How to Decorate Your Kitchen – Home Décor Ideas

let's talk about the most important room in the house or many people believe that to be the kitchen it's kind of the hub of the entire home and you want to give it a lot of attention and you want to do it correctly because it does serve so many purposes this is the kitchen before you can see that it looks dated the appliances are dated it just doesn't look very inviting it doesn't look like a place where you'd like to either spend much time prepare a meal or serve a meal here is the after of that kitchen this is anything but dated not only is it anything but not dated it's also very functional this kitchen has got every Bell and whistle you can imagine there's an appliance garage here behind the appliance garage the appliances are already plugged in ready to work the kitchen countertop is clean the island is clean it's all very functional it works well and it looks really good and it's open on to a great room that was another change we made was to take a wall out so right next to this is the dining area so the people can be sitting at the dining room table or at the bar countertop and really enjoying well interacting with their hosts while they're preparing a meal or preparing drinks or whatever else they want to do in the kitchen area and notice that we really kept down the amount of accessories that are in here color is very important no matter what room you're talking about particularly in the kitchen because so much of it is cabinetry and when you're thinking about cabinet colors think darker rather than lighter you've got so much cabinetry that it actually takes up a lot of space visually so to reduce the amount of visual space think about a darker color if you do white it will be right moving right towards you very quickly and it will look bigger than it really is people think of they've got a small space they want to do everything bright and white or light and that will not necessarily make something look smaller or make something look bigger what makes things look bigger or smaller is contrast if you've got light color walls dark color furniture it's going to look better for you it'll make the space look bigger than it really is

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