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so I can go to cooler berries we are heading to comb bellies it's a it's an annual thing they do in Thanksgiving point Nutella favorite things to go to an October it's really cute it's been a while since we block this week hurricane windows up speaking of hurricane I was in Texas filming in Houston around their hurricane victims so I've been out of town that Haley's been sick down the house now the house big talk and then the girls are sick as well Greta better let's see how guys doing hey good are you still sick no Luci how are you feeling okay you feeling good yeah it's still a little bit severe cough but we're good enough to go to court bellies our web is a full plum bellies so I can go to cooler bellies friendship best bonds haha Lucy's got some dancers to it here we are about to get hit by car Lucy what are you sitting on what is that what are they punkin somebody said that you know any No that's all I saw with the food good buddy Douglas see how fast maybe skin super mama taking Lucy you've got booty really do my legs sing with the may concern we are sorry celebration so what oh my gosh I was up till 4:00 a.m. last night finalizing our divine presets and our divine title packs because we watched them today and it was a good day it was we had to play Wozniak at the end figure out some HTML stuff but did it today's been a crazy day I haven't really been able to do my hair yet but now it's like 4:00 p.m. so why bother we decided that we're gonna switch up our office a little bit because as you can see it's really white and you just kind of want some color so we picked up some wallpaper from shop B darling and we're gonna see how it goes there is so yesterday we had to stop filming kind of abruptly because it was so sad Lucy ran and smacked her head on the desk because she wasn't used to it being where it was to because we were putting up that wallpaper and Brad had to run her to the emergency room to get all fixed up so Greta came here but anyway so last night we stayed up and finished our wallpaper and then today I got home and Brad had finished papering our other room and I'm really excited to show it to you it was the best surprise to come home to all right so here is our office now the after and I have to say the shop be darling wallpaper was amazing we've done traditional wallpaper and this one was so much easier to put up because it's vinyl and it just feels like we could do something a lot more fun because it's less permanent you can just tear it off so we did our office and then I want to show you the transformation of our dining room we want to get a new chandelier in here so there will still be smart changes but as far as the the wallpaper goes tada Brad surprised me I'll show a before-and-after but whis he's doing well she just looks like she's wearing a bit of purple eyeshadow now I'm gonna get Kendall it when I was a girl for the ad the doctor oh you are sail away thanks for watching

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