How To Use A Stencil On Painted Furniture – Stencilling Tutorial

How To Use A Stencil On Painted Furniture – Stencilling Tutorial

Hi There! I’m Rosanne and I’m the
cofounder of Country Chic Paint and today I want to share with you some basic stenciling tips. Stenciling can seem a little bit intimidating but
it’s actually really quite easy so I thought I’d show you the basics. For
this demo I’m using this cute bicycle stencil from Stencil Girl Products You can find them on They are definitely worth checking out. Ok, so I have painted this little board in Vanilla Frosting and we’re
going to be using Harmony for our stenciled part. Because this is a quite small stencil, I’m just going put it on and hold it. If you have a bigger project I would definitely suggest using
painter’s tape to tape it down or even spray adhesive. But because it is so small I’m not going be too worried about it this time. I’m using
one of our wax brushes for this project as it’s a great little stencil brush but
you can also use foam stencil brushes or a dense foam roller. I wouldn’t recommend using a
roller for a project of this size but if you’re doing a wall, for example,
than foam roller is a great tool as it will go much
faster! Step 1: So what we’re going to do is load
a little bit of paint on the tip of our brush and then dab it dry on a piece of paper
towel. One of the most important things to keep in mind with stenciling is that you want to use a
brush that is almost dry. Step 2: Now we are going to
pounce the brush on the stencil. You can also use a light
swirl which I personally think works a bit better with this type of brush. Make sure to
apply not too much pressure. It’s better to slowly build up your
paint coat and take your time. This helps with the avoiding bleed
underneath the stencil. Step 3: Now we’re going to carefully
remove the stencil and there you go! All done! You may notice
a bit of bleed and that’s okay, it’s part of the
stenciling process. If you’re very particular about it, you
can always use small artist brush and go over the areas that have bled through and fix it up a little.


  • Crystal Anthony

    December 13, 2015

    The sound quality of this video is very poor. I cannot hear anything over the music even with my speakers at 100%

  • cheekyoziechick

    April 28, 2019

    I must apply too much paint. Mine bleeds a lot so I use less paint now and don't remove the stencil until it is dry..

  • April Thomas

    May 18, 2019

    Thanks for this! Im working on refurbishing a teachers desk from the 1930s and this helped a lot with the stencil i used.


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