HomeStrong's Heroes Home Repair Program – U.S. Army Veteran, Edward Horne

so it was only like 12 us on ambush but it was like maybe two hundreds of them so I had to call in reinforcements and the reinforcements couldn't come to daylight and he was a recipient of the Purple Heart because he was the person that was feeding the ammunition to his platoon he saved a lot of people by doing what he did regardless of himself being wounded he kept pushing himself crawling through a crawl hole just to get his fellow combat men their ammunition to win that particular battle and we're here today to honor that sacrifice in the service by making sure that he has a safe and healthy home and we're very fortunate that partner with State Farm and the Home Depot foundation so they're the ones that are making this happen today and I'm really pleased to be here with you mr. and mrs. Horne to help improve your home make sure it's safe and secure we also like to thank State Farm Home strong and the Home Depot foundation for partnerships like this that you invest in the 30th district in our constituents to have a better livelihood we appreciate it we thank you and we always welcome you back to the 13th district we're here today to help him repair his AC windows throughout the house so the walkway up front as well as removing some debris in the back they are awesome a great group of people they didn't mind getting down and getting dirty and whatever it is that what's needed to be done because I know I'm not touching it they won't like that a farm is always involved in the community that's something that we are passionate about and we pride ourself about and that's one reason why I became a State Farm agent is get back to my community then I'm so grateful for them really III hope the entire company is as great as these guys that came out to us yeah I uh I really think home song thought they really came out and really did what they said they were gonna do

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