How To Repair A Kitchen Tile Backsplash Gap With Grout

hello this is Rick Patterson thanks for coming to my video today one of the issues that you have whenever you're replacing countertops is maybe a gap and that's what I'm going to talk about today is how to feel the gap in between a countertop and the existing wall so let's talk about that real quick okay so as you can see here we've got a brand new countertop in and we've got a backsplash here and the original countertop plus all the way up to the bottom of this section so I've got about 3/8 of an inch gap in between the two and so the client has called me today to fill this in so what I'm going to do is show you how to fill in this gap there were several ways to do this and so what we chose to do is use grout I'm going to show you this process of how to fill in a gap with grout the grout that we're going to use as a premix I could have gotten them just a powder mix up myself it's kind of didn't make any sense to do that since it's already pre-mixed in it's all ready to go I got to set the major hardware store of course you get into any tile store and this is an improved formula for shower floors as well which means it'll hold up and that's really what you want you want to get the grout that's all that will hold up now basically there's two kinds of Grapplers sanded and there's non sanded I chose to do sand it because it will feel a gap anywhere from let's say 3/16 of an inch I think it is that see it says one sixteenth to one half an inch here on the side and so I wanted to be firm and the the sand and the graphs going to help firm that up and help it to stand rather than bag and run if you get the non sanded that's exactly what's gonna happen you're gonna try to put this in the gap and it's gonna run down so this is why we chose this now a tool that you're going to need obviously is your grout guide and this is called a this is called a float basically what it is is just a rubber surface here and it's got a rubber tip here on the side as well and if I'll show you a profile you can see it's kind of a slanted about a 45 degree so let's take a look at what we're going to do and how we're going to do this okay very simply it's just getting a little bit off the side like so and as you can tell here I'm doing this one-handed here but as you can tell just take a little bit of this and push it off okay and I just lay out as much as I can or as little as I can and then come back here and take the blade the flutter edge and just push it in okay and at the same time I can swipe it so I have a very clean clean edge now you can tell right here that I didn't get it up inside so again that's why I'm just using a little bit like so and I can take this and transfer it just like that and don't worry about the mess because that's not we're not concerned about the mess or the tidiness of the project just yet and now what we want to do is just get this in there in the crack and I'm going to push this in just like you see there I've got some extra so I'm going to tap that off get that off of there and if you have to go ahead and just scrape it off if you need and get that surface like that and then just swipe it okay now you don't want to get the corner in there because you're gonna leave a divot in there so just take it like so and you do this all the way around now I'm gonna finish out the work and then I'm going to show you the finished product okay okay so this is what it looks like now that it's finished make sure that you come along here when you when you wipe this with the tool and you've cleaned out the bottom area here and cleaned up the type area and be sure to check your grout lines okay because a lot of times they'll they'll come up come up like this one did here okay to make sure that they're blended so that's all you've got to do is just come in here like so and just blend that in so you'll want to make sure that this dries and then dry in 24 hours and then once it dries you're going to use a sealant depth that you want to do is put the sealant on there and of course I got this at a local hardware store and yeah this is to protect the grout that you just put down after 24 hours you want to apply this and use the seal it to use forgets for stain and water and things like that so just read the directions on the back it's really really simple to use and if you want to watch how I did this then go to how to seal tile and how to seal a back splash video this is Rick Patterson with the handyman toolbox by the way before you go I want to encourage you to check out my other videos and you'll see a link below click on it the 1000 person that subscribes to the handyman to lots calm gets a free tool go ahead and register now

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