House to Dream Home – DIY Interior Decoration

welcome to house to dream home journey everything that you see on the wall art paint are designed and made by us all the iy this is a DR horton group what plan you're going to show you some of the photos of how we converted empty house to a dream decorated home this is the living room we'd take the furnitures we decided to patterns that design the color combination what you see on the wall is created by us design the paint the decorations the flooring shows all by yourself another view of the living room did you notice the brick wall about chimney that was a DIY project view of the living room from the catwalk here's the before and after photo of the living room this is the view from the catwalk this is a master bedroom the part we had bed the DIY project and all the decorations are cherry picked by us this is a small romantic corner as we call it the romantic run in the bedroom cherry pick the furnitures changing lamp decorations to match the team it created the cage and created a small girls corner we hoped you liked the bedroom let's move onto smaller other projects in house

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