How to Install Carpet

to install your own carpet all you need is patience and the right tools which you can rent at the Home Depot will show you the ins and outs of carpet installation with tack strips before getting started you'll need carpet and these tools and materials you can even rent the neat kickers and carpet stretchers from a home depot tool rental Center make sure to select the right padding for placement underneath your carpet a better quality pad offers a more comfortable surface longer carpet life and better sound and energy insulation also keep in mind that if your room is wider than 15 feet you'll need a scene all seams will be visible but proper installation can also help minimize how much they stand out to begin cut tax strips to fit the perimeter and wrap around the doorframe be sure not to place them across openings next nail in the strips with the tacks facing the wall leaving about two-thirds of the thickness of the carpet between the wall and strips lay the carpet pad down making sure any seams will be at right angles to the carpet seams use masking tape to secure neighboring pieces together then staple it against the edge of the tack strip finally trim the pad with a carpet knife against the strip now measure the room then on the back of the carpet snap a chalk line that is six inches longer and wider than the room with the chalk lines facing up place a piece of wood under the carpet to provide a solid cutting surface guide your carpet knife along each line using a straight edge ruler you may need to change blades as you go flip the carpet over and Center it in the room using a carpet knife make relief cuts at the corners to flatten the carpet out it's now time to anchor the long wall near a corner of the room push the carpet over the tack strips with a knee kicker then anchor and tuck the carpet with a carpet tucker repeat these steps along three feet of the wall after you anchor the long wall anchor a short wall by repeating the previous steps push hook anchor and tuck the carpet along three feet of this wall if needed trim excess carpet with a Walther or carpet knives before tucking you are now ready to powerstretch the first corner pad a two-by-four wood scrap carpet and place the foot of the power stretcher against it to protect her wall run the stretcher at a 15 degree angle toward the opposite corner and set the head six inches from the wall then stretch the carpet by pushing on the handle hook anchor and tuck the carpet as before along three feet of both corners after you power stretch the first corner power stretch the second corner following the previous steps then power stretch the opposite long wall just like you did before by stretching hooking anchoring and tucking the carpet as you move the power stretcher along the wall finally power stretch the remaining corner run the stretcher across the room use the knee kicker to work your way across the wall adjust your wall trimmer to your carpets thickness and trim the edges then tuck the freshly cut edges between the wall and the strip's when the carpet contacts of the flooring seal the carpet edge with latex seam sealer then install a binder bar or place a carpet transition over the edge with a brad nailer with this helpful guide and tool rentals from the Home Depot you'll be able to install your carpet yourself if you want an expert touch you can also get in-home measurements or schedule installation online at your local store and thank you for shopping at the Home Depot you

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