How To Find Unwanted Pest In Your Home: Allgood Pest Solutions

hey guys Scott with the Davison Realty team real estate made easy today we're gonna talk to Jeff Nawrocki from all good pest control and he's just gonna give us some quick insight as to what to look for when you're walking through a house to indicate that you might have some problems or if you maybe have some problems coming in the future with maybe some of the things that are in place already he told me already a couple things like mulch and whatnot and different things like gable vents so I'm gonna go over that with him and if you guys have any questions obviously you know how to get a hold of us so here we go all right hey guys this is Jeff from all good wave Jeff so Jeff's gonna help us out and he's gonna show us a couple really cool things to be looking for first thing I noticed is this crawlspace even though it's an add in it doesn't have a moisture barrier what's gonna happen is this is actually inviting termites to enter the structure also gonna keep the moisture barrier is gonna keep the moisture level down and prevent any fungus or molds all right another thing I noticed is that the gable vents are not screened from the outside they may be screened from the inside but that won't stop bats from getting up behind them using their urine and feces to erode the screen and then you have bats in the house and you're having a bigger problem than you thought another thing you want to do is you want to get in the Attic you want to look for droppings you want to look huddling in the insulation you want to look for anything out of the ordinary that doesn't look right it's you can't figure it out call someone you trust who's in the business one of the easiest places for us to find termites right the garage door frame where you have this expansion joint and you have dirt touching the expansion joint what termites will do is they'll come up all the way and what you want to do is you want to look for dirt tunnels in your garage door frame we get a lot of calls of people getting roaches in the house ants in the house we go out and they've got mulch stacked up on top of mulch what happens is ants roaches all your bugs are gonna use this as a cover to keep our chemicals anyones chemicals away from being treated so you can treat it we could treat it right there's ants just like you said and they're not being disturbed by anyone's chemical all right so that was Jeff Nawrocki with all good pest control and I want to say thank you to him huge help and I thought some great tips so I've got his number right here at the bottom of the screen so if you have any questions on pest control termites anything like that make sure you give Jeff a call he's a super super good guy we use him for all of our pest control and termite letters and he really saves a lot of our sellers a lot of money cuz we had a company go out I'm not gonna name who they are and they said we had to her might it was gonna be six nine dollars to treat it and then he came out and he showed myself and the homeowner that there was no termites out there and that they were doing something based on old old damage like seven years ago it was a piece of wood that showed termite you know damage from seven years ago it was just a piece of board that was on the property and the company said they couldn't give us a clear letter because of it and Jeff cleared us we got it all taken care of and he's just a super honest guy and we give him all of our work for that reason so give him a call if he can help you out and I hope you have a fantastic day and I hope this was helpful for you have a great one

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