How to Avoid the Biggest Remodeling Mistakes | Consumer Reports

your house needs an upgrade but will that remodel create your dream home or a money pit Consumer Reports surveyed 300 general contractors and learned that you can avoid some expensive mistakes 59% of the contractors said that one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is changing their mind after work has begun unplanned changes can boost your bill by an average of 10 percent so before you start think through every element from tile style to door placement and don't even think of beginning a renovation project without hiring a contractor who is licensed and bonded Consumer Reports survey indicates that fully accredited general contractors are better at holding down costs when overruns occur they are also obligated by law to guarantee their work if you don't have a professional take a look beneath the surface you could be in for trouble our survey found that most blown budgets are due to unknown structural damage free inspections can uncover things like hidden mold or electrical problems but knowing there's an issue can help you adjust your budget before you start work how can you save money just ask the vast majority of contractors we surveyed said they were at least somewhat willing to haggle on the estimate with 30 percent saying they were very willing to do so and most contractors said they're willing to drop their price for a repeat customer or one having multiple rooms renovated so don't be shy ask for a break and one final mistake there is such a thing as over improving your home adding a pool and oversized addition or home theater in a neighborhood that lacks these niceties might bring you pleasure while you're there but you'll never get the money back when you go to sell it's true we all learn from our mistakes but there's no harm in trying to make fewer of them you

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  • matt k

    April 15, 2019

    also, if you have no taste please hire someone who does. putting in dated and clashing finishes just bc they are cheaper is not a good investment. the first thing i did with my new condo was rip out my "remodeled" kitchen.


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