so easy you can just do cut after cut and those are the branches that you want to get a hold of if you were outside right now you would see that so many of the branches are only eight nine ten feet above the driveway close to the windows or just really keeping that canopy of your house closed in this is the way to clean it all up without having to pay someone to do it and it is easy there is no gas you saw that all you need to do is add oil in that reservoir and you are set to go with that chainsaw and look at this changing the tools has never been easier and but I don't know if we mention it but you're not going to run out to your local store and find a four in one tool like this certainly not the value but even finding a four in one and these are the tools that you want right now at the start of spring to take care of your yard you will use them through the spring and summer when things are growing out of control every week and then I think more importantly especially if you just remember the winter we just had is making sure in the late summer and fall that you trim everything back before the heavy winter storms and they start to bring those branches down or close to the cars in the driveway whatever it is this tool this four and one your pole saw your chainsaw your hedge trimmer and your pole hedge trimmer are going to be perfect you're going to use them all the time and remember because we are down to our final colors because we've sold out of red and green and orange and teal and yellow you get the best price because we have lost most of our colors we have slashed the price you know how it is when you shop for apparel when you shop for jewelry we lose a size what's left gets put on sale it is your best chance in the lowest price we've ever offered and it's only a dollar a day to have a ship it to your door and start using it to cut back at those branches to cut down you know may be firewood that you're prepping for into the next season that's going to come and the fact that you're getting the hedge trimmer to not have to call a professional to you know the best way to get a job done is to do it yourself is to have the right tools to be able to do it and one of the things I love about that pole attachment is that if you are a little nervous or afraid of using a chainsaw you can get your body further away your face further away from it and start using it yourself start getting more comfortable with it before you go into that handheld mode there's no tools there's no loose pieces that you're ever going to miss everything is snapping locked between three different pieces it is one of our number one top-selling models and normally it's $200 for the final couple of hundred that we have available for you in either Navy or in camouflage for your home as a housewarming gift is a Father's Day present as a summer job for your teenager it is a great model to buy and it is truly our best pricing ever with over 200 now sold this hour we are getting into our final supplies for the season for the year and from what I understand our final chance with Earthwise to offer this exact model and it does a fantastic job I just want you to keep seeing that you mentioned it that if you think that you know something that's electrics not going to be powerful enough for you it will this is a 10 inch bar and chain we're cutting 5 inches in diameter you can do larger than that if you need to so whether you're using it as a handheld or you're using it as that pole saw you are going to love it and it will be something you'll use again and again and I love that you said if you want to use the pole saw even for those down limbs and those lower branches you can do that you don't have to bend down even for this to cut firewood remember whether it's a pole saw or a handheld you're still going to be able to handle those larger limbs and all the safety devices on all these tools are built-in you need to hit that safety switch right here before you can hit the trigger now something else if you we have this knuckle guard right here if you lock that out it'll eliminate this turning on until you put that back into place so if you're going to leave it for a few seconds you can lock that out again you are going to feel great using these tools they're the right tools for the jobs that you're going to be doing and you can handle these tools without being simulated they're great Peter waited all day to be here for this one since hearing today lowest price ever offered final available quantities my friend thank you so much really doing ok now I just we had a blast today with our good friend professor Amos and it has truly been history in the making over 34,000 shockitclean sold today it's our customer pick number one most popular best-selling multi-purpose cleaner and that gallon that you buy today comes down to 13 cents a bottle it makes 256 bottles of multi-purpose cleaner it is the biggest and best sale he's ever done and it is last call there are only a few thousand left and all three of the cents on that bottom row are already totally sold out and don't forget to check out the entire professor Amos store because there's over 25% off some of his favorite items like his grill and oven concentrate with grill brush as well as several other favorites now of course don't miss our today's special it is the last time ever to get a double up of shockitclean and only three cents left every single one of those will be gone by night keep shopping for great outdoor

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