How long does the design process take? | Home Remodeling by DFW Improved

so a lot of customers come to us after thinking about remodeling for a long time they ask well how long is this name are actually going to take as professionals we like to do the cleaning on I get go front on the front end versus in the middle of everything and scrambling so every client that walks through the door has a different experience of what their expectation is when they come to the design studio some of our clients come in very excited this is you know a huge deal for them this is their favorite part of the process before the dust happens and we have the other end of the spectrum where the client comes in and gets wide I understand that RCU has lots of options we try to cover everybody's range of design aesthetic but not every option is for everybody and so our design teams breaks that down and kind of narrows it hones in on what's right for your project we do have a great team here that has been doing remodels for several years now hundreds of projects that we can pull from experience which is fantastic we've got a team of professionals on your side as far as our design process we have clients that make decisions on the first day because they've been thinking about it for a long time and then we have other clients that really lean pretty heavily on our team for even the little details of what's my cabinet color gonna be I have no idea if I should go white black or somewhere in between or a color little finishing details on your tile work I mean it's where our our business shines we really pride ourselves on the finishing touches so whether you finish in the first agreement or it takes several appointments for follow-up where we're just going through those loop details to get them just right being the professionals with dfw improved if you're going to be in the right place you

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