How to Stop Door Drafts with Adhesive Weather Stripping by 3G Home Solutions

what's happening panda Nation Peter Brown panda here it's winter and you might get a little draft in your house oh I ordered this and I wanted to seal the bottom of some doors now there's lots of ways to do that you keep those little fuzzy things but this seemed to be a really good way to kind of seal up the bottom of some doors particularly like the door to my attic where I get a draft in and you can feel even the breeze coming off the bottom and so this is basically a draft stopper it seems to be made of silicone and I'm really kind of intrigued by it and I'll tell you what right off the bat I'm kind of impressed and I'm starting to figure out how it works so we have this white silicone and basically it already has some double-sided what I would assume is semi-permanent tape it's pretty sticky although it's may not quite as sticky as like automotive double-sided tape so it might be removable but the fact that it's already on there that's really nice and then we have our three layers basically a silicone in there hollow and this should be or do a pretty good job I would think of blocking out you know cold air but what you can see here is that these bottom pieces are this third one is that a different level these two are basically the same so if you were to put this right on the ground maybe if I use this box here and let's say this box worth of the ground put that on the ground you're gonna have this extra long piece here kind of taking up the slack and working like a squeegee so when you open or close the door you're never gonna have basically you know a breach of air and especially when you close your door like this you'll always have this kind of creating extra pressure on the floor and ceiling out that draft now I will tell you what sealing up giraffe's going into the winter is a fantastic way to save yourself some money it is kind of amazing when I took that you know clear shrink-wrap cellophane and put it on my windows how much my energy pills went out in the winter because of some of the drafts especially on sliding doors those are terribly they draft so much so well we have our here is I want to say probably three feet of of the material so I'm gonna say that this is probably going to I'll treat one door okay because I don't know what a door is but maybe it's three feet hey this is maybe a little longer yeah I don't know 3 3 36 inches 40 inches maybe so you're gonna cut it to fit and then hopefully they should take care of that draft now I'm gonna like I said I'm gonna use this on my attic door so let's go ahead and install it and see if it works so we take a look at this door you can see here we've got a pretty big gap I can actually feel it drafting underneath here now this is enforced peace in the world here but let's apply this and see if it works all right all it took was a pair of scissors to trim it to the right length and as you can see putting it on actually the hardest part about it is just kind of getting the height to the floor correct and you kind of want to make sure that this edge has a little bit of overhang so it kind of sweeps as you open it as you can see just like that but now I've got a really nice seal under this door so doesn't work you bet it works look at that just tight seal doesn't make opening or closing the door any harder now I know no draft pretty cool hop with a link to in the description it's really inexpensive you know about a seven or eight dollar fix for sealing up a drafty door check it out peter from hand out

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