HouseSmarts "Architecture Across America Southwest" Episode 187

in today's installment of architecture across America were in Austin the capital of the great state of Texas it's in an area of the state known as Texas Hill Country Austin's built right alongside the Colorado River it's known for its legendary live music and its vibrant and welcoming community today when to visit with builder developer Chris little to talk about one of his firm's designs in the hills of Austin so this project was originally developed as a speculative home without an owner which really challenges the design team Andrew Wagner architects Laura Brit design to create a space that Universal that really works the spaces without having an owner and an owners requirements we have to be very creative in design spaces that are universal and adapt to many different uses so the siting of this home was challenging due to the steeply sloped lot and we really love an opportunity to nestle a home that complements the natural topography while really enhancing the views the architectural style of this home is what we call hill country modern contemporary that's blending modern design contemporary finishes with native materials to the Texas Hill Country that are appropriate for the area Texas looters limestone blended with stucco finishes an accident cladding of Brazilian IPE really consumed and create a nice pallet for the exterior of this home we have an architectural e steel clouded fireplace that's indoor/outdoor we have the beautiful Marvin multislide doors we always love working with Marvin windows and door products their value proposition aligns with elevates in the way of creating products that are aesthetically beautiful but they perform extremely well so they have all of the performance attributes that we require in the homes that we construct but also the aesthetics that really complement all of the hard work that our design team puts together and how we develop and construct our home bris works with a large team of people who share his interest in sustainable living he collaborates with interior designer Laura Brit on the interior furnishings one of the things that we love about this project is the integration of open space and so not only is there a connection between the spaces between the living room dining room and kitchen space which we find so many of our clients love this is where they really live so our design concept is to really understand what the heart of the home is and to explore that and to express that and in this home it was about modern design it's a very clean blind design but for us we're always interested in how to bring in a healthy element to the projects we design anything that we're using in the home we're always considering what's the chemical component what is it made up how does it impact the people living in the home so we're looking for a long-term home for our families that we work with and that ranges from our furnishings that we specify and select or design to our materials our hard surfaces that you'd find in our kitchen countertops we're looking for an easy maintenance long-term solution one of the things that makes this house so wonderful and unique is as you enter this beautiful large pivot door the Vista of exterior opens up right in front of you so this beautiful window which then is adjacent to this beautiful fireplace clad in steel and we get to enjoy that fireplace from not only the interior living room but the exterior living room as well so the lifestyle in Austin is all about indoor/outdoor connection you have a lot of energy with the culture here and these homeowners our clients love being outside so these little pockets of outside living I think are wonderful and the furnishings that we were able to use they're very modern I think that's one of my favorite pockets of space but I have to say I love the entire home we really do get a lot of satisfaction from our clients being quite happy with their spaces see their faces light up and it really it puts all of the pains of construction that's all so it's a it's a wonderful experience working with these homeowners

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