How to Faux Paint : How to Fix Imperfections in your Faux Finish : Faux Painting Tips

How to Faux Paint : How to Fix Imperfections in your Faux Finish : Faux Painting Tips

Ok, so, as you can tell, what I’m doing
is I’m adding it and I’m trying to blend it in with what’s already there. And I’m
not going to worry about this so much because I can always go back and fix it. Now my rag
is starting to get pretty good with paint on it, so I’m able to take it and make it
lighten these areas right here to create that old world look. And remember if I have too
much on it after it dries, I can even pull some off with the rag. And I’m going around
the corner with a rag, as you can tell, incorporating the corner at the same time. Now here’s
a dark spot, and here’s a dark spot too, so what I want to do is I want to kind of
connect the two like I was talking about. And then, give you that feeling that they
are together. Because what I don’t want is to have blotches all over the wall. So
that can kind of be a general idea of how to pull the two together. Now, in just a few
minutes, I can go back with my rag and fix any kind of imperfection that I may not like.
What’s really important about doing this faux painting is that you always step back
and look. You want to go across the room and make sure- is this the feeling that you want.
Is this the direction that you want. We’ve got several arches in here, and what I don’t
want is to have the exact same design above every single arch. Every area, every window,
every corner, I do not want to look the same. They have to look different from each other.
So it’s very important to me that I step back across the room and look and see what
I’m doing so that way I get that feeling that I’m after.


  • Lauren Scurlock

    November 16, 2008

    would you mind numbering your videos? I just want to be sure I'm not watching them out of order!
    Thank you….beautiful work!

  • BloodTar

    November 4, 2012

    From what I can see with youtube quality video, it looks good. So what are the colors you're using?

  • Kathy Suleski

    February 17, 2013

    I love your work! Beautiful!!!

  • rudy guerrero

    March 21, 2013

    Super good


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