HomeStrong's Heroes Home Repair Program – U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Frank Duran

my name is Frank Duran my story I joined the Marine Corps in 1961 high school I served my course 1961 through 1967 so I went the recruiting station and asked to go back to show my dd-214 my disheartened a pers so I'm sorry you're a little too old I don't give out to peel potatoes Vince do it or whatever I want to go I got a letter back and it was too old they said not all but we appreciate your experience at your time and asked you to come back to in a Gulf War but I'm sorry to say with we're looking for a man a little bit younger than yourself a letter appreciations coming on so that's that's the end of the line okay this is our way of saying thank you for your service to let you know that we haven't forgotten what that means what you've given to this country the fact that we can stand here on this beautiful day in front of this great home and know that you've protected the right to own a home and a dream of homeownership it means a lot to us it means love to everyone here and more than you even know so this is our small way of giving back by making sure your house is healthy safe make sure it looks good too because you deserve it every veteran's home should have a nice clean flag presented on the house and look beautiful as well so that's what we're here to do and it's only possible with the help of the Home Depot foundation and others who have stepped up to make this possible yeah that's its thanks to Home Depot foundation on grants that we receive to do this yeah every penny we get for at least for this program goes to repairs most veterans say someone else needs it more than me or they just simply don't believe that it's true because what we're doing is essentially giving away free repairs so we needed the doors so a contractor says I need an estimate on the doors the the front and I want to back both doors he's soon up Rob so he figured estimate $16,000 Oh I said well no I can't afford $16,000 so when I got ahold of home strong NSA you say we can replace them oh you know you don't understand I'm talking replacing the doors in and out screen door and the water here well we'll see what we can do and this is this is a bonus didn't expect at all you know expected a couple doors but that's about it but not to paint the whole house and the help of home people it's great that's really great

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