How to change HRV Filter – New Home Maintenance

okay so today we're doing some basic ball maintenance this is an HRV system we install these systems in all our homes an HRV system is designed to bring in fresh air from outside and remove pollutants and bad air in the unit this this operates with your furnace so there's two filters inside this it's designed to bring relative humidity to the house to control humidity in the warm season in the cold season so if you look up here you're going to have two filters in this system there's a black vinyl box here with a filter it's got a filter on top you simply just pull the filter out and there's another filter on the far left side where the air chamber comes in okay and you just pull that filter out as well now these filters you just take over to your laundry tubs or your kitchen sink you can wash these what you do when you're done washing them is you put them in an area where they can dry properly before reinstalling them in the unit so if you want to set them over a heat vent or something in the house to dry them you can after they're dry 100% you put them back in what happens if you don't wait till it or dry is they'll get filled with dirt right away because they're red how often again it's like a furnace filter so you want to probably do this every three to six months you

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