HomeStrong's Heroes Home Repair Program – U.S. Army Veteran, Crystel Chaparro

I used to just grass I couldn't even come this way and they did an amazing job I start with allergies I mean with everything clothing anything you can think of them I struggle with not sure how that happened my last in my deployment just came back and allergic to everything and we're still working on that to see what what's the cost but a lot of it is like I can't be in the Sun for long I can't be in you know the grass metals plastics rubbers yeah so I wouldn't even really come towards this area because it was just so much grass you know just here and there but yeah it was so beautiful my name is Krista ciabatta I joined the army at 17 years old I deployed to Iraq we were there for a full year I've trained my soldiers to probably act in case of a nuclear biological or chemical attack I worked now at the loma linda VA hospital trying to help our veterans huge thanks to home strong for reaching out to me and letting me kind of reminding me that I'm also a veteran and that it's okay to to receive help everything we tend to forget that and we're always there trying to help others and it's very nice I can't express the gratitude that I have for helping me feel safe at my house with Veterans Day coming up it's I can't think of a better way than to honor you and the brave men and women of the Armed Forces by giving back to one of your own over the past few years we've helped 100-plus veterans and it's because of grants from great organizations like the Home Depot foundation the deployment I've been diagnosed with Pete severe PTSD and severe depression which I'm still working on and it's a daily struggle but it's not impossible with that comes you know I'm not feeling secure and safe anywhere it was just always being you know on hand and on edge of what who's behind you who surround you so that's one of the consequences that I struggle with every day you should take a break off people three four times a night to just check double check the doors so go check the surroundings if I hear a noise and now they're to be keen making sure I have the keys to all the doors to the home that which I didn't have they have everyone I can't thank you enough for your service you guys are helping me feel safe at home it is my home but now it just feels a little bit more safer for my daughter myself and I'm just very happy and I want to thank everyone that supported this foundation is supporting our veterans and a lot of them I think is all

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