Home Remodeling – TruNORTH Construction

like they originally put in nickel door hinges and Jeff made sure to come back and yeah I was like why but they they have an eye for things that you know you don't even notice and then you realize you know how much detail they're putting into these things everyone said it's gonna be a dusty mask and it wasn't everything was so taped off it was like the part of the house that wasn't under construction was completely my face pretty basic project we had a new two-car garage put in my room a new master just surprise me I think it was really easy and fun I mean you went into it just expecting it to be horrible and just be such an inconvenience yeah all the subs were really great yeah they give us a really reasonable quote at the beginning you know along the way they were always really good about being transparent you know letting us know hey we've got this option it's pretty expensive you know we have this other option we've done it before I think it could work so they were always really good about letting us know that we had options and you know sticking to that quote that they gave us in the beginning so it was really good he's the oldest my daughter Tec Lehrer member walking through here when it was all just studs and we would bring Ana in here and she would run around like a crazy person like we said all the subs are really great Jeff and Matt were always really great with you know the kids in the dog when I came over so they made us feel really comfortable they had a good balance of you know having recommendations having you know good taste but not being overwhelming in terms of dictating you know this is what I think you guys should do yeah it was always about how we wanted things to look LED lights put in there behind the window yeah I think they were really good at working out like real solutions within our budget with another contractor they might have taken that opportunity to kind of lead you in a direction that was a lot more expensive but you know Jeff and Matt have a way of working within the budget that they've already set with you to really get something effective you know it was a big project when we started and I think we were anxious about doing it a little bit but once we started meeting with Matt and Jeff you know they they made it fun it felt really collaborative like we felt like it was a really great relationship of up getting see done you

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