How to Manage a Kitchen Remodeling Project

hey there folks this is Kent with KJ's painting and renovations this video is about managing a kitchen remodeling project and so to do that you need a jobsite schedule and so I have one of those which I I do on foam-core so this has all of the weeks we have got about five six weeks to do the job and anyone that's on the job the cabinet people the electricians the plumbers the countertop people they can all see when they're coming and if someone's going away on holiday over here the designer is going away on holiday we can see when that's happening so that's one of the first things to have from one of these jobs the other thing to have is just a list of all the contacts everyone that's on the team that's gonna be doing anything and it's good to have everything where people can find it here's the parking pass so no one's going to get a ticket there's just a little picture of stove it's good to get a lock box that everyone has the code to so the key is always right here so anyone that needs to come during working hours can come and it's good that people know what the working hours are and it's good to have a little office so here's a little office with an envelope for the permits on the guidelines and checks lists for the city and then just another receipt envelope of course the code books checkbooks and just our little office and of course our galley kitchen happens to be here and a little refrigerator so it's been hot so we've got some lemonade which is quite refreshing and a little microwave in our mr. coffee which is great in the morning afternoon anytime we even have a compost container and garbage can so it's good to protect the floors and haven't talked at all about work or kitchen remodeling here are the tools for that and there's a lot of things I'll see any like fasteners I've started putting fasteners screws and nails on a on a rack which is important and I guess I could just give you a shot of the job this is it didn't really clean up today so this is not quite right but this used to be the kitchen is going to be the kitchen so this is where we're doing some work in here there's another thing I can show you it's good to have a little some sort of little kitchen so we set up a kitchen in here so we have some way to clean things and while we're doing the job let's see I guess that's about it for managing because that's about it for managing the job if you'd like some help managing one a kitchen remodeling job bathroom remodeling job you can give me a call and yeah I hope to hear from you alright thanks

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  • Roberto Shialer

    April 13, 2019

    Why u don’t use software scheduling tools?


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