How To Change an Outlet in 1 minute #DIY #HomeImprovement

– [Narrator] We're gonna show you how to change one outlet in your
home to a modern outlet. Unscrew the outlet from its box. Each pair of wiring, you
have a black wire that is hot, bringing the power to that outlet, and a white wire which is neutral that takes the power back to the source. The copper wire is our ground. This is a decora outlet,
the more modern design. Its sleek edges will improve
the look of your room. Notice one side is for hot wires and one side is for the neutral. They're label on the back of the outlet. Now do you notice all three white wires and all three black wires on one side of the original outlet? Unscrew the wires from the outlet. The wires are stripped and looped around the corresponding screw. We simply reattach the
hot wires to the hot side, looping them around the screw, and the neutral and ground as well. Check for level, and screw in your outlet and face cover plate. We chose a screwless face
cover, which installs like this. And we're done. For more videos in this series
on how to renovate a kitchen from start to finish, go

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