How To Lay A Tile Floor On Concrete #DIY #Homeimprovement

we've removed laminate flooring and now we want to install tile into our new kitchen here are the steps we will take in doing that and here the list of tools you will need so we need to find our midway line of our room by measuring on both sides of the longest wall the first goal of the Midway line is to find how square our room is the second goal of our Midway line is to also avoid having non-matching cut pieces on each end of the room mark the Midway line and snap a chalk line this blue mark is our midway line we now check our highest point in the entire room and we'll start there the reason being is we can always build tiles up using thin set that cannot make a tile go down lay a single row of tiles in both directions without mortar including spacers starting at the midway point stop when there's not enough room for a full tile if the space at each end of either row is smaller than 1/3 of a tile adjust your Midway line so that each are half of a tile now we are ready to start laying your tile but wait let's back up a bit we need to show you how to mix the mortar this is thin set mortar and the bonding agent we are using to attach tile to our concrete subfloor using a bucket in a drill with a mixing paddle mix until the mortar is the consistency of thick peanut butter flooring trowels have both the smooth edge and a notched edge we are using a 3/8 tooth flooring trowel appropriate for a 16 inch tile cone the thinset evenly using the notched side of the trowel avoid circular and swirling patterns and set your tile use a small thin trowel to remove excess on the edges of your tile and of course keep the face clean with the sponge if necessary we constantly check for level and that we are flush with our previous piece again do you notice our blue level this is our midway line and our guide or straightedge for half of the rooms install these are our spacers we are going with the smallest grout line possible 1/16 of an inch you can use tape if your tile is wanting to slip away from the previous piece some people push with their hands or the level but a rubber mallet is very helpful to adjust how high your tile sits on the thinset once we have three to four tiles set on our midway point we can now slide down our straightedge now we'll check often that your lines are straight if you find an alignment issue with the tiles while the mortar is still wet you can straighten them before continuing now that we have made it to the wall we will need to make cuts one way to measure a cut is to simply place the tile and trace it for this one we will need to measure the notch around the door jamb a wet saw can be daunting but it is relatively safe and easy to use always wear eye protection and measure twice before cutting adjust your tile along the fence so that the mark line lines up with the blade cut slowly to avoid chipping the tile you might need to use a grinder to make smaller cuts or to remove any burrs such as these never dive into a piece but rather take your time and cut slowly make sure to be gentle with the notched cut pieces they are fragile you might need to cut the door to fit your tile underneath and make sure your cut is square we continue to check that our pieces are flush level and square as we go and we finished our cuts along this wall here is our original midway line laid with our straight edge now it's simply about finishing the other half the room exactly the same way we have done and now for the grout remove all your tile spacers your grout should be the consistency of mayonnaise or pudding spread growl and sweeping arcs with the rubber grout float held at a shallow angle focus on a small 4×4 section remove the excess grout with the grout flow the cement grout will set in about 5 to 15 minutes and have a putty-like consistency as soon as you're complete with one section take a damp sponge and make a pass cleaning the tile remove any remaining haze by using an old t-shirt or cheesecloth and we're done for more videos in this series go to best online cabinets calm

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