How to Insulate an Attic with Comfort Batt Insulation

hi there and welcome to this video where we might be insulating the most important room in your house and that is the attic it's what I like to call the last line of defense against losing heat why it's very simple because heat rises the attics at the top of the house and basically that's where it naturally wants to get out now if this was your house an older home it might look like this where you already have existing insulation between the joists between the rafters and you know you might want to upgrade it also if this were a new addition you'd actually have to upgrade it because new additions by code now required are 50 or more rating so to get our 50 if you're whether an addition or your old house the first bat is an r22 let's say so how do we gonna get it to a 54 well it's very simple all we have to do is taken our 32 and lay it on top perpendicular to these two the old insulation now why is this good two reasons one we're bringing out already up to 54 to we're also what we're also combating what's called thermal bridging now what is thermal bridging thermal bridging is basically the transfer of hot coal through solid products so for example if this were not on top of this rafter this joist any cold that where it'd be in the air here would actually be transferring through the wood itself in and bleeding into your house and the heat also would be escaping so what's the importance again bringing up your attic to code and also stopping thermal bridging and should you inquire should you encounter an obstacle such as this rock cell installation is very rigid it is made of stone and slag very easy to cut using a bread knife let's write the bread knife notch it out pop it in making sure everything is nice and tight and all your seals are together so that's about it my recommendation is Oh first of all I forgot one more thing which is I should have said from the very beginning when you're in your addict be careful of where you're stepping because if you step through here you're through the ceiling of your house so that's another problem you don't want to tackle so step one watch where you're watching where you going step 2 start at a corner so you don't paint yourself into a corner in step 3 bring your stuff bring your insulation up to code for a very comfortable warm energy-efficient money-saving house hope that video helps Thanks

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