How to Shape Baby Figurine from Fondant | Cake Decorations

How to Shape Baby Figurine from Fondant | Cake Decorations

Hi, my name is Amanda Oakleaf. I am owner, head baker, decorator of Amanda
Oakleaf Cakes in Winthrop, Massachusetts where we do custom cakes of all kinds — wedding
cakes, birthday cakes, sculpted cakes. Anything you can think of we can make it into
a cake. And today I will be talking to you about cake
decorating. And the head you just want to pinch off another
size ball, and before you start shaping it, just make sure it’s the right size. You’d rather have it too big than too small. Then just fold it around so that all the wrinkles
of the fondant are underneath, rather than right in the center of the face. So I’m just going to pick the best side for
my face. So for the face, we’re going to do it like
he’s sleeping so we’ll create just some eyelids, rather than drawing the whole eye. So we have a tip, imprint it only half of
the circle, and it’ll be like he’s sleeping, and then we just want to give him a little
tiny, the tiniest piece, into a little ball for his nose. And just a little bit of glue where it’s going
to go, and then for the mouth, we’ll use a smaller sized tip, kinda like he might be
snoring his mouth is open, and we’ll do that right underneath where the nose is going to
go. And then we’ll cover him with a blanket of
fondant, just make sure it’s the same thickness all the way around, and you want to use your
pizza cutter to wheel out the right size. So start bigger than you think. Yep, so I think that’s about the right size
and we’ll give it a little bit of texture with this tool, it’s a wheel and it has a
zig zag edge and it gives the impression of stitching as if it were a quilt. So we’ll go diagonal. After you get the quilting on if you want
to take a round piping tip you can just imprint where the lines meet and it will create the
look of pearls on your quilt. So now we have all the pieces, they’re not
glued together yet, we can glue them once they’re on the cake, so we’ll start with the
body, arms and legs… So just dry fit it where you want to see it
first and then we’ll glue it after we like how it looks. So we’ll start with the large piece, and you
want to glue it both to the body and to the cake, so on both sides. And the head I’m going to glue where it’s
gonna sit, rather than the head itself, that way I can spin it around if I need to. So rather than gluing the blanket I’m just
going to glue right in the middle of the body, not too far out because you don’t want glue
to show where there won’t be blanket. You could use a little piece of fondant twisted
up, or I have an edible marker with edible food color in the marker and you can give
him a little curl of hair on the top. And that is a baby figurine!


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    @sunchane8 You are a Dumbass . The "glue" is edible . It is water and meringue powder.

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    Why put a baby on top

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  • Kaede Crowley

    November 8, 2012

    i think a good bit of this video is missing… the "glue" is a mixture of meringue powder (powdered egg whites) and water. there's no real recipe, more meringue powder will make it more sticky and less will make it more watery.

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    you can buy edible glue in a specialized baking store i think

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    Purchase tylose powder and mix it with water and let it sit. I suggest 1/4 tsp powder to 2tsp water. It will seem watery at first, but then it will begin to gel. This works great! You could also pinch off tiny pieces of gumpaste and put it in water. Again, you have to let it sit covered (it takes longer than the tylose powder and water). It will gel and will work as glue… Hope this helps you πŸ™‚

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